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Hatsune Miku Makeup

by Michelle Phan • 6,620,912 views

Who has turquoise hair, can sing any Japanese songs you like and drives a Toyota Corolla? Hatsune Miku. You're looking at her, and this video can show you how to look like her. This video would...

Can't you even say it right? Neh nehhhhhh Hat-sun-neh not hat-sun-ieeee
Do you like anime/miku hatsune too?COOL!!! are you an otaku too or not?
I dont know here to start I have watched sooooo many animes My first one was shoujo anime Pretty Rhythm then Fairytail then Sket dance guilty crown psycho pass and blah blah then in manga nisekoi comic fairy tail tartaros arc nd blah blah haha i have so many I cant remember most of them!
Please try a haruhi fujioka look
+Januz Thomas I did an L look with my eyes. 
When you do the underline, it just looks kinda ... silly, and not good. It does NOT make your eyes look bigger. It makes your eyes look weird, and like you're trying really hard! xD Also, I do not remember Miku wearing high heels? <_<
Heels are my preferred shoe choice for almost any cosplay.
You look like Reiko on the first only pigtails
+Cadence Kdance  I like Len's version better than Miku's.  It made me laugh.
she used the music without permission. this is why she is getting sued js
:33 thank you soooooooooo much for this tutorial! It really helped with my miku cosplay :33 VOCALOID FOR EVAH! X33
Oh my God, your comment really mirrors your username cx
She looks just like me ○_●
People here are like perfectionist, her name is pronounced this way, her clothes don't look that way. Whiny, whiny, whiny.
I know that the song at the end was world is mine but was it a remix or instrumental or something? Someone pls tell it sounded so cute
To people who criticize Michelle for the way she did the cosplay. It's her cosplay! The most fun part about cosplaying is developing the character in your own style. No one can ever make their cosplay 100% accurate anyways, so why not have fun personalizing it ^^ 
I miss when her videos were like this. So much personality and style in it. Now it´s all "perfect unpersonal and just.blah".
+Michelle Phan Thank you soooooooo much. I'm going to be Hatsune Miku for halloween and this will help me with my makeup!
Wow nearly all of the comments are saying "Oh, her cosplay isn't exactly accurate!!! I'm  offended! She's not a real fan!!!" and "She shouldn't have done that white eyeliner thing!!! She looks weird! She's not a real fan!" And what I have to say is... SHUT YOUR DIRTY WEEABOO MOUTHS.
Wow seriously the hate she gets from this is dumb I think she did a really good job with the costume and make up actually it's probly the most natural hyper anime look I've seen (though I could do without the under lashes but I digress) Also to people saying her cosplay is inaccurate and because of this isn't a real fan, your dumb, cosplaying doesn't have to mean exactly looking like the character you can take the costume and make it your own, especially for something so un cannon and creatively open as miku. In short: stop being so over critical, rude, and just plain out oversensitive to someone that loved this character enough to express her version of miku and makeup ideas
Can you please do Megurine Luka!!! Tutorial!!
First I thought this was a car commercial I was like "Dangit". 
But I have BLUE BLUE Eyes.
Please do more anime inspired makeup tutorials💖💖💖
I miss the old Michelle Phan...
You should do a Miku full corse for candy addicts tutorial :O
Terrible. This is a real stretch of your no talents. Your skin is disgusting
What????? Why did you put your lenses in after your makeup? I wear lenses and even my eye doctor said that you should ALWAYS put in your lenses beforehand...??? Jfc
She doesn't have bands around her hair
I personally have never seen a cosplayer use something like this, because most don't try to exaggerate or color as much unless they're on stage. Since Miku doesn't wear eyeshadow, just toning it down a little and removing some color might work for cosplayers. That's what I would do but I'm not the Miku on my group, haha
Can you try lucy from fairy tail
My life is hatsune miku
Miku does not look like that...
Kagamine Rin or Megurine Luka??? Please!
Yes the making up niya do you want free likes?!! Then click here and support us))
love hatsune miku! vocaloids are awesome!
