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Super Paper Mario - Episode 52

by chuggaaconroy • 610,660 views

We set out for Castle Bleck!

whenever he said barry I always pictured an image of barry from game grumps.
I always pictured Sterling Archer saying "YEAH Barry"
Doesn't comment on Castle Bleck's music. Such a shame. I really enjoy this music more than some of the others that you said you enjoyed. But ey, everyone has their own music tastes. I was just expecting a comment on this one. (Right after you say you love the design.)
What Luigi said is true Bowser survived when he fell in the sun I think he can survive being crushed by a ceiling XD (smg was made when this game was out right?
Well it's kinda not if you think about it like this. Most map games you can't jump on best but you can on O'chunks
the mr I are from super mario 64
No, Mr L is from this game (Super Paper Mario)
+Mr.Kitty Kat he means mr I (the enemy from super mario 64), Not mr L (from this game)
I was like stupid jerk because you didn't get the Merlon and merluvlee.
17:43 Bowser: Bwaha! Don't you worry. I've had egg-salad sandwiches chunkier than this guy. Me: I had egg-salad sandwiches during my time watching this xD
wow thats weird not about you like egg-salad sandwiches that it said what you where eating during this
is it weird that i only like peach beacause the little highheel sounds she makes? <3
i now have greater respect for browser
At the end chuggaaconroy said he WILL play paper mario sticker star
Thomas .D he had King Boo inside of him in the first Luigi,s Mansion.
no king boo is really in bowser to keep him alive
Bowser's arms dug through the wall and he lived.
imagine bowsers arms with dashel
You know, at 3:00 when chugga said "lets go there" I was expecting an "IN THE NEXT EPISODE!" you disappointment me chugga. You really do.
The story in this game rocks! It's one of the best stories in a Mario game ever!
It takes a turn from the traditional Mario trying to beat Bowser and save Princess Peach, defeating the Koopalings in the process.
u never let Bowser place a Pure Heart in a Heart Pillar
if i ever get the game, im gonna let bowser do one
true bowser had been through lava, a pow block, a star, other itumes, princess peach, space, fire works, Mario, luigi, Mario and luigi, Mario luigi and 2 toads, Mario luigi peach and toad, shall I contenue?
No clue wat happened with my last comment lol
Some needs to make a video with dub step and with browser's arms
In the next Mario Kart, there should be a car called bowser....ARMS
How do you get cooking disk G
you could have switch in 3D in 12:29
Emile (Chugga): "...Maybe?... No?... I have to get on with the story?..." Me: Imagines a black screen pop up with it saying: "2 Hours Later"
Chugga, you SOOO missed an opportunity here. XD
you know... when he went into the chaper 8 door... i would amagine him walk into nothing and get sucked into the void.,... isent that what he basicly does?
4:07 is one of my favorite lines from Bowser.
Bowser's base stats are over 9000000!!!!!!
I think Bowser-Carrie is better than Bowser-Dashel, because for Dashel, you slowly speed up, where Carrie is instant top speed.
If you use Carrie to battle the Koopatrols, then it is a whole lot easier!
I love all your Mario Stuff! 
I thought he was going to say "Lets... DO THE FLOPSIDE PIT OF A HUNDRED TRILS!!" I was like " JUST GET O... neva mind"
NOT Count Bleck, Castle Bleck!
I thought I was the only one who noticed
there's also a game in mario party 8 where you had to move your cursor quickly around mr. eye
i got a milkshake it's choklate flaver
12:14 that's barry; he's a dick
bowsers been through a smack down 50 TIMES
this game has a very deep story to it    its like mario twilight 
No end of chapter?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??
For O-chunks are you doing a Scottish or a pirate accent. Because there equally as bad XD.
Did Browser turn to skeleton Browser?(he does in super mario 3D)
Browser? I think you mean* Bowser
Ya know how you said Trapinch was rare in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness? Well I got a Trapinch on my first try X3 WAIT THATS OFF-TOPIC
R.I.P Bowser he was a good turtle XD
oh thats not a problem, just turn paper thin
Barry is like running shoes in pokemon
bowser memorial day.
Did Bowser get CRUSHED?
i got those cards after 1-4
and you still forgot to bio the fire bros
Never play skyrim yelling fus du rah might shake the earth
i got the merluvly and merlon cards when i was in chapter 2-1 (i forgot what chapter it was the when that passage got opened)
At a time you where at the place peach escaped from castle bleck
the squoinker is in the pit of 100 trials
Lol Chuggaa:we have a koopastricker H?e bioes barry Chaggaa:HAHAHAHA we have a new enimy! Chaggaa impersinateing tippy:that's barry! Chuggaa:yes barry is the name of this koopastriker! Me:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was a fale!
I think I lost a few brain cells reading this post.
O' cabbnage... "Brocoli!"
Francisco Reyes Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
You can use fleep to get rid of mr I
on atunnel in the cloud world go on top and get small
21:15 i like how dashel is just standing there with the look on his face while the others are upset lolz.
Chugga says flipping into 3D is for Wusses (I KNOW IT'S A JOKE) Soon he flips into 3D.
The fliptastic final world..... IS PARTY TIME!
As heroic as Bowser and even O'Chunks were to help the party pass, it was also hilarious to see that it boiled down to a tough guy contest.
Love the overthere shrine music I actually have that and soft light on my phone
Did anyone notice that Merlon's mouth is exp from the original Paper Mario?
How would merlon get to the flopside tower the warppipe
LOL, did you guys also saw the boomerang bro glitching his boomerang up and down?
I love how i have about 30 comments saying, " someone has replied to you on Super Paper Mario Episode 52," I feel like I'm loved (:
if you look closely, O'Chunks has reading glasses. I think one of his favorite fictional novels is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
it said castle bleck not count bleck
1:53 I don't know if chugga meant it to look like that or if it was just a mistake, but I like the way that looks!
bowsers survived worse. luigi is spot on because hes been thrown into bombs and lava before this. (sm64 and smb1)
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