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NY1 Awesome Speech

by ThinkProgress TP • 405,746 views

One ama

Great speech, courageous kid.
ummm I'm not a man.....that's number one. 2. You're comment was so confusing lol, please improve your grammar next time. And yes I'm straight. I don't know why you find it so difficult to believe that straight people can feel empathy towards the LGBT rights movement?
I know how ten year old talk. Lol we were all ten once. This speech was created by an english major. he was using words tat most american adults don't even know. I know about social engineering and it's only really my opinion. but i'm pretty sure i'm right.
The NT offers plenty of verses against homosexuality as well. Unless you're Jewish, you can pretty much disregard the OT.
Wow a prepared speech. Shouldn't he be out collecting bugs or something. We are we so proud of a young man who has been brainwashed by his surroundings. Would you also provide applause and a public venue if a young man prepared a detailed and concise speech about ..... Hold it, here it comes ...... Traditional marriage? I think not. Cheap shot using kids.
You truly are very close minded, by the way, have you spoken to God personally? No. All you've done is read a book that was written by a few men who WEREN'T Jesus,
I bet you couldn't write a better one. Lol, idiot.
there needs to be more kids like this in the world.
You are a particularly sick individual. Are you a registered sex offender? Something tells me that you are. Get help. Soon. Children are NOT your pawns.
This kid is amazing, obviously smart, BUT, do you all really think and believe that this is written by him? if you do, sorry, you are STUPID! Think about it for a second.
The bible isn't a bag of Chex Mix, but you sure treat it like one. You only have a few bits you agree with (and use as ammo to be hateful), and completely ignore the rest. If anyone is offending any god it's you with your blatant hatred and ridiculous phobias. You must live a very cushioned and privileged life if your major fear is the marriage of homosexuals, which will, by the way, not ruin your life.
Fake...This is incredibly staged. Not that he's wrong. But I genuinely believe an adult wrote this. not him.
The words of Jesus and God were right at that time that perspective, If Jesus was still here he would encourage same-sex marriage. Just as he loves natural love. The christians who don't think like jesus or god and just think of the words in the bible are the most foolish and low living christians
A child's abuse is a beautiful thing? Are you a pedophile?
Who gives a F***? There are much more important things to worry about than homosexuals putting rings on each other. Let em have what they want so the media will stop blowing this crap up. If it was accepted it would not be a big deal. I'm hetero and respect people as human beings, but this issue is not worth the the American People's time. If your christian and fighting this stop trying.. there will always be sin in the world that u cant stop. Time should be spent more on solving debt problems.
one day we'll look back on this discriminatory bullshit in disbelief. this issue will not go away. it's already legal in some places, it's started, which is the hardest part over with, the rest will fall like dominoes eventually... it's just a matter of whether it's sooner or later. and the ones who tried to make it fall later are going to suddenly look very backward when it's all over.
God speaks so clear about same sex-marriage. I will be @ chick-fil-a today, bc I am a TRUE DISCIPLE of CHRIST.
What faith are you that was taught that you could pick and choose what parts of the Bible to follow and what parts to 'disregard'?!! I am appalled that you would even suggest that [we] some of God's words (quote): "..can pretty much disregard the OT." You cause pain in my heart that you are so filled with hate & yet feel that it is alright to judge others. ✞ "Let 'him' without sin cast the 1st stone." ✞ "Pull the plank from your own eye before you point out the splinter in mine." ✞
I'm not catholic. Homosexuality is morally wrong and has been condemned by God and therefore Christ. You want to play "loophole Larry" and try to fit your round peg into a square hole, do so at your leisure. Just don't expect me to play along.
Nup, just hate crazy christian folk such as yourself.
Which is u, the man or woman when the buttpirating begins?
I love this kid and the people who raised him. Future president? Nobel Prize winner? y/y?
Damn you got me, the dumb ignorant American. You're right. I'm not fluent in 2 languages. I'm fluent in 3 (English, Spanish, and French). Jeez I'm sorry I couldn't understand your points since you lack correct sentence structure.....xD
Isn't also a shame to fill your child's mind with fairytales?
