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by CristinaSaysWhat • 1,621 views

OPEN ME, THERE'S MORE TO SEE :) Hey guys so yes these are the lashes i am loving at the moment. I am planning on including some lashes as requested by a subbie in a future giveaway, just saying....

that color on your scarf looks amaze on you!! imma have to find one in that color ;) MWWAH! ♥
@eyesofmyroni Aww thank you!!! Yea MJ is Awesome!!!! Hahahah thank you that means a lot!! I wear them every day i wear makeup. I have lashes on in every video, and yes im wearing them in this video :) Maybe ill do a lashes 101 video!
i love false lashes .. i only wear them every now and then though <3 great review lovely
OMG I have the same shirt ! Too CUTE!!
@ThatPeenoAlvin What noise??! I miss you :( I never see you or talk to you anymore!!!!
@tinyayshun JOYCE!!!!! OMGGGGG hahahaha youre on youtube!! But thats MY PANDA!!!
@ronabrookemoore Thanks girl :) Omg I love lashes, yea I've seen you wear some lashes in your videos they look fab! XOX Cristina
Cristina!!! Why you take my panda pillow from me!! :O <3
@lokasbeauty you do!! They're amazing!!! Thanks Girly :)
omg !! i want that bed spread. im so jealous i love zebra stripes D:
@HEYimBIANCA I love zebra print too :) I got it from some seller on EBay, you could probably find it if you google it.
I need to start getting into lashes! Cute Bloopers! :)
ahhh! selena :) I used to have a big ol' picture of her but one day, my frame fell & ruined the picture. poo. your room looks so purrrrrty. i have yet to get into lashes, theyre so tough to put on!! :( great review :)
@CristinaSaysWhat I got mine in forever21 in chicago :)
@JOKAPINK HAHAHA omg no way!!! How funny, whered you get yours?? My grandma got it for me in LA.
OMG!! I love your room!!! Esp. the frame that says: "King of Pop"!!!Wooohoooo MJ Is my Idol too. Girl, you have really mastered the art of wearing those lashes. How often do you wear them? Maybe do another Video on how you wear these lashes...they look pretty & natural on you (if you are wearing them at this Video)
@MissAntonia90 Aww no!!! I love Selena I used to want to be her as a kid lol. Thank you :) Girl with a little practice trust me you'll become obsessed, try them out!! XOX Cristina
@LoveMelisaMichelle Aww thank you :) Yea definitely itll look amazing with your skin tone! XOX Cristina
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