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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet : Keynote

by Gadget Dominicana • 783,072 views

Luego de Microsoft ver en Computex 2012, tantos fabricantes de hardware como ASUS, Gigabyte, ViewSonic, Acer, lanzando propuestas para correr Windows 8, creo que se le abrió el apetito. Y es que...

Why would Microsoft use Keynote
Simplemente hermosa, ha pasado dos años de su estreno y con la nueva actualización al Windows RT 8.1 si ha mejorado mucho. Estoy satisfecho de poseer una unidad Surface RT.
That be funny if the stand fell off
surface  , sink again and dive deep  die
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did you see 30:23? it's appl* guy look a like there ..:D
no he didn't Apple Invented almost nothing but "improved" on already existing technologies. The Mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse. and don't say Apple invented the optical mouse (laser mouse) because Steve Kirsch of MIT invented it
13:35 the surface tablet crashed and he tried every trick to hide it, lol
true, but you have to pay thousands for the 'privilege'
That presentation is of the surface RT, before its goes to the market, in the minute 13:35 it is a FAIL! Because is RT, Microsoft fix that problem
selain kelebihan yang di tunjukkan apa kelemahannya... ? :D
Its ok, its natural. Microsoft are now just "pensioners": talking drivel and waiting to shuffle off.
yes but you have to wait for surface pro which gets released in early 2013.dont buy windows rt cant installed any sofeware
Bill please Come Back To Microsoft!!!! PLEAAASEEEEEE!!!!
This demo was so embarrassing for Microsoft. The product clearly wasn't ready to be released but they felt pressure to put it out anyway. The Metro interface should have been called the Metro OS and been used as a bridge between 20 century Windows and the 21 Century Metro OS similar to Apple's OS X and iOS. Microsoft has no idea what they are doing or who they want to cater to.
false. it's a xerox invention and windows was the first platform to be able to use a mouse.
Questa presentazione è una figura di merda continua,mamma mia... smettetela co sti tablet che NON SONO PC .
That's why it's better to build your computer yourself
this the tablet of the century!!!!!
windows RT is a joke...and windows 8 looks to be the next vista
Xerox mouse was a piece of shit that . It's cost was about 300$ and only lasted tow weeks . About Steve jobs , he was a visionary who had those great ideas waz was the engineer how only used his knowledge to make this idea a reality . Anyone with the right knowledge could have done that . It is the idea that matters the most . About him being an asshole no one is perfect dude the guys had too many talents he must have some drawbacks .
I want surface soooo bad!!!! Even though 13:35 was a total fail...
Fucking Steve Balmer and his little curry shitting Indians have ruined Microsoft. I'm not a racist, but I play one on the Internets.
This seems to be an Apple fanboy hub. You know Microsoft will release updates to make performance better.
it is a good microsoft in my life.
it was steve jobs who invented the mouse looser?
Macs are shit and the os is crap
Surface is so great I had to swop one out for another because it wasn't working properly
this is the biggest bullshit ever created it just sucks dick alot :X
mac: invent a few new fetures and make sure they work as intended windows: invent a ton of new fetures and kind of make sure they work
People that actually used the surface(unlike you) disagree with that unfounded statement. This kinds of bugs happens to every company, including Apple, when showing a product that is still in development stage. If you ever worked in a software company, you'll known that many bugs can happen before the final version, that's why there's a QA department.
my 2gb of ram on my android "phone" vs your 512mb ipad3, yeah okay
30:28 what do you know, Arnie has been working on the design..
Surface works great for movies...*goes to get another Surface*
Surface is NOT the first to include Dual-Band WiFi with dual MIMO antennea (BB PlayBook & iPad 3 had this long before)! "Movies and entertainment work great as well. Excuse me just a second." goes and gets another Surface device (cost x2) LMAO "Surface is great for entertainment as well"
Saw the RT device on display at JB-Hi-Fi. Can't wait for the Pro version to come out.
