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25 Bronies You SHOULD Know

by Saberspark • 629,249 views

Just a list I threw together of Bronies that our community should know. If you don't, you are in for a treat! This doesn't go in any particular order. I just wanted to wet the appetite for those...

You forgot FluffyMixer... D:
mlp is like herpes and bronies are the ones infected with, dont associate with them they will try and make you retarded like they are
What about TheBronyNotion, or RLYoshi?
anime and weird al XD
what's with the livingtombstone?
he did say The Living Tombstone is one of his favorites same with Mic The Microphone
What the fuck is this shit??
+NorfleetNation  So why are you here again :I
Read the video description; that should help you figure out what it is.
Animated James, fluffy mixer, the living tombstone, mic the microphone, twitch, fimflamfilosophy are all also awesome :)
Well, some member of the fandom don't go around the best known members much, like a bluegrass boy who doesn't know much about the city, and only knows all about country. It's no big deal. :)
And no Kanashiipanda?
There isn't any brony anyone should know.
how a bout the living tombstone ?
The only one I know is the wooded toaster
BronyDanceParty and Ferexes and TheLivingTombstone are amazing. Don't forget ACRaceBest
What about: the living tombstone, mic the microphone, jananimations and Co.?
Were is TheLivingTombstone? hes a great artist 
bronies i know cause that made no sense luna lunas evil side celestia twilight rainbow dash flutter shy rarity pinkie pie apple jack cadence twilights brother cadences evil side derpy docter dinky 
What about The Living Tombstone? Or BronyDanceParty? Or Omnipony? Or All Levels At Once? Or Mic The Microphone? Or FluffyMixer?
what about jax the blade, Bvids, FurtherProof, mic the microphone, ACRacebest and black gryphon channels?
I dun wnna know any bronehs because every bronyfag sucks pony dick lol you all suck 25 bronies??? that's too much for earth somedaei broniehfahgets well dieh bcuz broniehfaaggtshds sux azzhole lollollolololol btw im a pony JK IM NOT A PONY LOLOLOLOL IM NOT A PONYFAG LIKE YOU PONYFAGS LOOOOOOOOL dun call me nub becuz if u do den dat mens ur nub O WIET UR ALL REDY NUB HAHAHAHHAHahHAshAHSbhABShabdfhbsvkjb"V
In that case, why are you even bothering to comment on a video about something you don't care about?
I was obsessed with shiropoint or whatever his name was at one 'point'
+Liquid Squid  ...Thanks? Lol,I am trolling a few people right now and making them rage,I just didn't share it to Google+ :P.
To be honest I was kind of expecting Animated James on here.
no #1 shud be TheLiveingTumbstone
You missed the living tombstone and mic the microphone..... :(
The ending was the most AWESOME THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You forgot living tombstone
I couldn't stop laughing at the DBZ part.
Silly Saberspark you didnt put yourself in there MUFFINS
I know about 21, 18, 17, 8, 7, 6, and 4 (conveniently I was just watching) Also, these are, almost, all creative types of bronies! P.S THIS IS NOT RACIST!!!!!
heh. I've only heard of #22, #11 (rabiesbunx86, old one got deleted?), #6, and #5... heh not too many I know of... I was kinda hoping The Living Tombstone would be on here, because he's awesome. :3
Saber, I just rewatched this video. I became a brony at about the point that this video was made (a little later) and totally aggre with the choices from the time, but some of these bronies haven't continued in the fandom, or otherwise don't make videos/music any more.  More importantly, there are many many new artists, vidmakers, musicians, organisers, con staff, more well known bronies about. So I was thinking, how about an updated mid- 2014 edition of this?
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You should do another video like this Saber.  A lot has happened in 2 years and 9 months.
Theres not only bronies, girl adult viewers are called pagsisters, just to inform you for next time.
Cool video BUT!!! Why does everyone have to upload english DBZ? Am I only fan of original version / soundtracks? ;-;
Man... I just wish I was a part if this amazing list. Just imagine... "Best known for his stellar, emotional artwork, his destructive mind-blowing piano shattering music... Jusu-Tengu! Yutz! :D" Yeah... I think too much. But one day, if the list gets updated, I might get the Lucky 7 this time! Aside from that, awesome video man. :)
I like WoodenToaster's work.
Spike smoking weed was so off from the rest of the video.