...I'm guessing you are illiterate, having read your misguided hate statement. So, to help, I'd like to point you back to the story in the KJV about Sodom and Gomorrah in which the issue that caused the destruction was that those people wanted to have sex with the angels, not at all a reference to the act of sodomy between consenting adults, same or opposite sex....
not for about 14 years. Not a classroom. I've listen to them though. I've observed them. I've even studied them....Not really. But I have come across my fair share of them all these years.
Sigh... I feel truly bad for all of the people leaving hateful comments on this video. I'm so glad this little boy is an accepting human being, I wish more people would teach their children acceptance and not hate. It's a tragedy you angry commenters have to live with yourselves (and presumably with friends/family who think like you).
When this kid finds out he will died if he makes love to any man ,he may want to go after the moms and her friend for lying to him,black women knows that Aids comes from man sticking another man with his penis PERIOD! This child should be taken away from this sick,derange mentally ill women first!
There is always hate in this world, we can't please everybody. Live as you are, live with respect, because at the end of the day, people with internal strife try to inflict their insecurities and misunderstandings on to others.
Great awesome wonderful inspirational
oh gurl shut hush. You're wrong and this isn't an arguement you'll ever win.
Oh please. This kid is what the world needs. I do not follow Christianity nor do I judge it. If homosexuality is "Unnatural" then why is there homosexuality in the animal kingdom. 50% of Giraffes are bisexual. Explain it please? Did God make a mistake. And before you say anything along the lines of "Humans are not animals" ummm we are.
This is going to end up being an argument about who's the REAL Christian so let me stop that from happening and just point this out to you my friend: morality isn't something concrete, it's something that changes based on the will of society. Some things said 2,000 years ago just don't hold any water these days. Does the Bible have good things in it? Yes. Does it have bad? Yes. If you don't doubt what you read, you're not a Christian. Even Jesus doubted God as he died on the cross.
Thanks, nice of you to say! You are pretty amazing yourself, having the courage to come out at your age. I did a 'It Get's Better' video on here. It truly does. There are Haters everywhere & hate all kinds of things. But as you grow you will see that there are people that are out there that love you for you & haven't even met you yet. The future is a banquet & you just have to wait for all the 'mashed potatoes & meatloaf' to go by, then you get the true desserts of life. Acceptance & loving. ☮ ♥
The lesbian couple took the kids to Chili's?? Oh my, that's child abuse right there! Ban gays from being parents!
She's 12 yrs old and doesn't know thing ONE about her sexuality. This child is delusional, she only THINKS she's gay. It's idiots like you who need to be institutionalized. You have no advice. You have no game plan. This child is bound for hell and you're playing games. Shame on you!!!!
He's so sweet and his speech is well written!!!!!!!!
You are sick. How can you say educating a child is abuse? Keeping a child in the dark and teaching them fear & hate is the real abuse of a young mind. Pedophilia has nothing at all to do with any of this. You are a touched (in a bad way) person. You need help. Please seek help, NOW.
And then... stupid trolls attacking 5th graders on the internet! seriously IF you love god, change that username and stop disgracing him.
You don't need to talk to animals to study them. Do astrophysicists have to talk to planets? Do microbiologists talk to bacteria?
This kid gives me hope in humanity. It's kids like these that are going to help us make a change! :)
If you think about your words, you too would laugh out loud. You said, "ONLY YOUR LOVE IS A SIN". God is Love. Loving is what God expects from us. Accepting others & treating them as we would want to be treated. You have the gall to say that "LOVE IS MY SIN"! You would be humorous, if I didn't pity your ignorance. Lord, please help this woman, this child of yours, see that love is what you want from all your children. Peace, Hope & Love, but most of all, Love. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen
The idea of "gay marriage" is in such deep denial of natural limits that it fits right in there with the denial of the climate crisis. It also helps the corporate neo-fascist agenda by adding **destruction of the family** to the already destroyed concept of community in this country — thereby further isolating everyone as powerless individuals.
The New became the New in Matthew. Christ was alive in the book of Matthew, so how could it be that it became New upon the Ascension of Christ? What of the Book of Psalms? Do you not believe they are worthy of anything because they are in the Old Test.? Matthew 7:2. Why would you point it out? You are judging us. Not the other way around! Do you not believe there will be an anti-Christ? Old Test. mentions only in Dan.9:26* 'prince' (Hint: prince in lower case letters). *Approx.70 A.D.
