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Child of Rage The FULL Documentary

by MarkLegg87 • 4,574,287 views

Shocking, Horrifying, Fascinating The full documentary.

This is proof that Psycho/Sociopaths are NOT born; they're CREATED. :(  This is so unbelievably sad, but a necessary story and a compelling documentary. 
She isn´t psychopathic.
So all in all do you think this girl is "cured"? or do you think she's just learnt how to be a really good actress? apparently she now works as a nurse in a neonatal unit, just saying...
The first murderer was Cain, He was not abused. He was just a devil spawn.
Damn, Beth was hot. I don't blame her father for wanting to molest her!
To all of the ignorant...she has an oppositional defiant disorder basically caused by attachment issues. She had a past full of abuse, from the start she was treated poorly and because of this, it caused her to have maladjustment issues as well and have atypical behavior. This was made 30 YEARS AGO! This little girl is now a beautiful grown woman who in fact helps other children like herself through types of behavioral therapy! So stop saying she's crazy when she simply didn't truly understand the emotional trauma she had undergone. 
I'm glad she is doing well and helping others. How can u judge a child when they went through stuff we will never understand so have no right to judge all we can do is be happy she over come her dark day's and is making a better life for herself and others.
She was abused and hurt to this point by her biological parents and people in the comments are complaining about her loving, caring foster parents being Christians? Sure, let's just give them back to the insane, abusive biological parents because the foster parents are the real abusers here -.-
Her real father is dead too
"She masturbates at inappropriate times." As if there is an appropriate time for a 2 year old to masturbate.
At that age, it's mostly done out of curiosity as children try to understand their own bodies.
kids haven't developed the connection between sex and masturbation. they simply do it because they notice it "feels good". there's been cases where babies actually do it in the womb!
Every child born into this world is completely innocent. In this case this poor child was probably abused so severely that she developed this psychopathic like personality. Most personality disorders can be environmental or psychological unless there is a history of mental illness then it would be biological. People have a huge impact on a childs mental health in the early years of his/her life. Its terrible that stuff like this is allowed to happen. A child this young shouldn't be blamed for her problems its mainly because of the abuse that makes her a victim
+GamesMeetMusic That doesn't mean that this little girl is going to become a serial killer when she gets older. She got help. If she didn't get help and continued getting abused yes absolutely theres a higher chance of that happening then. What happened in her childhood it wasn't her fault in fault the parents that assaulted should be arrested. Children at that young of an age getting hurt so badly like being beaten or raped cant comprehend what is happening to them because it is soo traumatic and the fallout of what they become later in their life isn't entirely their fault if the facts support it correctly. Ive seen kids like this in real life and honestly dude its the people that caused the child to be like that is where the blame should be placed. Yet here you are blaming the victim. most of the children who suffer traumatic abuse suffer from depression, substance abuse, alcohol abuse and other criminal behaviors which is why a large majority of children in high are so fucked up.
What about hitler dude never liked jews
Beth turned out to live a normal life. Beth is now a RN (Registered Nurse) at a hospital in Flagstaff. She is working on the Neonatal Unit.
+Reesy Rozay Human memory can be divided, in general into emotional memory and racall memory, where the former focuses on the emotions of the events past while the later on the more objective details (e.g. time of day, date, place, etc.). We don't have any specific memory that we can recall from  our 1st year of life because our brains are still underdeveloped, but the emotional memory is born well developed for a normal term child. Hence, although one may not remember specific details and events of abuse they've been through when the were less than a year old, they retain perfect memory of the traumatic emotions they've felt.
wouldn't want her as my nurse.
God bless you Beth, Jesus loves you
+Alex Nelson yeah but we're at the same page^^ i don't need to explain to you that god is nonexistant ^^
I'm glad she got help, but I have to say that Jesus didn't love her or else she wouldn't have been treated like that.  I also read that she's doing good now, in 2014. She's a nurse & leading a good life. I wish her continued success.
My daughter takes knives from the drawer and hides them, kills birds and compulsively masterbates what should I do, I know I'll leave her alone in the basement with her baby brother. WOW!
+pavolon Except for homosexual men.
Yes I've never had a child who was sexually abused , that's because in order for ME to have child who was abused that would mean I would have had to abused them you nunce. And since I don't have I child who has been abused( because I didn't abuse them) that means I am more qualified to make judgements . I realize that this girl was adopted , but I would hope common sense would tell you that if a child is exhibiting violent tendencies you wouldn't leave them alone with a younger child. So do I feel like I have enough common sense to comment on those without it , yes. It doesn't matter that, in this specific case, it pertains to sexual abuse but you can apply common sense to anything. If I had a dog that bit people I wouldn't leave it alone in a room with a small child.
