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Tru Freedom (Slow Mo Freerunning)

by pwnisher • 714,650 views

Click to RT: A closer and slower look at Parkour and Freerunning. I shot...

What if we can slow down moments in our real life.That would be fascinating.
Thats what I call insperation
I will try this the next time I'm in outer space.
Well I wanna see a quad cork, followed by a triple back then
It probably won't be long until people realise that cops can't parkour and turn to criminality.
But no one is gonna listen. Free running is meant to be free.
Wouldn't "slow motion flips" be a better title? There's not much actual freerunning in this video, just the flips
Free running IS all about flips
aSandwich : You HAD to be a c.u.n.t. didn't you?
Wow.. These guys, and everyone who does parkour, are incredible, amd also so cute xD
God damn you know free runners are going to survive in a zombie Apocalypse
0:32 imagine if he was a Mexican
Should be called slow motion flipping
2:25, exquisite. Keep up the awesome vids Clint, this is all top quality content!
0:53 High School Musical Moment jk jk
Rob Alfred Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Mute this and play Sonnentanz ft. Will Heard... Fits soooo well :D 
Студия Pwnisher сняла завораживающее slow-motion видео с участием Freerunners.
chiccano adil Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This video is really good
Russell Jones-Davies Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Amazing video of slow Mo free running!
This video is really good
Cs6 has decent motion tracking, but for cs5 I would recommend Mocha which is a free plugin. Boujou is probably the best motion tracking tool I've used... No matter what the scene is astonishingly well done in this video.
Sucks when your town is too boring to find good places for parkour -_-
So majestic, ha ha. I wish I could do that
0:30 you must be black then, right?
i saw most of these videos on another channel?
0:33 Jumping over a fence with barbed wire on top. Are you from Mirror's Edge? :O
I agree. Trolls usually try to be a bit more inflammatory. That comment looks more like a mere opinion. Try not to get too mad.
They make it look so easy, even more so in slow motion.
/watch?v=N8ZaqkPuNAU That song fits perfectly over this video.
un video para llorar y apreciar el fino arte del movimiento snif ;_;
The scene with the leaves was epic!!!! The whole thing was brilliant, nice seing all the different muscles activate at different times.
Hey dude, could you or any else tell me how you did this shot: 2:26 With the guy moving and yet everyone else is paused and the leafs are floating.
I could barrel roll down a hill if I wanted to...
Now that i've seen this video, i feel like i can do everything they are doing.
at 1:52 look how ripped the guy is
Like like try again LIKE <3 the best Camera
Lies dis is parkour not freerunning. shut up theres a difference
Jesse la flair he's got a channel called laflair parkour it's so good and teaches you to freerun and stuff
Free running should be an olympic sport
I wish i could freerun like that but im fat so i cant
Thanks, I know, I have AE cs5.5 :) But I never could do a motion tracking like that, it's awesome :)
Was looking at my favorites and saw this again. Last time I saw this video I decided to lose all of my excess weight and get the body I wanted. I'm pleased to say I've done it. And I'm currently enrolled in a karate class & acrobatics class.
Could you imagine what Da' Vinci, Botticeli, Michelangelo, or Mantegna could have done with this technology? Beauty would possibly be redefined en masse. Splendid!
First dude looks like Jesse laflair
This is what our bodies were made for...
Alot of these are plausible ways to make The Flash movie Awesome Like 1:32 and 1:57
This is honestly beautiful. Keep doin your stuff Clint! <3
I wish I could do this. But there is hardly anything to climb on anyway
if i had to choose between parkour and free running. i pick free running for the looks and parkour for escaping from zombies
It is. these people just took other athlete's material, slowed it down, and called it there own. They took Tempest's logo and named their video that.
At a boy Clint! You're awesome dude, and good at free running.
music reminds me of Sigur Ros
I listen to this everyday before I go to bed, calms me down and the best song before you head to bed.
Watching this in slow mo... Just tells me how amazing we really are...
2:27 Please tell me how did you do that because I love it ! AWESOME VIDEO !
Jesse La Flair! In the beginning!
I love parkour but this music put me straight to sleep.
Check out our freerunning in Taiwan video! /watch?v=hKzMw1mdb-g
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