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Team Fortress 2: TF2Ware w/ Mark Part 2 - Koopa Stomped

by CaptainSparklez • 456,001 views

Mark - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ● Twitter: ●...

I hate marks so much he always complains when he dies and he's such sore loser
You must always speak the truth
what is the server ip
Your reaction time, Sparklez.... euugghhh
0:19 tits on the ground
where do you find this on tf2
A what is the IP for this
wow sad sad little kid u make an illogical agurement for no reason and then u insult british ppl i have friends tht are british tht are smarter then ur dumb ass "u go to a university" yeah right.......... grow the fuck up kid if u were 18 you'd have enough balls and brains to know what a fucking stupid argument u made btw......... i should flag ur whole account for being racist u fucking dick ur probably some skinny nerd who got his pc from his mom n dad
This is fun. You should make more of this.
Jordan, to rocket jump out need to aim down, not diagonally
That kid is making Americans look like douche bags, please stop.
You sure mate? I mean your 11 (Don't lie to me faggot) And you have that 1 inch wonder and I got a 5 dollar foot long. I would never suck a dick because I am not gay like you I would suck yours but I cant see it and o wait can I strangle you to death with a dictionary? Also YouTube has word check are you blind to not see the _____ You might as well gtfo off YouTube. And you are watching M rated games? Im going to have to tell your mother about this and how you said the fok word. This is a shame.
Learn to make a fucking dentist appointment? I am on about Americans hate English so I am assuming he is american
thanks, i just hate getting into arguements with little 4 year old COD fags on youtube.
i usally watch your videos for minecraft but this is cool too
I will admit, France did help. We would have never one with out france. Love you france xD
Do mine ware it is similar to this but minecraft style
This game involves math... o_o why???
Yes, I am I live in washington, Issaquah I play for IHS football team.BTW Washington is a STATE in USA and you have never held a gun. I have shot a 12 gauge shotgun. A 22 Caliber, 410 shotgun and a SKS a semi automutic AK47 BEcause my dad was in the Air Force for 21 years. And he had a collection of WW2 Guns, He had a lincense to own a M1 GRAND, Kar 98, Thompson, M1 Carbine. And my dads brother, He was in vietnam and had his hand blown off while he was throwing back a grenade to save his squad.
you can play shell shock online for free
9:10 or so - I can do the maths ... You can't do the grammar xD
11:13 AFK always works out for me, Jordan.
WOW a lot comment section is filled with what appear ignorant British and Americans who are stereotyping. Both country's are great and have good and bad people from both.
I just want to add, it wasn't from the British, in fact they were America's enemy but America would've lose the Independence War if it weren't for another nation,France.
TF2Ware, but it seems like there aren't any servers running it :\.
heres a drinking game take a shot every time jordan says lediant
You should do some regular TF2 matches, m
hey captainsparklez if you need any help with rocket jumping add me on steam (deadman523)with mw3 picture
um you know the airblast one you the pyro eveyone is scare of him go to meet the pyro
Upload ur perspective of the charity thing for tf2!
@Deamons64 I find it ironic to mention this, given the fact that you have argued for grammar, but the correct variation of your is you're in this case.
Like this so bakerboy goes DOWN!!!
Wait didn't you say in one of your earlier comments that you didn't go to school. Now you are saying that you got into the university of Washington, and have straight A's too? Wow
I'm actully American, i go to a prepschool here in IL, and i get great grades believe it or not, i was just going off a blind guess to be quite honest
and go drink tea and learn to make a dentist appointment no proof he's american or any other ethnicity, he's obviously just very stupid is one but I keep getting disconnected from it and this ones a little different but works they're both kinda empty so join please
Name a war we lost? Yeah you gave is tea and we fucking through it in the ocean BITCH Im not the best. Have you ever held a gun?
Atleast we can win a war not hide in your bunkers screaming "MUM!" Yes I do not claim you didnt give us your launguage. We play football not cricket or whatever you softys play. Fake guns in video games dont count, You are obviously have to start listening to your history teacher instead of stuffing your mouth with "muffins" and "tea" Fuck you.
Washington D.C is not in Washington state dumbass
i think a few of my brains cells died after reading this hate trail made up entirely of lying 10 year old fags thanks you for stopping this
Well tip taken ill go buy me a pet slave and make him fuck himself and i didnt know who i was talking to i thought i was talking to Big boy brian sorry
I am really offended how this shit started because All I said was "Shut up thimb whore" Nobody had to respond to comment.
That my brother not me so suck dick im 13 not 9 nob get your facts right so gtfo youtube it wont suck it self (your dick)o wait you dont have one
1. British people gave you everything about your bloody country so by insulting us you are insulting your own fucking country. 2. The British army has a higher victory percentage than Americans, so just because we don't want gang violence on our streets so we ban guns doesn't mean we know how to hold a fucking gun. 3. You are one of the little percentage of Americans who think that they are the best. Go fuck yourself you arrogant asshole.
wow, I am really offended that you insulted an old lady who is the monarch of the country who I don't even give a crap about just like every1 else in britain.
That's not a girl it's vin dies a
Do more tf2 captoan sparklypants
That killed Jordan both started with a b
I think mark should voice act scout
I appear to be the only American that actually likes other countries.
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