Homosexuality is found in animal species and therefore is natural. STFU that argument would only work if the entire species was gay and therefore could not reproduce.
Also, I hope you realize your argument against homosexuality is no different than the arguments used decades ago to justify other races having less rights.
No, no, no. Before their PARENTS TEACH them to be dumb.
And a comment like this is supposed to be from a member of the 'tolerant" and "open minded side"? Insulting people with childish low grade comments such as, "suck a penis and die". It's a shame when comments like that are accepted as witty and classy. For the record. Crazy is when you come on the internet, read a comment that you don't like or agree with, then proceed to wish death and harm on strangers. The example you set by your actions are why people feel the way that they feel now.
Leave the kids out of this!This boy has no idea what love is at this age!!!
fuck really? 32 out of 32? Jeezus, then there is a real reason most of europe, asia and oceania make fun of america.
Gotta hit this one & then I'm off. Is your Love all about SEX? You need to stop judging me & others. tsk tsk Sex is a small part of a huge loving relationship. You on the other hand may feel differently about Love. But that is how my Partner of 16+ years & I live our lives. We do the same things as straight peep, & fall into bed exhausted more often than not. But then, that is not any of your freakin' business now is it? My point, if you are not LGBT, Y R U so curious? Very curious, hmmm... ;-}
Except you just backed my statement up. You are saying that just because you think it's wrong then it must be. However male polar bears pretty much always want to kill their young and dogs quite regularly eat feces, both of these things are natural. Your argument literally had nothing it was the equivalent of me saying "Humans have been seen coming together in groups, therefore not natural" even though humans are a homozygous mammal.
Sodomite? YOU have no argument, you're arguing religious beliefs. In case you didn't notice, NOT everyone follows your faith, nor are they required to. If your 'God' is petty enough to judge me for not being discriminatory, then so be it. I hope you "burn" for being such a hypocritical, judgemental douchebag.
Yeah ... that made a lot of sense. You must be an intellectual or something.
He's a 5th grader, He's using grammar more efficiently than you, you're hated by 3889 people who love natural love.
You are morally bankrupt. The Bible was written for the ages, New Testament teaching still very much apply to this day. It will apply tomorrow as well. You're the one looking to change the position of the goalposts. Christ NEVER doubted God as he died on the cross, you idiot. He just wished he hadn't needed to suffer as much as He did. For me. For you. And you treat it like an entitlement. It's a GIFT.
Hell Atticus Taylor I wish your dad was GAY before he made love to a women-hows that!
Grandparents have been through it all and often have a better perspective for a lot of different reasons. I thank God that you have them in your life for the same reasons mine were in mine. I hope you find peace and joy in your life, where ever it might lead you.
Who says you have the right to judge any of us? You are surrounded by us and we all just want you. NOT!! We want equal rights as guaranteed by the U.S.Constitution. 45 years ago Marriage was approved as being a Civil action. The Government wasn't to try to control it. Why are they back trying to control LGBT and prevent us the same rights that a black person & a white person were given, when they were allowed to legally marry in the USA? You are uninformed & unaware of life today & always.
I almost cried when I read the article on this story I grew up in that very neighborhood he remind me of me!!! HE IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!
I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. a parent's love should be unconditional, teaching your children goes hand in hand with loving them. you will be a better parent for it when that time comes. people do care. i had a better relationship with my grandparents than my parents. maybe that's true for you, also?
"Dogs have been known to eat their own feces." Yeah, but were they "gay" dogs? ;-) And what about gay spiders? Gay ants? Gay dandelions? Gay trees? If a gay activist spews rhetoric in the middle of the woods, does it make a sound?
1:54: "So what's the point in trying to hide it?" lol this kid rocks :)
How convenient that because all of these are no longer relevant to the world you write them off as irrelevant to your religion as well.
His mother is crazy and this child should be taken away from the both of them.They are a danger to this young black youth,What does he knows about same gender,or as we black people was taught to say, faggots.Why and how come his moms did n;t tell him that what her father did to her mother was wrong! I wish her Father was a fag and merry a fag and this gods little lost sheep would not have this DEVIL who calls herself a mother!
