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Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music

by ChrisBrownVEVO • 152,538,240 views

Buy Now! iTunes: Music video by Chris Brown performing Turn Up The Music. (C) 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Hate him if you want for what the media tells you but one thing you can't hate is his talent. This guy can direct, write, sing, rap, DANCE, paint, draw, freestyle. Pretty much anything you put in front of him he seems capable of doing and doing exceptionally well.
Fuck! This boy can dance !!!
exactly what i was thinking
How to start a YouTube Comment War 1. Start you're opinion. 2. Wait.
You're all cunts with gaping vaginas'
Toulouse - Nicky Romero... Anyone?
What happened to Chris Brown? Do you guys agree that he created FAMOUS Music that everyone would like. He should make more musics just like this and YEAH 3x. BTW my Instagram is. Ian891240
my insta is creatinejunk
Don't talk about him love him
Love this song <3 well i think now all are doing **AUTHE/\/TIC-HITS D0T C0M** to be famous on youtube just within days
Hey look......... its a women beater
Hey look......its a hater with a big ass head.
Like if you listen in 2014
im listing it in 400 B.C
i didnt realize till now the resemblance this song to 'Hookah bar' till now
Copytam copied it from here
I hate Chris brown with a passion
Than why are u here dumbsass
Hokkah Bar- Himesh reshammiya (lame bollywood copy song)!!
It is copy but not lame one man , its turned out to be a super-hit.
Charlotte Bennet Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
¡Buenos y gélidos días!
+Erika Martin , otro abrazo para tí, guapa! :)
Kara Cannavo Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music:
damnit songs have no meaning or message now that is why i listen to metal like disturbed and Metallica there songs have a deeper meaning  
ok wow im afended XD
Suraj Hase Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago (edited)
just turn up the music. xD   #songoftheday  
OMG i love this song~~♥ Lol.. we practically like the same songs Hase kun.. ^^
It almost looks like JLo with the giant bun and the gold boe in her hair at 2:56. Anyone else think it's her?
those masks are illuminati brainwashing mk ultra
Demi sing it better ❤❤
Chris brown told me to tell u that he wants u out of his song and to stay with Demi's songs. Yeah he's offended
OMG ! I am unable to resist myself watching this song even in 2015 ..  Chris Brown u are amazing singer as well as an outstanding dancer. Keep on rocking.
OMG ! Nobody gives a single flying cuntfuck !!!
People are stupid to understand and to figure it out don't just listen the music and go crazy Look out all his dance it's same as michael jackson and he always keep on jumping Take look good you fools keep drinking ure passionate shit I'm not saying he's bad or can't dance but what I'm saying is why people come out their own dance michael jackson was his own dance and around world today they do his dance and get paid for that plus dumb people who pays for the tickets show
πραγματικα δν μπορω να καταλαβω γιατι τον μισητε......ειναι ενας καταπληκτικος καλλιτεχνης και εσεις πατε και ακουτε εμινεμ δν λεω καλος ειναι και ο εμινεμ αλλα επειδη ολοι λενε οτι ειναι ο καλυτερος ραππερ στο κοσμο και καθονται και ακουν μονο αυτον ο κρις εχει κανει πολλες περισσοτερες προσπαθειες απο  τον εμινεμ για να φτασει σε αυτο το επιπεδο. Σεβαστητε τον!
+Αλεξάνδρα basketball player της Κατερίνης yeah! beacause you don't understant what the lyrics about, but if you do understant then you will know, N' by z way chris brown he is not rapper as you think. xx
He is cute!stupid phone!!!!!!!! :-[
How many emotions do u have right now? :p
What a copy cat Hamish is. He copied this song.
Loving his Michael Jackson moves. I'm go to start working out to some of these moves.
how the fuck did i get here from treble charger...
Wow amazed, he's floating when he dancing, Goals~
I love it when the music drowns out the voices of those around you, and you can feel the base booming in the air. Now that is a real party.
Positive Music Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music #ChrisBrown  #TurnUptheMusic
I love Chris brown and all his music
Sounds like something Neyo would sing
Dança muito PQP..podem falar mal deli..mais o seu talento e INDISCUTÍVEL..
It's a good song but the mask really and the video should started in the club like don't get me wrong I love it but it should started like that😕I still love you Chris
I love this song because it inspires people to do things they could never really do real talk like go on stage I could never do that until this song came out😘
I really wish Chris got a chance to meet Michael Jackson, and dance with him...That would've been Awesome...
Terrible he's so up his ass ughhhhhhh
chris brown, bruno mars and JT can all dance <3
Esta sin traducción. Total... es para bailar.
Did you now to this song is in one sport game (Pes 2014)
Sono troppo belle le tue canzoni
He is the best got tickets to go and see him
ifeely sorry for Canada 😭😂
Cross breed Pitbull and Ne-Yo and you get this puta
Raven Moon Kincaid Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Alright everyone who follows me , knows me or what ever. I just got my modeling pics from my last photoshoot, I'll be posting em later tonight. 
Like if you're listening in 2015 ^^
thought i was the only one that still loved this song :D
anyway, i like chris brown as a singer
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice tooooooooooooooooooop musiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic hhhhhhh 
como baila por dios es impresionante
この歌のサビは日本の キスマイBUSAIKUという番組の 歌です💓
turning up the song in 2015
Yass i went to his between the sheets tour in dc
My ex look like chriss brown.but i left him coz my family dun like him coz he black
He have stolen the music from an indian song called hukaah bar listen it at 1:39
First,Chris Brown did not steal the music, it's Indians who have infringed the IPR stuff ! Second, It's "He has stolen" and "Hookah". 
he is cooler than you bitch
I'm obsessed with this video I swear this is the best I've seen him dance he's always a great dancer but this is jaw dropping gives me goosebumps f*** the haters Chris you're crazy talented
Iarlley Santos Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music:
This song <333 *Dies after dancing
this song is catchy af. love his voice. the video is dopeee. I'm getting popular fast because i rap about real life.. thumbs up if you love weed
+VezzJM this is how people get out there, man. he cant help but do it, it's the only way.
good song for a cheer mix!
if those backing dancers were girls, they all would have been in skimpy outfits, not fully clothed
soo many videos have a main girl and with half naked girl back dancers, and they're not lesbian, so THAT was a stupid comment. my point is, if women are in a video, they will most likely be made to show off their bodies, whereas, with videos with men; there is no pressure for them to do so. 
chris brown made michael jackson look like a novice in the dancing stakes
summertimeloveful is probably a kid who didnt live during MJ's era. Chris Brown does dance yea.. MJ is dance.
People can't let shut go , atleast he not out here "claiming" he kills people like these wack ass rappers of today .
Mikale Chism Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music:
Chris is the next Michael Jackson
Correct me if I'm wrong , or a stupid question , but this sounds and looks too much like NE YO -Beautiful Monster
Karine Ferreira Souza Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
I love the way he  dances . . . Matrix style!
Its crazy how much talent God gave this Nigga.
By far his best pop song with dance.
If you're sexy and you know it, put your hands up in the air
Edmax Araujo Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Giorgia Sauda Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Guarda questo video su YouTube:
ma cos'è sta cosA??boh io non sono stata
Ah. Non sei stata te? Attenta a quello che condividi on line... Le cose rimangono e sei segnata per la vita!
Tatiana Love Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music:
Nino Olmeda Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music:
Gualberto Santos Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Boa noite galera g + amigo e amigas
Shyam Yadav Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music:
ANDREW GE. Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
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