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Minecraft Skyblock ULTIMATE Ep. 9 w/ Luclin & Wolv21 (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 185,325 views

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I hate squids you better watch your butter (gold)
5:22 ninja cow top right hand corner
chim is so freakin slow with the fishing, like right after it bobs he pulls it up
chimney... go to fishing school:)
All 3 in different chunks = lag city
I can't because of the frikken ads come in the ways now
cow go moo and says, "What's wrong with you Chim?"
Correction from certified ninjas...they are certified terrorists
i figgured out why it took the usa so long to find bin ladden ( that is his name right?) its that hes part fish!!!!
i agree totally, he records like about 5 of these episodes in one session because he cuts them at 10 minutes, theyre accually much longer for the session theyre playing, thats why theres no "cya guys" at the end, because the session hadnt ended
No offence Chimney but you suck at fishing
When he said Bullsye and toy story...toy story was on my tv...
This was made on my birthday, YAY!
I eat this while watching bread.
Chimney:get out of here squid I'm trying to catch fish. Squid: be a shame if no fish bite creeper: hey buddy your not getting this cat muwahahaha
What's the server's ip or is it a LAN world
Certified Ninjas. *cow shoots upward*
Someone poisoned the water hole (that's why there's no fish )
One time I saw a desert biome right next to a taiga biome. o.o
There is no such thing as global warming a faggot made it up to be famous
Who else thought it was being a frountbutt from when he sayed the servers being a butt
Anyone else notice the cow vanish on the right hand side of the screen at 5:20 haha
if you hit F8 it will make you slow down and ocelots will be attracted to you
no offense but you guys suck at taming ocelots
build a giantic and super cool tree house on the biggest jungle tree you find!
fish only spawn in 2 block deep water
i just dont get that same felag that chim did when he killed that cow
lol Luclin: There's something over there, it's light Chimney:HERPIES!!!
at about 5:20 in the video in the right side while fishing a cow shoots straight up into the air
Am I a swifter b/c I subscribed
hate to get into an argument, but global warming is real. and i feel like slapping you every time you say that. not trying to be rude.
chimneyswift11 is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooollllllll brrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooo lol chimneyswift dont forget to wipe yo butt
I sad I got a new E-mail and I thought either inthelittlewood or bashur were streaing but it was just for a GAMESTOP THING UUUGGGHHHH
squid* "i wonder what this thing tastes like?" chim* "no squid im trying to catch a fish!"
Why CANT YOU MAKE a tree HOUSe WHEN wolF21 is gone
Besides in some parts this reminds me of survival!
0:34 Welcome to the Minecraft Jungle.
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