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Blueberry (YOMYOMF Short List)

by The YOMYOMF Network • 299,636 views

WATCH MORE FROM THE SHORT LIST HERE "THE SHORT LIST" is a collection of our favorite short films, curated by ANDERSON LE, artistic director...

I knew Kim Jong Un was hot. 
That's really sweet at the end.  I started to cry.  I really liked this.
this is more disturbing than their Silent Terror films.. hahaha
this shit is so disgusting! fuck ! hahahaha but funny i guess morely disgusted.
I have the weirdest boner right now...
"I figured you were something."
I love it when he laughed at about 3:16
Umm I thought yomyomf is family friendly.....holy crap
There has to be outtakes to this short, if you posted em that would be great
@Alicia Jung What makes you think there were bloopers? xD
wow,, omg. Great acting....both of them.
Wow it gave me weird emotions... masterpice!
Oh man one of the funnies shorts I've watched. Cheers.
anyone stopped eating blueberries for a while after watching this video?
this actually made me really sad...
"i wasnt gonna ask, i just figured you were something" ahah xD
This is oddly beautiful and touching...
he should of would just said you got the wrong room and close the door. fap fap and got to bed. and hes 73$ richer, problem solve.
this was one of the funniest videos ive ever seen!!!! make more like this
um ok. i guess that was nice. im kinda confused after watching this.
The ending was really sweet and nice. Blueberry is AWESOME! >.<! *sigh* It was kinda weird in the beginning tho....
weirdest thing ive ever seen on youtube
sht so awkward i can't watch any further lol
I love how awkward that guy is LMFAO
You wanna touch my breasts? No. Please? :D
Is it weird that I was touched by this?
LOL from 3:10-3:25 the asian guy is trying so hard not to laugh!!
Moral of the story. 73$ will buy you a male prostitute
It wasnt what i expected.Im not sure i would watch a part 2.its not something i would do
in fariness ... acting is superb!!!! .... i hate actors who is so consited ....
the 'woman' reminds me of andrew garcia for some reason..
This video isss soooo fucking awkward! Imagine if we were in that guys shoes :O
Still a better love story then Twilight.
@ChristianEdBadillo what are you talking about?
i would love to see the bloopers XD
my stomach is empty now... thanks to you ... disgusting... people...
Ok then I'm a little freaked out. O___o it was just awkward 0__-__O but funny :)
that was so good and gave off a 'real' feeling...
Dufaq did i just watch .........
I don't think I would thank someone for calling me a women... Great short, all things aside.
I want to see the making of this. It should be hilarious.
dafaaaaq did i just watch!!!! :O
I think this is the most awkward think I've ever seen XD FUNNY!!
@Centerpoint360 U just got that from the picture
Wow they're really good actors though
loling. so. hard. can't. breathe. omfg! LOL
U will laugh your ass off if only You can catch the HUMOR!
I don't think I've ever felt awkward, sorry, and freaked out all at the same time before... The ending was very sweet though!
I know this was meant to be a funny video, but it does touch on a deeper issue and I think that's what's so great about it.
I love this.. Even if it made me a bit uncomfortable.. xD
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