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Watch the 2012 Olympics Live and On-Demand

by NBC Sports • 535,622 views

Watch history as it's written on

It was probably just made for the advertisement
NBC BLOWS,no Mountainbike coverge?
Beautiful performances and great photography; resented the commercials
HAS THE ALIENS INVADED LONDON YET?..someoner let me know, i' in the back eating cheese and bean dip...TOGETHER! for free live stream
I think you missed the part where I said I'm not going to get an ad-blocker. I still want to support my favorite YouTubers. :/
NBC you idiots. I always respected your channel and used to watch news and shows on it. But guess what, you just lost a customer .. no wait .. millions of customers for not making the Olympics live free for everyone. And here I though we were the greatest, but every other country gets to watch the Olympics for free on your youtube channel! Shame on you people. SHAME! SHAME! Thumbs it up all.
Lyrics: Da de day do three dah day do ah three doh do three dah day doh AH, AH AH MO THEY MO THEY!
NBC's broadcast rights for the games is so WRONG. That is not the spirit of the Olympics, or competition or reporting! IT'S JUST PURE GREED.
im disliking because this ad plays every single time i try to watch youtube.
I like how NBC has uploaded 0 footage from the olympics.
Scam. NBC has done the worst job of covering the olympics I have ever seen.
Too bad your nearest broadcasting antenna is not close enough for my digital antenna to receive signal, and you don't freely stream the events, and I'm not a cable subscriber, and you actively shut down anyone who tries to help us watch the events. Guess I'll be reading about the results in other outlets. I'm not going to bend over for you.
Please Oh PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME OF THIS SONG, but if you can't do that then would someone be so kind as to direct me to a place where I could find out! Please and thank you.
I won't watch it on NBC because no one watches television, the fact you are removing these videos from Youtube simply means television is dying and you are getting desperate.
does anyone know the name to the song in the ad?
NBC's coverage sucked. I'm moving to Russia.
I have directv and that costs more than cable and it has over 1000 channels so shut up!
just get adblockplus for firefox browser or something similar for the browser u use
Boycott NBC. Olympics are not for sale. NBC should pay the athletes that are providing the entertainment.
...What the fuck do illuminati have to do with the olympics?
Them greedy pigs politicians and medias wants to give our money away to Afghanistan and Egypt so them backward allah akbars could use that money to buy weapons to kill us.
no live so i watched it all on
Gold Medal winners get $25,000. Which is a piss in the pond compared to what they spend on trainers, and the amount of time they spend training. Pennies on the dollar.
where was the basket ball ? mad at nbc the guy from WA
I hate them because I cant see atleast 1 other youtube ad other than this faggoty olympic bullshit
Nice monopoly on US coverage. Love how thats legal
Fuck NBC, the athletes writes history, NBC sucks dick. USA network boardcasted olympics way better before.
If I knew that I could watch on demand, then I would've watch the events I wanted to see. Instead of the events they showed on tv.
like nbc doesn't make enough ad money...
Who cares about NBC?! The knowing of the background music of this commercial is all that matters.
What is your point? Maybe you could use a whole sentence with some proper grammar and make a clear point, then everyone can join you in understanding what the heck your talking about.
Check out my Channel and subscribe i subscribe back! :)
Nope, you've lost me as a viewer, permanently. NBC is not hosting the olympics, they should not profit off of it.
this video is so fucking epic it makes me hype as shit haha i love it
That's American capitalism for you. Gotta love it. If they could find a way to charge us for the air we breathe, they would.
Who was the idiot that came up with this model? If I had a TV/cable subscription, I wouldn't be watching it online, you stupid sh!theads.
And as you can see, the announcer vladmir has just passed out from too much vodka, there will be no more commentating for the rest of the day.
Would you rather it be on a cable-only network like ESPN which also has massive ads and forces people to be on a for-pay tv service? No thanks. NBC did alright.
2-9 most free olympics i have seen on youtube
Watch it on channel 6 & 37 if you have comcast, i watch it easily , and full , i don't miss one event most of the time. even know i wanted to watch some on here so no commercial stopping, i didn't like that you have to pay AIN'T WE SUPPOSED TO BE FREE???!?!?!? FREE COUNTRY = FREE TV SHOWS!!!! I command this!
You need a cable ID prolly because (in America at least), if everyone starts doing FREE 14 hour live HD streams, it will take down not only the cable companies, but prolly the entire US internet. It's already maxed out as it is and kinda choppy at times. So this way,at least the ppl who actually PAY for the maintenance of the cable lines get watch any event live or replay they want to, whenever they want, while those who don't, have to watch channel 4. It's fair and necessary.
this is the Olympics!! and NBC wants total domination.....of course they are going for the gold.
Who the fuck are these chinese fucks saying good
does anyone know the name of the song???
Dear YouTube, PLEASE STOP showing this stupid ad on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that I watch! This ad is obnoxiously LOUD compared to the actual video itself, and when you watch as many videos a day as many of us probably do, it is extremely annoying to have to constantly mute the advertisement to keep your ears from bleeding before watching the actual video you want to watch! I'm not against ads, I'm not going to get an ad-blocker, but at least VARY it up a bit! Jeez! Sincerely, -Every YouTube User
i wana know what the background music is. anyone know?
can't you fucks just keep your fucking stuffed pie holes shut just for once.. just once.. without some stupid patriotic retarded outcry.
I bet the athletes dont see a dime of all the money NBC and the IOC/USOC are making.
I can watch the Olympics, but I feel sorry for everyone that can't. It's ridiculous that they aren't free when they only happen every four years (at least the Summer ones). Piss on you, NBC. Piss on you.
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