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musical instruments from junk: make a poptar with Nick Penny

by Nick Penny β€’ 108,148 views

How to make an exciting stringed instrument from simple junk materials. One of the projects from Nick Penny's book "Making Musical Instruments from Junk". There's a...

will you be able to play any song to this like pink panther theme song ?
thnx it saved me from teacher,(holiday homework)
It saved me also from my teacher,(holiday project)
Thank you a lot! I used this for my cousin's hw!Β 
thx! i could use this for my homework
When he said he invented it I hope he meant he just taught himself how to do it because he didn't invent that. This instrument is just an easier way to invent another instrument
Great Idea for Our Project .... Thanks Nick Penny
Even we had the same project.
I love it!! thank you so much!!
THANK U SO MUCHπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Junaid Kashif Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Thank you so much for this idea!
Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!
do you know how to make instrument with with house hold items and with at least four notes, such as a guitar made from a bottle.
Yes,any string or fishing line will do. Nick
It should do - you can use all sorts of cords and strings. Try it and see...
what do u mean by shorter and longer? beasue my science news is due soon,.... thanks!!
Hey nick penny, do you mind telling me the physics behind the poptar? cause i made it for my project and my teacher would like me to write a report to explain how the instrument works. Thank you so much!!
I mad my own poptar with multipal strings and bottles and tuned them and it worked great.
They'll love them. But before making poptars with a large group I'd advise: making at least one yourself to test the idea out; pre-preparing the bottles by drilling and slitting if you can; and getting extra adults to help with tying knots.Let me know how you got on!
Very good I'm going to do this for my class project :-)
The stretched string vibrates when you pluck it. This causes the bottle (soundbox) to vibrate, which leads to the air vibrating so you can hear the sound. Stretch the string tighter, by turning the dowel at the top, and the pitch becomes higher. Turn it in the other direction to make the pitch lower. Hope this helps you to get going - make sure you think some more about it and add some stuff of your own! Nick
your very smart and i really am interested in your inventions!
i'm curious... so can I use thread as the strings ??
I just made one thanks nick And thanks for helping me make an utterly butterly eukele at sjcs!
Thank you! It works. :D I had to make an instrument for my Music assignment.
can i use this for my science project
could i cut the hole at the top? or does it have to be at the bottom?
pluck it harder or softer, or use different materials to pluck it with ie make a plectrum out of plastic or soft cardboard. Also, you could use a microphone to make it louder!
thank alot a very unic instrument thanks for sharing
your doing a good thing 4 children.
Very good I found the right thing to do for my project
wow, great invention! i have to do a school music assignment, where i have to a musical instrument and the poptar is a great idea. thank u very much! i will let u know what the results are when i get it back from my teacher.
You came to our school today lol (30th May 09) I cant belive it really .... i saw a year fives bottle the square was dodgy but the rest was cool lol good job! Carry on (dont forget to visit us again!)
Can I use a guitar string on this?
Hey nick i just wanted to say when you went to mundford primary school you showed us how to . It was great fun thank you x Um it kiera the one that drawed a harp then i impproved thank you so much i had a great day thank you nick x
You can make 4 notes with a poptar - I show you how between 5 and 6 minutes into the video. I've designed a sort of junk ukulele - you may be able to work out how to make a simple version by watching the video called "introducing the utterly butterly ukulele." Search that term - youtube won't let me put a link in a comment.
great idea, I will try do it in my class!
im from overdale leicester you were brill
my music teacher in 9th grade told us to make an instrument using simple objects and this got me an A thanks a lot
fishing line would work fine, but you'll need to tie it through a button or bead at the bottom of the bottle.
can i make 1 for my school progect
I remember it well - a lovely day in Bourne woods. Congratulations on the daughter. In my book there are instruments to make with very young children too. You might also enjoy the nightingale song on one of my other youtube videos.
Thanks im doing this for science now!!
me too please? all of the ideas has been taken from the other groups.
This is awesome! I found just the right thing for my project
Thank you your a life saver because of im going to college ! :)
Do you mean harder or softer? Plucking hard means putting a lot of force and energy into the pluck. The opposite is to p[luck gently....
Nick Penny came to our school. He plays the harp very well :)
can you use it with a smaller bottle?
First of all, have you tightened the string by twisting the dowel? I explain how to make different sounds and a simple three note melody between 5 and 6 minutes into the video. Keep it simple, and don't expect too much from the instrument. As long as you're making different sounds and rhythms and keep smiling and relaxed your class and teacher are bound to be impressed! Nick
No problem - just try it and see. Nick
Have you twisted the dowel round and round like a propellor? That's what actually tightens the string. Have you twisted it enough? Have you stuck down the spare string at the other end to the bottle? Nick
thanks for coming to my school i mean how lucky are we plz do a video about your bike guitar thing
Are we achually allowed to use this Idea?? I need an idea for my school project and if I can use this, that'd be great!
I can't seem to find polyproplene string . Do you think fishing wire would work? My daughter was going to make this for a school project. Thanks much - SD
Thanks for the comment. They certainly do!
will it still work if you use Craftlace, its a plastic string
this works really well; I found cutting a slight indent in the dowel so it can fit nicely on the bottle's top and then a second indent for the string to fit in really makes the sound better. It also keeps the string in place and makes sure the results aren't contaminated from touching the side of the bottle by accident.
Thanks for the great idea Nick. You use it with children apparently, I will use it with old people.
thanks for the comments from everyone at Elsworth school
It might break, but worth a try. If the thread is thin it might be worth trying several strands twisted together.
Thank you so so much I had to make a musical project and this had EVERTHING I needed to get done with the rubric. THANK YOU
Well done, and that's a good adaptation. But you'll probably still need the tape. It's there to stop the "bead" end of the string turning, so that the string will twist and tighten when you turn the stick.If both ends can turn it'll never tighten, or if it does it may suddenly untwist.
are you famous if you talk to me then i can't believe it! your inventions are excellent! i just love them!
@3xoticj3rk yea my project is over and yea im in middle skool i got a 83 on the project i just needed right to the instrument sence u made it.
does a stretch cord work for the string?
Mr. Penny, Thank you so much. My son needs to make a home made instrument for a school project, this will be perfect. Thank you. I'll let you know what grade he receives. ;0)
Fantastic. I love it. An easy instrument for my class to make using junk. Thanks Nick.
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