Question: if all evil children/people are the result of abuse, how did the first abuser come to exist? I was beaten at school by the teacher. One day I had not taken breakfast and we all were beaten because we thought that we should not wear uniforms in the last day before general exams. One stricken sent me collapsing and unconscious. Yet I have never beaten any juniors, never raped ( I wouldn't even get an erection if a girl does not sweet-talk me into it during foreplay). I don't believe violence has the effect that modern psychology claims. Could be genetic.
+mihail able No one should downplay the brutal nature of the nazis' acts. However, blaming Hitler for them is a misrepresentation of the truth. The crimes of the nazis were committed by a collective of ideological zealots who plunged the world into war. It is easy to hold as few people responsible as possible. It offers a false comfort to us - accepting reality does not - that human nature itself is full of cruelty and barbaric animal-like aggressive instincts that will be unleashed upon us under the right circumstances... I feel sad for the loss of life in your country, but these people died due to the evil that is within us all - not due to the direct orders of some crazy dictator. A crazy dictator merely increases the chances that organised terror will break out. But we don't need one for that to happen. Maximillien Robespierre for example, was a perfectly sane man, but his reign in France also led to mass terror.
+Peter Joosten Your point of view is the right to be. I do not agree with you but ......... It is very difficult. There was so much suffering and then the war began. We are to blame for this? OMG! Where is the end to torture? The Orthodox Church says that it was a punishment for the renunciation of God in 1917. I do not agree with that too. You can not kill. Blame the one who wants to continue to kill and kill. If at the beginning of the war, Hitler planned the destruction of 60% of the population of Russia ..... then he is responsible for this massacre. He is commander in chief. He could stop or start the implementation of the plan. He started. He was defeated. All of the victims from the German army no  on our conscience. This boomerang. I agree with you that one man can not bear all the blame. Therefore, it was the Nuremberg trials. The German people also responsible. You want to say that every man lives evil. You're right. We all are not angels. But there is a feature for which can not be crossed. Murder is a red line. People are constantly balance between good and evil ...... but if they started killing means evil triumphed in their souls. I do not believe that this girl does not understand what is good, but what is bad. She has long been successfully terrorized his younger brother and foster parents were not even aware of it. I doubt that she wanted to kill him. She could do it 1000 times. Beth Thomas came to the foster family 1 year 7 months old. Little Jonathan was 7 months old. So the biological father could torment Beth within 7 months. Then he was convicted and jailed. Up to 6-year-old age Beth lived in foster family with his brother. She had a million opportunities to kill him and the foster family. This is a fake. A girl poses for the camera and is not aware of the consequences. Foster family has abandoned her. This girl is in the hands of charlatans and they began exeperimental. Girl wants to impress and be in her words a little truth. Beth and Jonathan almost 6 years lived in the foster family. How many times has this child could kill the whole family with a dog, a cat and a parrot? Perhaps an accident. The kid fell down the stairs or Beth accidentally pushed him. In any case, this neglect and negligence on the part of the adoptive parents. By the way Jonathan stayed in this foster family. No one knows his fate. I very much doubt that the adoptive parents were able to properly raise this child.
Definitely a WTF moment beginning at 9:55.  What is this woman saying? " Honey, nice little two year old girls don't masturbate in the back seat of the car.....  they wait until they get into the privacy of your room before doing that!!!!" I am not trying to be funny...  I am floored about what just came out of the mother's mouth....
Really? In my country ( netherlands) we used to say to children too that it is not social behave to touch your private parts with others around and if they want to do that they have to do it in their bedroom. We say that to avoid children are thinking that they are bad or doing something dirty to avoid sexual problems are even sexual crossing borders in the future. What else you want to say then? Don't touch yourself there? Good way to create sexual frustrated adults.
She just needed her little ass whooped when she first started acting up.
+NEAT FACTS reverse racism doesnt exist. Prejudice exists though. If this little girl wouldve been spanked for what she was doing, it most likely would have made it worse. She has been abused which led to unhealthy brain development. This is why that even though she knows she shouldnt be hurting people, she doesnt understand why. The poor girl needed therapy. Not a beating
In no way did I mention she needed to be beat, but that it is absurd for one to believe that a concept as reverse cannot exist. One's level of privilege does not (and should not) determines if they are eligible for racism. It's just another concept designed by tumblr to justify their hatred of white people to make themselves seem as under-privileged as possible.
