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Terraria - BUNNY SUICIDES AGAIN - Part 201

by TobyGames • 350,889 views

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I like how he just talks about funny random stuff on most of his lets plays.
i like how he yells lul
[COMMENT TO ALL] What was the 1st modern day weapon you found in Terraria? Mine was the Grenade.
Besides the Grenade, mine was either the Handgun or the Chlorophyte Chainsaw. Chainsaws should count, even if it's made of magical living plants.
hint : adamintite or whatever is found near lava
if you want to make adamantite you need to make a adamantite forge by 30 adamantite and a hellforge
you were 3 years late to tell him that.
Bunny Suicides: Little Fluffy Rabbits that Don't Want to Live Anymore!
If you want to play it with me on Xbox 360 my gamertag is fazer3422
You can use it copper to spawn hardmode bosses
If you want to play it with me on Xbox 360 my gamertag is fazer3422
You're funny as hell
Adamantite Had-em'-on-tight.
Lepus is making those bunnies SUICIDE!!!!!!
When copper Glows it looks like Adamantite...
HAHAH the bunny part got be dying from laughter!!!! XD 
He keeps missing Adamantite!
that's on TV I love that show Drunk History!!! it makes me want to learn!!!
Toby you can make a other boss fight
ahahnv  wsxfcghdgx dont go into de lava!
Hey Toby we both have keen mythril drill :D
3:24 Bunny in cave Umm HOW
3:23 frikin ninja teleportation wizard bunny
the diamonds in minecraft: BEST METERIAL EVAH!!!! in terraria: only used to make blue torches
And probably the best Staff in pre hardmode.
3:24 how da hell did the bunny get there
You should get a gold chest spawner with with the wires and a timer
Hate to be that guy but you missed adamitite
it's pronounced ad-am-an-tite ;P
oh damn its tite.......
When He Started Talking About a The Bunnies, Just, Please, No....
Bunnies love lava.
Why you didn't have tizona or ex clarinet or a wings
Maybe bunnies are immune to fall damage
Well, Bunnies come from Krypton's remains so like. Jk, just for humor.
and if you couldve seen her there boys if you had just been there this woman was in our movement and i hold it in her smile. all the roses in the garden they bowed and asked for pardon for no one could match the beauty of the queen of arr agile.
easiest way to get adamantite is to look on the top of the hell you get there a lot od mithril and adamantite.
It's funny how he would've had twice as much adamantite if he never used a spelunker potion.
3:17 how the fuck did that bunny get there?
its kinda creepy how the bunnies killed themselves exactly 100 episodes after they did the first time
Can u plz plat voltz it's like minecraft but better u get nuclear missles
YouTube broke the comment section.
If you need to get home and you're stuck in the underworld, use a magic mirror.
Anson Stewert, you must play Xbox, because the strongest PC sword is the Excalibur.
2:51 IM DEAD! 2:53 Woo ADAMANTITE! xD
Toby they is going to be a new update for this are you gunna play more?
mi brother and i had the moon thing it's really cool and awesome it makes movements like ninjas when you go so fast that you see your self behind you but what your wearing i think is better
Yeah I must be a nerd to know the name of the most famous sword!
So calling other person stupid is making you smart now huh? You can tell your IQ is low
He already had 400 total hp by that time so why should he even try it???
You passed so much adamantite, and i was like "OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THAT,YOU'RE BLIND" (No offence) But i still luv u <3
I saw a flock of bunnies around some mythril (literally probably 20 bunnies close to the underworld)
dude if you think hes that bad stop watching his vids
How you get so lucky finding adamantite? Addamanti? Whatever
LOL!! third most funniest episode of terraria i saw
If you have terraria and you have hard mode please message me on xbox live my gt is RubricEarth12
How can you brake a demon alter
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