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first version of the 1TONE steel tongue drum

by Anton Koren • 311,442 views

this is one of the first 1TONE steel tongue drums here is 1TONE's YouTube channel: please check out the new 1TONE models at

+Enz Percus i make these, and i'm in italy... i just put up a page on facebook, but it's new, so i only have two drums so far, and a lack of videos to boot (i'm working on it tho :-D) i have three more drums, finished, to paint, and two more in production.... and of course, anything on comission. Check out Manufactotum on facebook! let me know what you think...
Very cool - i'm impressend. I have a HALO my self. This instrument sounds cool and is just something else then the halo and the hang. Keep up the good work. - Søren Dahl Denmark
went to the website looking for one like this but only found one style do you plan on making others of this artistic style? dave
@gnomskeeee It's a C minor pentatonic (C, D, D#, G, G#)
wow .. im impressed, it sound so much different then eny "ordinary" instrument. Really cool
your instrument looks like jellyfish ^ - ^
help help anyone know where I can buy it in italy or in any place the same factors to this video ... help by percussion give help help help
This drum in musical Scale wath made?, thanks nice video.
Tell your friends you found it next to you when you woke up from an alien abduction.
It's a hang drum (pronounced "hung") They're expensive and rare, but amazing only 1 place to buy them only one maker. and there's like a 5 yr wait list or something like that.
do you have any idea when? d'you reckon it would be hard for someone to it by themselves or do you use an expert for that job
That sounds really nice (No sarcasism is involed ) I have a steel drum but not in that shape that is one cool steel drum.
Hi one question this drum in which scale is?, thanks.
@vlepuil I don't want to sound demeaning or anything, but that is not a hang drum, it is a steel tongue drum, as the uploader says. A hang drum has a similar overall shape, but works in a slightly different way. It's the small differences that make the instruments.
the only shame about this is that it isn't longer heh. The middle parts pretty good. 45 seconds to 1 min 15 secs is the catchiest.
Me gusta el ritmo como la tonada chilena ...Saludos
hi, thanks for your question, now only the ECLIPSE series drums are in production, but there will probably be a special ECLIPSE series with custom airbrush paintjob.
at 0:58 he starts breaking it down. SIck shit!
aiuto help qualcuno sa dove posso comprarlo in italia o in qualsiasi alltro posto lo stesso identico a questo del video...aiuto by percussioni danno help help help
el erizo pelado parlante woowww XD
lol it looks like your hitting a jelly fish lol it sound nice tho bud
ahh!!! suena tan.........ahhhhhhhhhhh..relajaaante
I could totally here a badass beat and bassline following that! Just Awesome!
@antonkoren I know there R a lot of musicians out there that can afford that custom job...Personalize it a little....Its not like the old ones U made with the colors on them R overdone, they just have a little more character. I dont believe I have heard the newer model anyway...How many notes R on them/these? & could U possibly offer a thowback version or somethin sometime? Im likin the sound of this, seems closer 2 a hang than the others out there...;)
Ive never seen a steel pan like this...its VERY cool... I used to play steel drum when i was younger and never have i seen something as cool as that... how would you get a hold of something like that ?!?!?!
sounds like the Ake Bono scale, but i'm not sure.
it makes me think of the rainforest. have you ever thought of recording that with some electronic accompaniment?
Thanks much! I do love those airbrushed designs.. dave
yeah! you could even put dimmed lights in them so they could look even more magical and imagine playing one of those on the street in the nights wearing a cool wizard outfit.... jeeez! that would be soo freaking cool!
it's a steel tongue drum made by 1Tone. A hang doesn't feature the "tongues" and are incredibly rare and difficult to obtain. These drums come from Israel, as I am an owner of 1Tone's products. Cheers.
What scale is yours in? It sounds lovely :)
penta-tonic Akebono scale. but it is the same as indonesian Bali gamlan penta-tonic schale.
How much for it? I would like to have one :)
what differentiates this from a hang drum? apart from the price lol they seem pretty similar and sounds the same too
I actually prefer this to the one they're advertising
@joaomendes88 This is not a Hang. You can see the tongues cut into the metal (Hanghang are tuned by hammering dimples and tone fields). There is also no ding on the top.
Somebody should give these creatures a defending bass line - they feel threatned :)
I think U should do something with the dreary looking newer model n paint them nice like the old ones...The sound is awsome but why not make it aesthetic as well...I want one but I want somethin with a nice look as well...Perhaps a zen???
Song sounds like something out of Shadow of the Beast...
man ... your hang drum is so beautiful :o
please can you tell me which scale this drum is in?
just wanted to add that they are made in swtzerland by these 2 dudes
hiii! wonderful expression, thanksss for sharing! whaat major is this drum in??
hi there from australia, really keen to find out where to buy one of these gems, especially with the trippy desighns.thanks sean
hung drum sounds better i think
@antonkoren Doesn't sounds too much major to me :/ Sounds rather like the hemitonic pentatonic used in modern Japan and ancient Greece.
lol this is called hang drum noobs
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