Just watched this in my class and all I came say is. WOW
+hannah craig what are you wondering about Hannah?
But Beeeeth, that KILLS people!!!!!
Ahhhhh lamas in hats. ;)
I cant be the only one who wanted to give her a hug when she cried at the end surely?! The poor kid went through things no child should ever ever have to go through and it fried her mind. I done a bit of googling and I'm pleased to see how well she has done now
I wana give her a hug your not the only one
That makes three of us.
I call bullshit on this. I don't know what really happened, but they claim that Beth remembered abuse happening to her as an infant, which is such bullshit. Nobody on the entire planet could possibly remember anything from their first year of life. I suspect some kind of shenanigans on the part of the therapist. In my opinion, she's just a sociopath, which are born and not made; but because it's so obvious in someone so young of COURSE they have to find something, ANYTHING else to explain her behavior, even if the explanation is utter bullshit. Her use of the word "vagina" - in a culture that shies away from using words like that around kids - is just one of many things that make the whole "documentary" extremely fishy.
The part that confused me was that the mother said she had to literally pull Beth's hands off her brother to get her to stop bashing his head on the concrete but Beth said she stopped when she heard the footsteps upstairs......
I was thinking the exact thing, if you also pay attention, during the interview you'll notice the girl is looking in the background for cues, sometimes even tge therapist "completes" for her the sentence.
Her voice is great. Probably a beautiful lady now :)
+Taylor Clay alot of killers become nurses to easily kill weak victims
Do they use some kind of truth serum?! How do they get the children talking so openly? She seemed hesitant or reluctant to bring up some details once in a while, but generally she seemed honest. How?
Because the interviewer isn't judging her answers. He's just asking her in a conversational tone, so she trusts him.
I can't stand the way the pseudo shrink fucks did nothing but ask leading questions. Most of her answers would require a question mark if transcribed. She remembered her birth father touching her multiple vaginas at 1 year old and at the end she said she hurt her brother the most until they asked her a second time and she said me. Fucking Psychiatry needs a Psychiatrist, Freud was a fraud as are these backwoods Canuck PH fuck me D shits.  Why didn't they just do an ice pick lobotomy?  I mean it is cutting edge technology, right?
How can she remember stuff that happened when she was 1 year old? I thought memory formed at like 2-3 and long-term memory came about even later
Well, as extreme as it sounds, I remember some things that happened BEFORE I was brought into the world. I remember the dark red background and warmth and, I could both think and understand English at the time. I heard a whisper saying " you will not be a seahorse again. " so, I can tell you now guys, that reincarnation is real! This story is true!
And plus I don't mean to offend
And when I say some people shouldn't have children everyone gets mad.
I was just looking at beth's moms BIG ASS EYES.. my god, i could play pool with those eyes..
I was looking at the upper lip she didn't have...
Do the world a favor and put a bullet between her eyes
What ever happen to her?? Did she grow up to be a normal adult or did she...? Please I would like to knw
makes me so fckin angry. fck people that do this to kids. 
don't worry she's all grown up now with a nice guy to love her so she can lay new eggs
This is the epitome of special kid in the corner.
I hope she's sterilized. I hope they teach folks in America, especially southern US states, to love your children. There's a huge difference between abuse and discipline
There are a lot of leading questions from the interviewer. Some children say whatever they think the adult wants to hear. That's why there are minimum ages, mental and emotional, for testifying in a Court of Law. 
this what happens, when you have terrible parenting the child wasn't born that way parents were incompitent and didn't bring child up properly.. if something is wrong call social walker, call doctors smack your child teach them from bad to right fucking incompetent americans the parents looking fucking stupid and brain dead, not saying all americans are bad parents. But these 2 look fucking incompetent dont know how to raise a child
How did a girl this young know the word "vagina"? Sounds like she's been to therapy. The therapist probably put these ideas of being molested in her head. Come on - she remembers where she was and what she was wearing and exactly what happened to her as a one year old? Molestation is an easy scapegoat.  Bull. She's just a spoiled little monster. She should be executed.
+Katie Aimes Did you bother watching the whole video? She had remorse at the end. She felt remorse and she cried.
God forbid a kid knows their own body parts.