Funny to see how Brony music went away from Autotune and and remixes more towards original songs. Also, appearently, people like Sherclop Pones, Eile Monty,  Nowacking or Jan Animations weren't that big back then.
13 is a remix of Mic the Microphone!
People need to look at the release date before commenting... a lot of the main people now..were not famous when this video was released.
"25 Bronies You SHOULD know" I guess our lives will be empty without knowing who these guys are...
+Stephon Boards Not all of the things created have to be just pony stuff. It can be other things that can support another kind of community that actually helps everyone in a way. Like making artwork or an advertisement video for a community helping to clean the ocean or something. :|
Maybe I should've put "Kappa" at the end of my comment.
i only know wooden toaster
What about mastermax888??
Check out my playlists!
Could you link to the original artwork please ?
DikeKike was removed D:
i wonder how many of them will grow up to be pedophiles. u guys are a sickness of our society, just imagine if every adult never wants to take up his more serious duties  and surround himself constantly in a childish world, everyday practical life would be fucked... i know this is an overreaction but i would bet my money that the average brony has a higher chance of being jobless or becoming a pedophile. I know i cant prove these claims but im sure everybody sane person knows this. Your very lucky that you live in this western world, because in almost every other country or even timeperiod you would be executed for the behaviour you guys celebrate
I don't get it. Why would we be a pedophile or not have a job? That doesn't make any sense. T.V show's don't effect people THAT much. And I can't believe you guys walked into his trap.
Keep telling that to yourself if that make you feel better! :D
What song is number 25?
I support bronies but I love planes
MrEnter is also good.
Ughhhh my brain hurts i can barely type Brny feggegezts fiat pieces of shiet u shuld die in hell u scks alot of dck my gosh.
What about Gaben? You cant forget him.
I think i know these people but I don't realize I do..
Wooden Toaster should be #2
Was just listening to Pinkie's Lie as bgm then it synchronized with this one o3o
Was 23 supposed to be skrim lex rock and roll???
What is the video you used for #12? his channel got banned.
I know more of theese now I subscribed to rabies bun some where else
dont know any of them but.... DERPY lol
What video is shown for 18: SimGretina? Because I cant seem to find it. ;w;
Weres Radiarc and forest rain on this list?
My top 3 bronies would be yudhaikeledai, foozogz and alfa995
You know, so many people say not to feed the trolls, but I think I'm starting to get enjoyment from being an anti-anti-brony.  They're so easy to troll when they think they're the ones trolling you. didn't add awkward Marina? RAAAAAAAAAGE
why am I here what is this shit
+Saberspark did you get that last part out of inspiration of SmileHD
I expected joshscorcher.
Where's ken ashcorp?!?
Best thing is to know no one
Thumbs up if you knew all these bronies before you saw this!
All my fav peoplez are on here!
hotiggedydemon is HILARIOUS.. and seriously magicool.. snort XD
ZOMG. Bronies or antibronies, they are all hippocrits. Why? Lets see... Bronies and pegasisters rant on antibrony vids and say "If you don't like us, don't make fun of us/ make vids like this you (Blah blah blah)" and Antibronies do the same thing, but instead say "teh fandom shouldn't exist. This MLP FIM thing is bullshit.". Also, when the entire franchise of MLP : FIM ends, or when the shows are stop being made, it'll be clear that the bronies and pegasisters were just wasting their own time. It's a show. Not reality. you cannot take over humanity with ponies. It defies our constitutional rights, the bill of rights, the right to coexist amongst humankind, and all of the above. If I were you, I would wait for it to end on its own.
#This  is no internet war. This is a hippocrit rebellion.
No! The Rarity celestia scene.... As a Rarity superfan, just no. Especially a ten year old Rarity fan.
Perfect Cell: CURSE YOU PINKIE !
i only new 7 of those bronys :/ ~hotdiggedydemon ~SimGretina ~MrPoniator ~JackleApp ~PinkiePieSwear ~WoodenToaster ~DJ Alex S Wait... WHAT!!! Why isn't Living Tombstone in there and MicTheMicrophone, BronyDanceParty, AND ABluSkittle...........
This whole list is complete BS!!!!
don't forget sherclop pones! 
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