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RT Life - RT Life Drinking Game!

by Rooster Teeth • 1,202,532 views

Check out the AH and RT Pint Glasses here: RT puts their new pint glasses to good use with a classic drinking game. Oh, wait, they're drinking nasty organic shakes. Maybe it's...

Did anyone else notice Barbs shirt?? 
Imagine if Gavin was there and his drink was mixed with wet bread
"What the fuck's in my mouth?" That's what she said.
Miles' laugh could cure cancer
Not cancer that's geoff's laugh
I love Miles' laugh
This may as well be renamed "Barbra wears a Pinkie Pie t-shirt" because it seems that's all people r noticing
Hahahaha, just saw Barbara with the Pinkie Pie shirt hell yeah! (I know everyone already commented on this)
The girl had a pinkie pie shirt on!!!!
Dustin I think. He does mocap
Mile's laugh can be used as distilled joy. Also pinkie pie shirt.
Wait... I don't understand what they're drinking to....
When somebodys face lines up to a moustache.
Wat was in each drink it be fun too now so I can do the game
Barbra wearing a pinkie pie shirt? bronies Ftw /)
Barbara is wearing a pinkie pie shirt.
Only just realised that Barbara's wearing a Pinkie Pie shirt in this video xD
I thought Michael would be the one to say "WHAT THE FUCK'S IN MY MOUTH?"
Well I was gonna mention something about Barb in the Pinkie Pie shirt, but everyone seems to have that base covered.
Shout out to that pinkie pie t-shirt
I lost it at the end
They placed those mustaches perfectly
So there's Miles, Michael, Barb, and Chris. Who the fuck was the other dude?
Pinkie Pie shirt, WANT!
There is a hidden pinkie pie.... FIND IT!
Mile's laugh is the best thing in the world!
I fucking love miles laugh
Is Barbara also a brony? I thought it was only Michael and Ray. It's awesome if she is.
My English teacher is a doppelgänger of Barbara except my teachers ginger
What The FUCKS In My Mouth!?!
I wanna play this! haha maybe not with gross smoothies but I could get a couple of friends to do this with milkshakes... Now I have to try haha
Am i the only who find that Dustin looks like Ray
Michael drank an entire bottle of barbecue sauce but a sip of that was to much. 
Pinkie Pie shirt <3
That pinky pie t shirt shes wearing if awesome
I really like Barbara's shirt
Miles' laugh is always so genuine!
Probably is the wrong word. The proper word to use is definitely.
Shoutout to Barbara's Pinkie Pie shirt
@Zach Me that's not jack you dumb cunt
The way he says "it's like chunky" is so funny! It should be on a t-shirt.
Barbara is hot, smart and funny. Now she's wearing pinkie pie on her shirt, perfect women.
lol Chris had to chew as he drank
dude i did something similar and the exact same reaction! I have sympathy for you!
Immediately went to the store to buy a pair of those glasses.
That will be the greatest podcast in the history of the world.
Seeing all those images of it when they play L4D, I'm now sick when I think of wet bread.
Barbara.... Is wearing..... A Pinkie Pie shirt.......... I can finally die.
I want to work here on my spare time
I can just imagine Gavin taking one look at those drinks and throwing up.
a point isnt much retard unless if you are trying to make one
1. that was in a podcast 2. that cant make up a rt life
the frase wet bread almost made gavin chuck biscuts
What the fuck's in my mouth?'
That is an AMAZING question. I feel like they should be in a podcast together to decide
I love barbara's pinkie pie shirt shout out to barbara and michael /)
if Michael couldn't stand'd vomit by a sip of it.
Remove the probably and we wont have problems
He has a foster the people shirt :D
Omg Barbara has on a Pinkie Pie shirt :)
I just noticed Barbara's shirt is Pinkie Pie
"WHAT THE FUCKS IN MY MOUTH!!!!" lmfao greatest part of the video
is that dustin? that guy who filed the tequila bottle with water? haha
To everyone wondering how much they make: google socialblade
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