Dumb ass white people, why would u barrakate her if u got a motherfucking belt to beat her ass. Thats what i would've done. If she did that to me i would've kicked her ass
Is she schizophrenic? Or has she been watching movies of people killing? Cause she said she would "stab them". Maybe her parents shouldn't have let her watch child's play with Chuckie of Friday the 13th. But maybe she just has schizophrenia or something.
no shes actually showing signs of psychopathy.
She was abused and raped in the first years of her life, she has not been watching violent movies.
i think some are born rageful. i have an aunt im not allowed to talk to because she is nuts. my other aunt who was abused is fine now and my mom is normal. they werent raised bad
The guy asking her the questions was pissing me off, he didn't ask the right questions. I would have asked why she felt the need to be so violent like damn.
All the characters in this video are actors, including the childrens and parents. You can have a confirmation of this through a brief research on wikipedia.
+Opertictheflyguy600 1st off, i never molested anyone, 2nd, i just have an opinion. let me be me... 
Ur parents take care of u and kids act like this well some but yea if u say that to ur parents or say to them to die they might die someday and u will know its ur fault. Like if agree!
Unfortunately this helped me realise something about myself when I was a child.
I'm sorry to hear something happened to you when you were little.
I wonder how this girl, or should I say woman, is doing today.
She's a grown woman who has a new adoptive parent and she is now a nurse who works with children who have the same illness as what she had:)
She is a healthy young woman caring for children with the same issue she had.
This is like every broad I meet
as crazy as she might have been... its nice seeing that psychologist be so understanding with her. Im sure theres some who wouldnt have been so kind.
+Gipsy Danger not sure about it, but i think compassionate would be a good a good word
It's really just his job, though. And especially since he's being filmed, he kind of has to act that way. I agree, that some wouldn't be so compassionate, however.
what a little evil bitc* 😂😂
psychopaths are one of the most intelligent and dumb people in the world... those who learn to control it make excellent leaders kinda like hitler.. she's a psychopath and always will be... therapy is just masking the problem now .. as soon as she is presented with problems she will kill again. And being the intelligent manipulator she is will get away with it...all her life...
Therapy is simply trying to cope with fighting the mental issue, it doesn't simply take a therapeutic bandage on the wound to make it go away, but the brain has learned the ability to fight and abandon the mental illness.
it has and often it fails because our animal instict is not hurting people her instinct was lets kill him first and think about it later,,....
WARNING: Extremely triggering.  However, I came across this and had to share. This documentary unflinchingly shows the devastatingly traumatic and long term effects of childhood abuse, even on a child as young as one year of age (when many psychologists tend to suggest we do not start forming cognitive memories until the age of three) and demonstrates that as vicious and unsettling as the abuse is, there is HOPE for recovery and peace in the future- if only others in the community are willing to reach out and help,  rather than shirk away from it. For many, breaking the cycle of abuse begins with helping survivors overcome the inner battles that wage war against them on a daily basis.  What this documentary showed me most - that as heinous as the abuse was, and as traumatized and seemingly "lost" as this child was, there was still hope for recovery - we must not discredit and count such children as lost and doomed for failure in life! We must be the voice that stands up and says (whether the survivor is 6 or 60) HELP, RECOVERY, AND RELEASE IS POSSIBLE!
I thought psychologists were suggesting they remember stuff from age 5. Even though I clearly remember my house from 2 months old to 2 years old.
well first of all I have multiple personality disorder, sociaphobia, and anxiety and depression I was abused and neglected constantly from the age of 4 !! I've committed suicide 9 times already I've always wanted out and wanted people to die screaming and violent in their own faeces cause that's just who I am I've attempted to kill 2 people I butchered animals for fun just to hear them squeal
you've committed suicide 9 times yeah? lololol. you aren't a cat ;)
Historical cases, back to the 19th century, being sought out to provide material for scholars: "Serial Killer Girls" (google search will locate it) The "nature OR nurture" position is untenable. It is fundamentalist. Either/Or thinking is itself a major social problem.
Has anyone asked her about her adoptive parents?  They give off very weird vibes.   I think the most likely scenario is the adoptive dad was raping her, then she turned around and hurt her brother.   The mom during the interview her eyes got wide in a "BELIEVE ME" type manor.    Her eyes are fucking freaking me out.  It seems like something is amiss.  Maybe not a 'believe me', Maybe it was a "HELP ME" eye flash.   Now look at the dad, he seems off, and not shaken, not worried, just off.     IDK.  But the adoptive parents should have been looked into.   Something is off with them.   Some will say 'they had an evil child, of course there is!'...but it is beyond that.   Something is off that if I knew them personally I would keep one eye on them at all times.  Something is wrong with them. 
