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[Dubstep] - Halo Nova - Totally Radical [Monstercat Release]

by Monstercat • 400,404 views

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Wouldn't this be Breaks?
Whoa i wasn't expecting that bass drop...
Crazy to think this is where Varien started...
Dave Dave Dave. . .
This song is one of the lesser memorable of Monstercat's releases, but it's still a great song. The melody is so happy and energetic and the arpeggio at the start was awesome. The drop at first sounds like it has absolutely no relation to melody but the melodic interjections in between make it seem so well-integrated later in the song. It's very catchy. RIP Halo Nova... we just have to wait for his badass rebirth. #Quest_to_comment_on_all_Monstercat_vids  
We just have to wait for his badass rebirth? You realise this is varien's old name.
He already had a rebirth. And his new name was Varien & his music changed dramaticaly. ;)
How come I never remembered listening to this song till now? I was really missing out.
Im going to comment on every monstercat vid evar
Well that was... Totally radical
As soon as drop happens the equalizer has a friggin spaz
+PeanutToonTown that's nuts I found out about it like yesterday xD
Dick, Dick Dick dick
This is the only case in which I will accept that dubstep is robot sex noises
Obsidia - Android Even worse.
+WitherWolf Yeah, anything by Obsidia really
dave dave dave dave dave dave
Yeahhhh nothing could have prepared me for that drop xD
Varien > Halo Nova. Music wise.
IKR. What I'm saying is that he's better now (my opinion) that he's now Varien.
Unfuckinbelievable, all this time and this song still brings my ears the most amazing gasms they ever had. This song literally has some of the best melodies I've ever heard in my life. Too bad it's attached to a dubstep. :(
+Mustafa Mohammed Omen Yes, but the OC said "It means the part at 0:57 sucks." meaning the OC is in the wrong here, not Ryan. Maybe if the OC had the effort to type something like "I THINK<<<< parts like 0:57 suck" but nope, too lazy.
You don't love this song for the drop. I don't think anybody does.
Halo nova kind of changed "his sound" after switching to varien
I am going to have to say that this is the best Halo Nova work released on Monstercat. Compared to the other tracks (especially "The Force"), this one is a masterpiece. Ok, this song fades in really well, something that almost worked in my last review (Noisestorm's "Airwaves"), but didn't quite make the cut. I really like how this song does it well with no jarring elements. The song wastes no time at all in creating a build up, We are quickly introduced to three different instruments in the first fifteen seconds of the song, but somehow, giving each instrument only 5 seconds to develop before allowing another instrument on doesn't bother me. In fact, I see this as an advantage, due to the fact that I believe that these instruments all work best altogether, even though adding them all at once might be slightly jarring. It's the perfect balance. Hold on have I written this much on only the first 15 seconds of the song?...We might be here a while. The rest of the build up also goes very well. The build up really allows these instruments to truly develop, even before the first drop. Speaking of the first drop, this one really was unexpected, yet it came at just the right moment. It's hard to explain, because it's as if part of me expected it to happen, but ti still surprised me. Anyway, when I first heard this drop, I wasn't really impressed. I mean it wasn't really cringeworthy, but it did interrupt itself similar to how "The Force" frequently did. However, here, at least it interrupt itself with some interesting frequency's and melody's which added to the song. In "The Force" it seemed more like a nostalgic cop out that didn't really belong in the song. Did I like "Totally Radical"'s interruptions at first. No. But that all changed later. There's a small break in between the two drops of this song that allows for some more nice musical development. I must notice that here, the melody seems to be a little more complex than it was in the original build up. There truly isn't much to say about this part it leads into the next drop well, and I enjoyed the breather. Speaking of the second drop, I would like to comment on how it's superior to the first drop. In fact, if it weren't for the second drop, I would have been much more harsh on the first drop. So why didn't I harp on my problems with the first drop? The Because, the mediocrity of the first drop left room for some spectacular development in the second. You see, in the first drop, the interruptions were very repetitive. The first one consisted of a droning frequency with someone repeating "bass" over the whole thing. The second one consisted of a nice melody arc, even though it didn't really seem to accomplish anything. However, when you get to the second drop, the vocals in the first interruption seem to glitch out as the frequencies changed more rapidly. Meanwhile the second interruption featured a similar melody, but since the melody was played at a slightly different speed, it allowed for more variety in it's incline and decline in pitch. this allowed the melody to seem much more effective. The song ends nicely as well, as we get one last glimpse at the melody we had seen in  the build up and somehow, I feel a sense of pride in how it progressed. I know I had nothing to do with it, but it just makes me feel good. And so, this is the last Halo Nova work released on Monstercat. And I must say that although we only got three songs, I can really feel the development as an artist here. However, the fact that we will never see the name Halo Nova on Monstercat again is not sad in the slightest. For although this marks the end of Halo Nova, this artist's journey has just begun.
its saying rape rape rape...
My new year's resolution is 1080p
Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave
Varien's old old style is Totally radical!
DAVE 8x DICK (bit/bitch?) 6x
This such an amazing song, the drop is genius!!
better than unicorn swag I love this song
Halo Nova is Varien
+TheGlitchMaster Batman must not have known... And he's batman.
This song has an awesome mix of beats and technical sounds mixed in.
Does this have anything to do with Dragon Ball?
Is Dj/Gamer from US, name is PaulThePolishKid. Seems legit.
Well, this doesn't seem like it was made in 110bpm. So that means it can't be glitch-hop.
It's funny, All these new songs are coming out, but I find myself listening to the older albums. Varien has improved so much since this release, but this song is still phenomenal in its creating.
Massive isn't a DAW... You can't compare it to something like FL, Reason, Ableton, etc. because it's just a vst plugin that you use in the DAWs themselves.
lol....see what you mean XD.all i can hear is GGGOOD DAMMIT
I love this song!!!!! its totally radical (heheh) I just was just about to have an orgy when the song did it for me BEHEHEHHEHEHEHHEHEHE
this song for some reason makes me think of the walking dead game
y is "you creep me out" a vid respons... thumbnail creeps me out...
Requirements to be signed to Monster Cat.. 1) You make sure no one has ever heard of you 2) You must make ALL your sounds on Massive..
He was so glorious.... and then he became varien :l
Sounds like nova saying dan dan dan with barely deep voice
how many errors did you find then? - btw why the fuck does people hate on bad grammar? -.-
This song reminds me about Legent of Zelda.
You're nose part are full of non-dubstep are SO amazing...
It probably is, I don't know, but Halo Nova is a videogame freak, so, uhmm, well, I dunno whatta say.
I want an 8 mins extended version of this track, anyone up for doing it ? XD
In the case that wasn't a joke, Droptek uses Reason, therefore disproving that xD
Whoa... even GLaDOS wants this to continue.
disappointment is all i get from this song
all that's left is spam? lol or actually picking up fans with quality videos might be another way to get noticed.
This was the first song i evar heard on monstercatnalomost 3 years ago since then i have been devoted to monstercat... All because i heard one track and liked it and subbed.. Best thing i have ever done in my life at that. Almost cried listening to this for the first time since that time 3 years ago
Can someone tell me what the "Cardfight! Vanguard" anime is? I got whole episode 1 as an ad, just now.
Why is your username PaulThePolishKid if you are from America.
Are you the only one who's ever heard a dubstep song before? They do it all the time.
Lots of your videos are just gaming, so get out of here.
Getting tired of the same old shit. Go to Dubway, where you are the dj.
someone has probably said this but if UberHaxorNova was a dubstep song... this would him
This isn't your only option dude, you got loads of forums... I.E. Yeousch Forums, Hupit Gaming, Reddit... Go there.
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