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Thai Fruit Carving

by SushiNow • 1,050,321 views

Fruit Carving from thailand. Beautiful thai style fruit carving made by a professional from thailand. Petcharee Tamawong is a fruit carving specialist and she explains how to carve fruit into...

Konrad Fleidl Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Oh wow... that's just AMAZING! WOW. I'd be happy with being able to carve the leaf out of the apple, but the FLOWER! Just WOW.
so do I just look at it or do I eat?
they better be using those extra watermelon pieces otherwise im going to be pizzed cause that's perfectly good watermelon! lol
i think that the watermelon looks cute <:)
Impresionante, que talento y creatividad tiene esta mujer, mis respetos ^^
id just eat that stuff dont freakin cut it...
Does anyone know where I can find a knife/cutting tool like that? I love fruit carving!
ummmm....what do you eat in places where there is freezing cold and do u eat local then?....other than ice fishing, killing animals, or grow your food in doors
A tad fast for viewing and also trying to learn.
I'm half Thai. :) I love seeing these, they're so pretty :D except I can't do them :'(
Wow almost looks to good to eat! : D what is it that she was soaking the apples in? and what did she make the little white flowers out of?? Thanks! <3<3
hey anyone know where can i contact those people for the mukimono?
My stepfather could probably make the watermelon carving...
@patounetteuh tellement merde ta le gout dle manger
u can find it on ebay or amazon just search fruit carving tools or go to a restaurant store and they will have it
@SuperJoeka Did you mean the soup at the end with the apple pieces in it? Well I might be wrong and probably am, but since it's for a centerpiece and they can't have the apple discoloring they probably were soaking the apples in the water with the limes (that you see below the apples) to stop yellowing.
That is one sharp ass knife O_O
in the minute 1:06 what is that, grapes or blueberry
I tried to do this when i was 13. I made a flower that look like a kindergarten drawing of a flower
Beautiful and less wastage of fruit ...
I think that last clip is rewinded. Then they just cut the part of where you can see a person
@thelzzyable if u want the knife i can find it for you coz u can't find it anywhere just in thailand
Thai fruit carving is such a beautiful art and hobby. She makes it look easy, but it takes so much patience and practice!
I live in Indiana, there's NOTHING grown locally in the Winter.
@summer11flora Search Vegetable carving on Wikipedia
Woah the apples looked pretty. How the heck could you eat something that looks so awesome?
How beautiful! She is truly gifted. Thanks for posting!
the soup at the end has a life of it's own
ain'ts thy bitches hadded thyse trailers hitches, we hadded try ain'ts why
@kathleenbensimon: hmmmm....have you burn them yet?
@YoungMoneyCanadaBeat If you look close that is a yellow jacket. It is a kind of wasp. That's what happens when you cut up a bunch of fruit outside in the summer in California.
@menglis3- they put it in salt water it delays the browning reaction my aunt use to do that to my apples before I went to school
Also to balance out what I said before (the rudeness of it) Her art is GEORGOUS And she is uber talented
Tries to do the Watermelon... *Splat* Ouch **** My fingers...
I have a new trick I will be showing off ..thanks ..great video
please watch my fruit video. Called Dick and Harold's 1st voyage: Defence against fruits.
She makes it look easy. ...It's not. lol
Watermelon Carving (Amazing!) watch on youtube!!
damn people from Thailand are small
I love this turtorial! I'ma try that center piece in my next catering! thanks from Chicago!
That is sooooo cool! I've always wondered how the Thai people carved the fruit.
Nice Job Chef. Click on my name, we are giving away garnishing tools to Culinary Arts Students and Chefs. find the Garnishing Giveway.
How do I get the green layer off? I'm a noob T^T
Congratulations… Your vídeo is very interesting ! Chef Francisco Vita
It's interesting to earn cooking Thai foods and fruits carving. I heard there are courses at the oriental hotel, dusit thani hotel and many other cooking schools.
in thailand most of student in primary school we will have thai carving class for every kids and i love this class lol that why most of thai people can carving fruit and vegetables
wtf man i just seen a fly on one of the fruits
My lecture chef always said,'In cooking, sky is the limit. Now i finally understand it.
The soup move because it's backward.
wow thank you for this...this was very easy to understand and i appreciate you sharing your secrets :)
If I tried this, I would probably get frustrated and throw the watermelon at the wall yelling "How's that for art?!?!?"
this is beautiful. i wnna know how to do this but i have the patience of a squireel xD
omg... that sis so cool.... but seriously if i was served that, i would refuse to eat it. So much hard work!
you know the red carving thing she used where she get it from ? anyways this is one of the best fruit carving by far ive seen .
Best step by step on YouTube !!!
If anyone is interested where to purchase the carving knife from, you can purchase it from, on the search box just type in " Thai fruit carving knife's", the site also sells the book as well . Hopefully this helps. Have fun carving! :) btw-usually fruit carvings are for display only, but if you were to carve it yourself, why not eat it! :)
And this people...are why people become vegetarians
where can I get a knife like that?
Sa l'air tellement meilleur que a la normal!!
Did anyone else see that soup move at the end?
she sounds like that maid from family guy
Yup no pesticides in your food but you got pure cow shit which can cause E. Coli. Not to mention that organic farming takes up far more space to produce than normal methods of farming. So lets see, organic food can cause serious food poisoning and takes more destruction of the natural environment to produce. That means 2/3 points are invalid.
05-0662706 - Stephen Carl Murphy Co.
How come Zimbabwean music with Thai food?
me encanto el video tiene unas manos maravilloas
That Asian just proved to me that all Asians are short....
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