"...and grocery shopping." Yes, I've wanted my girlfriend to cosplay as Miku when I'm shopping at Kroger/Aldi's.
Esta muy padre lo que hizo me encanta
where you buy this costume off hatsune miku? give me a link
У этой девушки "СТРАШНАЯ"Улыбка Ресницы снизу просто кошмар -_-||
I love miku she's awesome but I know I most likely spelt her name wrong my bad I'm a huge anime fan
I'm a cosplayer and oh my god so many things about this video bother me like you don't brush wigs from the top to bottom your suppose to start from the bottom and work your way to the top also anime characters don't wear super bright makeup they usually don't look like their wearing makeup at all
She's trying to make her eyes pop out like they do in anime's and just outlining the eyes in white makes you look weird. Though I do agree with the wig advice. -another (former) cosplayer
+Zoe EPICFACE she put on too much white if she only did the waterline it wouldn't look that bad and I was cringing when she brushed the wig she's gonna mess up the wig
mafalsa la wuea se cachoaliro kr era una loca
is Hatsune Miku nightcore 
Before she put on the pigtails she kinda looked like Mikuo.
I really want to do this so bad lol just need my mom to let me and also help me with it too! Hard getting the wig and the Hatsune Miku clothes it cost almost alot of money.. but i will try i got better using a eyeliner on my eyes to make it more anime look.. 
I love Hatsune Miku! I love dancing the dance moves she does
I like girls with makeup just don't want to see when they put it on... so much work makes me feel ashamed to be a guy... I'm so scare when they put on contact lens looks like their poking their eyes...
uh this is cosplay make up kinda big deal we want look lot the character in real world plus want look good on cam
You do know that girls don't wear makeup for you or for any potential partner, right? First of all this isn't even regular makeup and secondly it's for her own enjoyment, not to please your standards.
Nuss kkkkk e.e fico legal maass... os olhos me deram um susto Ç..Ç
+IanWilliams the song called world is mine😊
Is hatsune miku nightcore??
Nightcore and Hatsune Miku are different things. But here is the thing, Hatsune Miku SONGS can be Nightcored. If you understand Nightcore, you understand what I'm saying. When someone Nightcores a song, they usually put an anime character as the photo, although I do not know why, it just does. Hatsune Miku appears in many Nightcores because she is a famous character and often mistaken for an Anime Character.
I would definitely go out shopping like this haha!
what is the song called at the beginning of the video?
World is Mine by Hatsune Miku
Can you do Megurine Luka
la belle fille Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
je me le suis déjà fait j'ai le costume et le boite de maquillages hatsune miku (mais j'ai pas la voiture mdr lol
tu vois la miennnes
oui mercii et toi tu vois la mienne??
Who's watching this in 2015?!
I don't remember Miku wearing whore eye shadow.
There's no such thing as whore eye shadow because we all know everyone who wears this isn't a whore and there's pics on Google with her wearing this so umm...
I now know what I am going to be for holloween
I think it was a well done cosplay
I love Hatsune Miku.I can't stop listening to her song Glass Wall.
do u know how to do any of the dances
You look animated
Why does her skin look so oily?! XD
makeup base...and lights
I went to a hatsune miku concert and I'm also japanese I have the same costume except I have a wig that is curly and has turquoise colored hair on the top and the bottom has night sky blue/navy blue!I love you hatsune miku I draw her and I sing all her songs.i do with len and rin kagamine,luka,teto,gumi,Haku etc!btw I'm 12
Were did you get your costume? How can i buy luka megurine costume?
You can but it online like amazon or other anime costume stores
I'm getting a Gumi (matryoshka version) cosplay, and planning on getting miku (usual version) cosplay from ebay
well apparently her husband think opposite of you.
Miku has blue hair not turquoise hair
In most of the pictures of her has her hair either light blue or turquoise.
I remember how this introduced me to japanese music 3-4 years ago XD Thanks for sharing the nerdness Mich :D
Rin an Len are my faves
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