Baloney. The campaign for "gay marriage" is an attempt to FORCE social validation of an abnormal psychological condition. And it's cynically being done at the expense of children.
Amen! I am also LGBT & I have been fighting for longer than you have been alive for children & adults to think like this young man. I want you to grow up with all the rights that the straight people of this country have. You should never have to face a BULLY!! Don't ever let the haters get you down. The world is nothing like this place called 'youtube'. 'W'E are everywhere & WE stand together for equality & for those too weak to stand for themselves. We are all deserving of equality. <3 Peace
Great speech kid. We can all learn from this speech.
Perhaps, but at this point I really don't think we are in great need of procreation. We're pretty well populated. Over populated in many parts of the world. Would it not be great for these homosexual couples to adopt all the orphan children instead of relying on Brad and Angelina to do it all?
Haha all of it. American adults are stupid. No but seriously. Look at the discomfort and the studders while reading it. Watch his eyebrows and body posture. Listen to the improper transitions from sentence to sentence, In all seriousness these words aren't even used by your smarter ten year olds. It's just more grown individuals capitalizing on humanities soft spot for children and exploiting them. Careful not to get socialed.
Gay Rights Icon Arrested on Child Porn Charges Whoooooops ... google*com/search? q=%22Larry+Brinkin%22
I just wish everybody was like this kid... I wish...
I supplied you with all of those bible verses. If you are seriously going to accept the verses on homosexuality as literal truth, then why won't you accept the ones about stoning your own children? Or the fact that Lot had sex with his daughters? Or the ridiculous verse that says if you don't have genitals you can't approach the alter? Or the verse that condemns eating shellfish? Do you want me to go on? Does the Old Testament hold no water? Why do anti-gay right advocates use Leviticus only?
It's in the bible. Lev 11:10 states eating shellfish is an abomination. Deut 22:13-21 is for women who aren't virgins. But there are some more fun ones. Lev 19:27 forbids haircuts. Exodus 35:2 states that a neighbor working on the Sabbath should be put to death. And also contacting a woman when she is on her period is forbidden in Lev 15:19-22. Seeing as you're using the bible to judge gays based off its teachings, I assume you also follow these passages? I have more also.
You are a fucking moron, stop discrediting people for being young. You see people today who are gay or have had sex changes and they say they knew from an extremely young age. STFU about people not understanding their sexuality, sure she may not have a complete understanding but she sure as hell knows something.
Yes it's a wonderful idea to pay people for more babies. Make more babies. As many as you can. Have 25 children. Great idea. But it still doesn't explain why you need to denounce homosexuals as substandard humans and deny them the right to marry. Let's get back on track here to the base argument, cause frankly, I don't give a shit about population. I still don't understand why it's so wrong for gays to be married.
Sorry, I'm gonna keep my bible.
100's of Priests have molested young children. Perhaps thousands. That doesn't mean that all Priests are pedophiles. If a Gay Rights Advocate is arrested for Child Porn. That doesn't mean that LGBT are interested in sex with children. You have a lame argument & I could give you a lot more lame examples (Penn St.) of how bad you *FAILED* with your comment. Don't act a fool. You make straight people look bad!
What part of what I said is "unbelievable"? It's all in black and white.
Straight people can get aids too, and you're either a troll or a lunatic. God loves everyone, period. Good day to you sir
I don't think traditional marriage is a hot topic, so probably not. At least this kid is educating himself. Kids will be adults someday; it's okay for them to think once in a while.
See? Kids are smart before they learn to be dumb.
Sodomites are from Sodom. They were idol worshipers and had orgies and shared sexual partners. Drunks, thieves, rapists, etc... The sodomy came along more recently by bigots and haters of gays. Referring to Gay sex. It all comes down to Lev. Old Test. & the wasting/spilling of the seed. When the world needed to be populated and it was said to be fruitful and multiply. Then the wasting of sperm for anything but producing a child was considered a sin worthy of death. Genesis 38:9
Its a shame before God to put this child up to tell this lie.
Wow %50 of giraffes are bisexual?? how the fuck would you know that?? Do you talk to animals?? Did you take the giraffes out for overpriced coffee and had a heart to heart talk with them?? . If I observed a man who acted real feminine do i have a right to tell people he is gay? NO I DO NOT. You sir are a dumbass..
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