Frankenstein Jr monster, hahaha.
So.. they got rid of the start button task bar, just icons on the desktop, hmmm, sounds familiar.. oh right! WINDOWS 3.1, LOL.
can't wait to order a Surface Pro!
Want to punch every single one of these smug used-car-type salesmen in the face. F them and their starbucks-grade high-tech plywood.
@Walker McCright the sales for the intro year of the iPad would certainly suggest that.
apparently you don't play the steam games lair was talking about... I've tried to get Autodesk to work with no luck either, really, really annoying. As I stated earlier, I don't want a phone feeling OS on my ******* computer!
Lmfao what's ironic is when Bruce Willis said "as you can see, I can browse smoothly", followed by him choking in an attempt to eat his own words. But eh, it's internet explorer... when has it ever ran smoothly?
its funny bill gates made the people who used computers to put a sticker over a apple conputer
Where can I buy windows 7 software with ASUS drivers for my new laptop? I will pay to downgrade from windows 8, worst OS ever! I've contacted Asus support about downgrading.
The Windows Surface is rather useless. You can not run any 8086 Windows software on the tablet. Either wait for the Surface Pro, or buy an Asus Vivo Tab with real Windows 8.
window very good more you!!!!
crashing during presentation!!!!!!!!!...really!!!....I'll wait for surface with some kind of Service pack 3 at least to buy it
so sad it has no pen :S because the pen i had to buy samsung shit
it's a pity the short bald bloke had to read off an auto-cue, enthusiasm then comes across fake
Microsoft is shit. Apple is far superior when it comes to usability. Now most people are going to call me an apple fan boy but I'm not. I have used both for years and apple is much much better. It is more smooth and it does everything it is supposed to do without crashing.
13:40 god my face went reddish oh why oh why you fail me
the third guy talks like a used car salesman
ok i'm 16 and i've been using windows since i've been born. I remember playing doom on windows 95. I've watched the new OS's come out, now i know theres plenty of other people who have been using windows since the dawn of time but jesus fucking christ. Windows has seriously made some utter shit right here. They're like forcing people to buy tablets. "lets make an OS that is designed to be used on a tablet and then bring out a tablet of our own!" No. Fuck off. for the record i wont touch apple.
IE10 was in beta. Now it is in stable release, is more reliable and loads pages faster then your lovely chrome/firefox. Try IE10 before trolling, IE Hater. Watch the latest IE ad made for IE haters.
YOUUU iPHONE?? YOUUU iMAC???... YOUUU iPad??? mmmm COFEE $5.. iCofee $10 ... mmm YOU iDiot!!!!
R.I.P IPad??? dindt you see what happened after 13:35?? R.I.P surface
That's the thing, you get what you pay for. I have learned over the years a cheap product 99% of the time will not out perform an expensive product.
Steve Ballmer is an idiot. I miss Bill Gates. No, it's not an iClone, but the truth is that Ballmer criticized the iPhone (had to eat his words) and then he criticized the iPad. Then he realized how much of an idiot he was when the iPhone and the iPad went supernova in popularity. The Surface is basically an iPad with different resolution, a USB port, two speakers instead of 1, and a kickstand. Those are nice, but Microsoft is not being revolutionary here. They are just adding to an iPad.
I will wait for iPad mini retina
And it was the third apple mouse that was released in 1983 not the first . It was the egg shaped mouse .
lmao it crashes during display there is no way i am getting this one
every system can fail.. i think they had the beta os...
Well, at least that explains your lack of grammar.
13:37 begining of the real part of windows.... unfortunately
Oh wait, it just crashed. Excuse me while I go grab another tablet that isn't crashed.
Yes, but the questions is, DOES IT BLUESCREEN?
I have been waiting for magnetic attractors ever since I saw them on the movie "Macross Plus", I was mad when I saw how the movie "Stealth" stole from Macross Plus as well with the drone AI that went mad in the movie!
What factors? A cheap product will work like a cheap product.
you would think they would spring for a 780p video for this
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