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French Fry Salad! - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 4,179,109 views

LIKE/FAV!!!! It's French Fry Week DAY 1. We're releasing a NEW French Fry video everyday this work week! That's how we do it on Epic Meal Time, player!! Watch ANOTHER new video tomorrow night!...

he looks good here, no beard n fit
But he was a huge asshole
I love it when he says 'sauce'. So kewl
French fries are my favorite snack! :-D
I never knew that sauce boss had green eyes
This looks good the only thing is I think I would have a heart attack from this
SportsManias Is Tyler's And Muscle glasses channel , aka Alex :)
whats up with the bacon all the time. you know there is different types of bacon. beef bacon, canadian bacon, american bacon. british style bacon. thick sliced bacon. always that shitty cheap bacon
Those :-) fries were my childhood
Potato Gems (not tater tots, you fucking american wankers) ARE UNDER RATED.
Ok i still think its funny that i mention spyro and there he is. This youtube video is magic and you guys are blowin the fairy dust right off it
Best "Next time we eat..." of any episode.  With the sellout word play..  haha.  
Potatoes are vegetables...
I do believe they're technically considered a root...
Potatoes are Potatoes
So that is where they draw the line...frozen know what? don't care anymore.
i didn't know mook can juggle
SportsManias Is Tyler's And Muscle glasses channel , aka Alex
I wonder how there is no fat guy in this
omg im a vegetarian and this is like the unhealthy thing i have ever seen! he is going to get hugely sick and fat just because he eats so much junk food! switch to eating veggies, its better and tastes better!
Did anyone noticed that josh doesn't have a beard!?!? 1:00
Darude-Sand... (Friend walks in) NOOOO
I'm Vegetarian but i love watching these cx
I bet they eat once a week every Tuesday o-o
You guys are not supposed to add onion rings because is not even a french fry.
Lol these fucking guys....
Wow is tyler the only one who stiffs him self with foood...what a waste of money cuase im sure noone else will eatit if he pit his whole face and hands in it!!??
Ik i've seen their videos
i am pretty sure that if he put his head and hands on the food they will eat it gladly
This is my food porn...
Almost three years later and only now did I notice Tyler has a bacon weave on his head in the intro..
y does he have bacon on his head?
All these remind me of my childhood
2:44 Watch Harley Smile!!!
Awwww, Harley almost looked human at the end.
Eating this would give you a sugar rush in carbs :D I'M SO HUNGRY.
Only 6400 calories? That's straight-up lean food for these people lol
ok so two things...first tyler is mad funny in every video! second i was working drive thru at taco bell and when i asked if these 2 guys wanted sauce they said Jack Daniels SAUWCE and i was like no way you guys watch EMT? it was awesome
SportsManias Is Tyler's And Muscle glasses channel , aka Alex
Am I the only one who noticed the bacon in Tyler's head?
That face plant into the bowl... that's how I make out with my boyfriend... then I wrap him in bacon, then eat him, then I realise I don't have a boyfriend, but I have epic meal time ._.
+CityRuler1 they are tater tots u panzy no one calls them potato gems retard
Probably the healthiest thing they have eaten
I did this before and It was much more filling then I thought it would be
when his beard was like that he looks kinda like curtis axel but without ginger hair
omg I would actually eat this, what is the world coming to 
Tyler is so adorable, I just wanna put him in the trunk of my car and go for a rocky highway joy ride! We'd have such a swell time... well, he'd probably enjoy it more than me.
NEVER TOO MUCH BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my brother teases me about my weight. you guys make me the healthiest person to him when he sees your videos. thanks! ^o^
Damn, i love this show!
The face plant into the fries gets me good.
I love me some smiley fries (:
I think the guys from Epic Meal Time should do an episode with the guys from Duck Dynasty.  I'm sure that would be an amazing Epic Beard Meal Time.
How about.... no.....
I am going to make this with my brother
the next meal i have is going to feel so lame
The ad I watched before this was a Carl's Jr commercial with EpicMealTime in it
this one was a bit low on the fat counter
And only one guy eats it ?? o.O
theres potatoe in there and potatoe is a vegetable so its healthy
one time i had epic meal time; it was a small salad
I swear that guy should juggle EVERY episode!! <3
Bacon-weave yarmulke. Fuckin' smart.
Everytime someone watches this a vegateran dies
no, just open a meat store... they don't want no veggies!
why does tyler have to the special educated person. with fps russia he almost peeled grenades.
salad? I saw the word and was like.... what?
one of my biggest dreams is to eat the epic meal ♥
NO WAFFLE FRIES!!!!!!!!!!???????????/
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