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by SHAYTARDS • 847,105 views

SHAYTARDS!: Yesterday's Vlog!: Subscribe to Danna!: ShayCarl SHIRTS at Rodeo Arcade:...

Haha you made a big deal that babytard forgot the word 'day' in Father's Day, but apparently so did you 2 years ago!
You have episodes called nerdy baby and smart baby
You guys r such a good family if u were to break up i would flip out
What is the recipe for the smores make a vid!
I found a recipe on Pinterest and here on YouTube. I just made it and waiting for it to cool.
lol i have those pink shoes XD with white
What's the recipe for the s'mores!!!?!
It's chocolate and kisses Hershey king mixed with fesses and mars mellows melt them together like rice crispie treats and u can eat them with gram crackers if u would like
In just made some yummy!!
I really want to try quinoa , artichokes and salsa
Rocktard was mad at 15:16!!!!!!!!!SO CUTE!!!!!!
Rocktard in the headband and glasses!!!  :D
I seriously want those nikes! OMG
I love stuffed artichoke
I like this won because shay is happy the family
great family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))
I love you shaytards and i wish i could meet you and i wish i could play with Emmi and Avia and happy birthday shay.
I have seen Warrior.
i with SonTard,PrincessTard,BabyTard and BroTard were in my family
Back when Shay was 180lbs, he's gotten fat again!
i know it is but he's always talking about being healthy and this year is the year blah blah blah, than he eats candy and all his junk food. tries to tell people you can do it but than shows himself eating junk in vlogs but he even admits hes gotten fat again. i love the shaytards but he did get fat again.
Maybe a little. But keep it to yourself please.
At 1:05 baby tards shirt is the one I have!
the smore dessert mommytard made looked absolutely DELICIOUS!!! i wish i had the recipe!
Babytard watching Shay's face as he opened his present - TOO PRECIOUS!
I love the smell of new shoes also. But, I couldn't do the color. Rock on.... By the way, PvP sent me this way. Make sure to give them a holler out for sending people to check you out. They were right, you guys are awesome also....
Do he really have an election
happy farthers day shay i hop you have a great day and you sontard princesstard rocktard  babytard and mummytard bro tard    is the best in the hole wide world
Love you guys >3 Coming back and watching all the old shaytards videos xx
I meant sontard is so cute with dockyard
I like the shaytards. GO SHAYTARDS
dear hunting is WRONG
First of all, it's deer and sorry to break it to you, that's not how it works.
actually it is so yeah stop arguing with an immature 10year old girl cause this will go on for eva!!!!
I love u so much I watched your video every single day when I get bord I watched your video and I like it and I loveu
So yard is so cute withrocktard
shaytards I am like one of your biggest fans please I would like your number could I please have it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG this was my first vlog
best thing EVER! right?!?!???
- A1 081 . 1 44 1 8 1 1 9 11
I seen so many videos of your wife shay .she's beautiful love her hair so much
Emmi made so many faces that looks just like Colette!
Happy Father's day Shay
 All the kids got style in daddy rocket its amazing
Anil Patel Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:qqwertyuoipasdfghjklzxcvbnm
what are the ingredients to golden ghrame smorse
Golden grams cereal, chocolate chips, marshmallows.
There's recipes on Pinterest or here on YouTube!:)
I have those same shoes
Shay almost looks too thin here. I'm not trying to be mean, so I hope it's not misconstrued. He just look too thin, almost sick. 
he only looks that way because hes been larger almost his entire youtube career. if he was this way when he started you wouldn't be saying tht. 
Shay looks so young :) 
Great show I watch all your video s
its not nickees its nike
He was just joking
Shaytards you are a you
Love u Shaytards u guys are the best
OMG them shoes are just amaze balls
Is it true he's addicted to smelling rubber
rocktard looks like a pretty pretty princess when he was wearing the headband and the glasses
Shay look so young and really deffrent
hey guys its kieri can u add me on facebook my name is kierianna randall ive watched your videos ever since gavin was little
Haha you made a big deal that babytard forgot the word 'day' in Father's Day, but apparently so did you 2 years ago!
they said night night and its morning lol
My mom's name is Danna. I have never, in my 28 years of life, heard of any other person with the name pronounced the same way and I've only seen one other person with their name spelled that way but it's pronounced Dana. Crazy stuff.
I was waiting for Shay to smell the shoe!
I wuv the Shaytards There so epic
I had muddy buddies to day!!! They are so good love you guys
never seen shay wear those shoes
This was uploaded on my friend's birthday :)!
At 8:46 I heard that toy and my sister has it and I was like ummmm then realized
Shay kinda looks like Logan without a beard lol.
Shay was sooo skiny, and ugly
Don't you mean the ugliest stupid mofo
nope, I mean he looks weird but he looks handsomer with beard
The first time I saw Shay in this video video I thought "who's that kid" haha suppper skinny
He looks so different without his beard
shay looks so skinny in this video!
Are those shoes pink or orange
You guys are the best I would LOVE TO MEET you guts I hope I do some day.
I know I love going back and re-watching old videos! This is the reason why I decided to capture random moments in our lives... So that we could go back one day and see where we were at the time and re-live the moment/memory! (^__^) Thank you for that inspiration!
Happy Father's Day shay
1:11 You have to see this. BabyTard looks like Brotard with brown eyes 0_0.....  and long hair
Shay you look so thin!!! 
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