I'm sure they looked into the adoptive parents too
Imagine that poor woman, the kids they adopt to form a family are fucked up, the girl killing animals, molesting her brother and trying to kill her, you´ll be having that look. And then finding out about the background history and not knowing how to help them. I think they been pretty good sports.
Poor girl, I wish this would never ever happen to anyone ever
Her parents are saints. Most people would be terrified to even try raising a child who had been so badly abused.
abusing a child means just killing that child... this story is sad.
Why the fuck did john take this shit! As a kid i was very aggressive so i don't get that other kids would take this shit from anyone.
Victim blaming a baby/toddler. Now I have seen everything.
this kids A BICH! 
Had to stop at 6 minutes. Harrowing. Those poor kids.
Okay I was all good up until the part a bout the animals then I lost it
This little brat is probably an actor. Her mom was just to non shulant about the evil behaviors. Got to be actresses. I would beat her little ass if i cought her stabben the dog.
This sounds a bit strange, but I love this documentary and I re-watch it every now and again because as awful and destructive as child abuse is, this story reminds me that there is always hope and there is always a chance for good to come around and kick the backside of evil.  I don't mean in a religious way but in a human way. I like Beth was abused as a baby and as a child and a teen.  I was a lucky one too in that people around me took into account my past and I was given a chance.  And now I say "there but for the grace of the Universe go I".  Peace.  There are other follow up documentaries about Beth and her story.
Where is this person now, does anyone know?
Nice...Stories like that make one believe anything is possible
Brandy Barker Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Child of Rage The FULL Documentary:
More like child of swag
Is it just me or does she seem to be overly-controlled / forcing out the things she is saying?
I meant specifically at the end when it's a cheesy 'light at the end of the tunnel' thing. Sorry, didn't clarify.
The most evil kids in the world are probably Sajid Ahmad (17), Mamad Nadeem (15) and Mamad Sabir (13). These three kids were found guilty along with 42 year old Javed Iqbal Mughal of the murder of 100 boys ages ranging from six to sixteen. The victims were first strangled to death with a chain, their bodies dismembered, raped and dipped in the acid. He used vats of hydrochloric acid obtained and used from god-knows-where, and he would lower the bodies inside the vats for several seconds before pulling them out, scarred and burned beyond recognition. He did this one hundred times. Each and every victim was a little Pakistani boy. Each and every victim was dumped at the bottom of a lake in the middle of nowhere. And Sajid Ahmad was sentenced to death along with him as he was found as an accomplice to the murders, but was later found hanged in his cell with bedsheets. There was a fourth juvenile perpetrator, but he leaped out of a window to his death during questioning. These kids are probably the most evil of all time due to the number of kills, which was 100. I believe Sajid was the only one out of all the kids that participated in the murders, however the other three were found in his home and were taken as suspects. Mamad Nadeem was given 180-something years and Mamad Sabir was given 60-something years.
+Jessica Leila An even more evil case is that of Robbie Middleton, an 8 year old boy who was tied to a tree, doused in gas and set alight by 13 year old Donald Wilburn Collins. Just look at the pictures, it's horrific. And what was even more horrific, was that since he used fishing line to bind him, after he left him to burn, the restraints used to bind Robbie were not carefully crafted and he was able to break free and run home though the woods, his body engulfed in flames, crying and screaming. Robbie made it to the edge of the woods. Charred black and unrecognizable by his family, Robbie suffered third degree burns to over 99% of his body. A small area on the top of Robbie’s foot was spared – this would ultimately save his life up until he turned 20 and died of a rare form of skin cancer consistent with the type of burns he received.
These are some wicked ass fucking stories, holy fuck! When you think you heard everything, wow.
"All abused children suffer a profound hurt for the rest of their lives." Something I've had on my shoulders and can't shrug off.
+James Taylor Well, my abuse was from my parents, and the only thing I could do was ignore them and gain independence so I had the opportunity to move out as soon as possible.
She would not talk with him so she is at a point we're she no's it's wrong
i thought it was illegal for shrinks to share what happens in a session with other people, let alone to film them and produce it. did she consent to this? did her "parents"? ive been having this thought since i was 10 years old, the first time i watched this documentary. as a child needing psychological help, i was made aware of this rule, so im just curious. 
Well her parents are sitting in front of the camera giving the account of her illness so...yeah I would say they consented....0-o
I got hard a few times watching this.
this girl needs a stress ball
I know this is supposed to be serious but I couldn't stop laughing at that
I wish men would just stop rapping kids. 
