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Accept - Princess Of The Dawn (Live • Sauna Open Air 2011 • Tampere • Finland)

by Hiihtomaisteri • 156,320 views

• Blood of the Nations Tour 2011 • Sauna Open Air -festival • Tampere • Finland • 11.6.2011 • Accept members: • Mark Tornillo - Vocals • Wolf Hoffmann - Guitar • Peter Baltes - Bass • Stefan...

Stop saying bullshit about Mark Tornillo. His vocals are much more greater and "brutal" than Udo's ones. You have to accept (see what i did there) that Udo has grown old. End of story!
accept is udo,what is iron maiden ? bruce,this is NOT accept,but them do good,thats it..
Why dose the drummer act like he is playing a double kick .
That one guy singing is funny and the left kick is not even miced up.
@sider420 the drummer is stefan schwarzmann and you cannot teach him anyting.
@GingaGuitar Maybe an At Vance fan who had gotten lost?
first time i saw this band was, 1985. UDO sings )
soa como o ac/dc sem o Bon Scott ou seja: perdeu a identidade!
No Udo no accept for me. I don't know why but I just can't accept no Udo.
didnt original accept had dual gibson?
PERKELE!!! Accept fuckin' legendary!!!! PRINCESS OF THE NIGHT!!!
Thanks so much for posting this! Peter Baltes is such an underrated bassist, and Wolf Hoffman is a hero of mine - phenomenal guitarist! This is superb... \m/ (:o)
Cool very awesome sang, in fact the best album it is Restless & Wild.
If i was there i would kill the stupid guy saying every time on the chorus : princess of the NIGHT
BEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL and fucking crushing song !!!!! They are back ! ACCEPT FOR LIFE...
The most successful German metal band.....with new US singer.
Why is one guy singing ''Princess of the Night'' ??? 0:49 1:35
@GingaGuitar Finland + Summer + Alcohol = Saxon on stage ???
I always thought it was Princess of the Dark. Thats why it took me 20 years to find again.
I think Mark did a good job but he's trying to sound like Udo. It's a shame because his own style is pretty goddamn cool. Anyways it's nice that Accept sounds like Accept even with new vocalist :)
Muy buen video!! muchas gracias por filmarlo y compartirlo !!
wHAT A SHAME OF A once upon great band.......No UDO,,,,,No Accept,,,no doubt about it.
It's a little scary how well they meshed with Mark Tornillo. The last 2 albums are awesome.
´s geilsdä is dä tüp, där dän täxd nät kann, aba maint lauthals mitsingen zu müssän :D
yes this ROCKS thx 4 posting.
с Удо лучше... Намного лучше.
Look my best impersonation of Steffan Kaufman, I only wish I could play Drums like him!
omg, man... Because he is the closest to the recording camera...
@GingaGuitar I guess a twisted "Saxon" dude at da wrong place .-)
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ha Haa Haa, ok, so I'm not alone,I thought I just heard that . .\m/>_<\m/
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