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Paul checks in from Chicago

by The Verge • 3,043 views

Paul Miller submits an offline video diary from Chicago. Watch full episodes of On The Verge at More from The Verge: Subscribe:...

WTF why did he take pictures of his wedding at the financial district?
He's not using the internet. His words and images being on the internet does not violate that rule in spirit.
Doesn't this count as being on the Internet? When he started he didn't even want to walk across a webcam if a co-worker was skyping, now he's posting video blogs. Still an interesting endeavor...
He admitted as much. Check the first Vergecast episode after he unplugged.
That wedding looks awesome! That must have been so much fun to ride around a horse in the streets of Chicago.
What kind of backpack is he wearing?
I love dandiya the stick dance....
It's easy because you don't have to do shit like have an actual job; your inconvenience is diverged by the the fact you have so much free time to go to the library rather than using google.
Any pictures of the bride and grome around?
Did Paul and Nilay dance the Mamushka?
This whole thing seems pretty contrived.
I would hate to be the people who work with him, and have to handle all of his posts to the website.
Paul, you truly are revolutionary.
Basically a vacation that is being paid too
Yes I want to send him a tweet then I remember that it's pointless. LOL
Im starting to feel as though I miss Paul, and then I remember that he hasn't died or gone anywhere, and he is even still writing and releasing videos on The Verge. Its just that he has disconnected from the thing that unites all of us and is our common medium of dialogue. Still, I really can't wait to see what happens when the year is up. I have a feeling Paul will return fully balanced and happy with his life with a real message for us about how to achieve the same wellbeing.
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