NEAT FACT: Females make up 5% of all child molesters. Also check your spelling next time, I'm not sure how one "raps a child" The more you know!
I recently watched a documentary called ' my name is faith' I think it was made it 2010. Beth was in it talking about her life today. She works with her adopted mother ( the therapist in the video) at camps to help kids who have attachment disorders.
+mihail able you seem to feel very strongly about this. Have you been to one of these camps?
+Miranda H I have studied the system of education written by Nancy Thomas. This horror mixed with honey. But I realized that she understood what she was doing. She deliberately drill children because he knows how to make a quick obedience. It uses biologism. It produces the necessary reflexes and blocks awkward behavior of children. Carrot and stick. Suppression of the will. Encouragements of submission and obedience. But it does not take into account the very important fact. Dogs have a 3-year-old child's intellect. They do not rise above this bar. Therefore, such training is suitable for dogs. A child grows and develops. He begins to gain information and to analyze. Sooner or later the child understands what is happening and ceases to obey and respect the adoptive parents. If it did not happen ..... mean that the child is emotionally broken and has no will to independent living. He did not become socially mature and successful. It is broken and it is a moral cripple Nancy Thomas describes in detail child-rearing practices in the books. Any sane person will immediately see that these methods are copied from books on taming dogs. Executing the command "Come". Sit astride a child. Go always ahead of the child or the next. do not let your child run ahead of the adoptive parent or caregiver. besprikoslovno submission and rapid execution of orders and so on. It can not be confused. These are the methods of a handbook on education dogs. N. Thomas writes a lot about love and about God. This disguise. I guess she does not understand what human love. The best way to establish a quick and strong bond with the foster child ... is a family hike or trip. Nature and lack of comfort .... it allies for foster parents. Jointly overcome the difficulties (carry a backpack with food and things, cooking dinner, search for firewood for the fire, elements of the competition between families, etc.) is a good attempt to establish a strong bond with the foster child.   You Tube   Сплав по р.Бия. Алтай 2011 год.flv
HONESTLY this video is kind of dumb.. the interviewer is stupid, the little girls voice is retarded, and its not like she is the craziest little girl alive
She scares the hell out of me
Whatever happened to John?
+creative_expansion Oh don't worry, she's a pediatric nurse, so she takes care of babies. -_-
Only a white kid. See this is proof it starts off young with white kids. There brains are programmed to have psychotic thoughts and behave in violent ways. If not successfully helped they become serial killers or cold malicious perverts
As a person of color, I apologize for this ignorant statement. Smh.
Lol you're a fucking idiot
Someone drop kick that kid!
how do you abuse children, we need to kill these animals
Step 1: Kill yourself. Step 2: Done. lol
i wonder where she is now and how she is doing ?
this girl needs to pray real hard shes lucky that im not there about to shoot her
Oh my gosh all you atheists and what not get out of here and mind your own dang business.
God helped her in the long run.
where was he when she needed him. why would he help while she was in rehab when she would inevitably get better anyway
Something about this reeks of deception. It feels like that kid was coached to say what she's saying. Whenever she's asked a question she looks at the camera as if she knows she has to give an answer for the camera. What child in that age speaks of "my vagina". What child at that age even knows the word vagina? 
Many parents prefer to teach technical terms for things instead of child terms.
Does anyone know how these children grew up as adults?
she's an RN now! Completely normal life... 
She had reactive attachment disorder.. very rare and unfortunate, but eventually can be cured
нет .  Это не RAD  .   
I'm confused pins or pens?
She's 31 now... Wonder if she is still alive cause some kids with those mental problems kill themselves. Hope she didn't and she recovered :)
Thank you i was very interested :)
having a child is not necessarily a right; it's a privilege that one has to earn
+Jotaro .H Actually it is, having a child is a fundamental right protected by the 14th amendment..
+stacy knight ms stacy im not trying to deny it's in the rules. what i'm saying is that it should not be a right. Logically thinking not anyone is supposed to be allowed to have children. What happened to this little girl beth is the result of unworthy parents.
stupid fucking fucked up little girl. how dare she hurt animals. she deserves to have pins stuck in her as well. they should not have animals if that cunt hurts them. stupid girl n parents
I wonder if you're vegan...
Are you retarded?
My god this makes me sick. How can someone be so awful as to cause a child this much physiological terror.
Instead of therapy a proper ass whipping would have fixed it
I know it's not abuse, but it's more trauma when someone, especially a little girl, went through abuse. 
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