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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Tutorial - Basic Editing

by WonderHowToFilm • 223,047 views

Hey. This is a tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. In this video i will show you the basic editing. Sorry about the text quality, i will fix that for next time Transitions Tutorial...

Hi. Can someone help me?  When I import a video (.MOV) to this program, it shows that it's an audio. I don't know what's wrong..
Nice and simple, easy to understand and I seen before I started the apology for the text so I took a chance and still totally understood it. Great job! 
What about the sound though? For me whenever i import a AVCHD video, the sound does not work! What can i do to fix that?
Thanks a lot, fantastic tutorials. (Y)  
Thank you.. New to the CS5 package - trying to learn a few basic - so I can start using these programs I have .. Very Helpful.. 
I'm really offended as I'm not a fellow human being. :(
how do I install adobe premier pro cs5
thanks so much ... i usually use VideoPad, so i didnt know where to start on this program. (i dont know what the other comments were talking about with your voice??? your voice is excellent. WAY better than mine. i will trade you anytime ;)
Thanks dude, some handy tips got me going again.
thx, kinda help me learn about premiere. :D
jesus fucking christ this is the worst tutorial on the planet.
this video tutorial helped me out a lot thanks for your help, keep up the good work
too small to see detail in menus and such. good tho
No matter what quality I choose to watch this video 1080p or 480p, the resolution never changes. I can't really see what you are doing in the video cause the quality is too poor. I tried Internet explorer and firefox. no luck.
1080p HD i cant see any think @_@ !!
I had a lot of video editing softwares like sony vegas pro 7, but Adobe Premiere Is the best so far this video really did help
i will like to know about colouring..I want to make my film look like HD
Those are basic shortcuts, and if you learned them, you'd realize they help immensly.
plz can u make a tutorial for editing music video :) i will be grateful for that
Kinda Funny with that mic you sound like Micheal Jackson lmao... Great tut Thanks alot for making it,
why does this happens???how do you make them videos???does some one know why??
Many thanks this has helped me no end.
Did you make this video while sucking on helium?
Boy u sounds like a cute boy. Upload more tutorials, it's helpful.
Thanks for the help subscribed!!
@WonderHowToFilm vegas or premiere? have you used sony vegas?
looks like the OLD final cut, which I like. That's why I'm buying it, cuz apple now made crappy final cut 10
very helpful for my first try!
is this a good soft where for starter filmakers like my self?
Pro and work quick ? ... CS5.5 Tutorial - " BASİC " Editing. not ... CS5.5 Tutorial - " XXX EXTREME" Editing.
that is crazy i was just thinking that and planning to get top comment.. then i read this lol
That was so helpful, nice and simple!
He said IT'S LOADING not downloading, please, listen before posting -_-
how can i upload it to youtube
Wow I've never seen premiere pro load that quickly. How much ram do you have? 20gb or something. Is 4.00 gb enough to rub premiere pro?
hey pals can you help me with my little problem? On my computer, the frame on the right hand side of the screen is always zoomed in no matter what I do and the footage that is playing at frame on the other side is always flu and I really donno what to do so if anybody has any kind of idea please let me know, thank you :D
mines wont allow me to drag anything into the time line! its very frustrating.. i cant edit anything at all. can someone help~!!
@OfficialHipHopVideo1 How? There is no real way of editing a music video. It's like making a movie, it's up to the editor how it should be edited.
Why my timeline has no sequence? How to make it sequence? Help me please :(
ok 2 questions i have so is Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 like a final cut pro there both a video editin program second question is is this worth it
@SenorCajones are u intending to buy a videoediting software? PM me
how do you cut/split the video?
How did you get this free? please post a link
I hate it when I try to watch a tutorial and a really random video that I want to watch comes up. D<
"Double-tap"- counterstrike days coming through
For rendering and the rendering time and also more effectcs which is best? Adobe Premier CS 5.5 or Sony Vegas Pro 11?
nice video man im a total noob with video editing and i wanted to learn exactly what you did in the video. THNX ALOT!!
Nice. Thanks very much! Good essential overview! :D
Dude thank you so much,,very simple but it helped me so much! deff subbing
when you talked about the bar around 3:31, mine is red not yellow. what do i do?
That's so helpful your tutorial. Thanks a lot. Pls keep it going!
thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much
Boy.. his Vid was helpful, I did not say his Vid was that bad.. and you think Im english? Im not! but he should know what his mistakes was. it'll prevent him from being humiliated again in his future Vid.. If you cant accept your mistakes then don't broadcast.. -__- loosen your pride.. whats the "Comment for"?
@WonderHowToFilm yeah u are right but i just want a tutorial that shows how to cut and add thee video to the audio or any basics for editing a music video with any other effects and for example an intro text in 3D
Heyheyhey i see u have minecraft lol
which type must the video be? AVI maybe or what? cause i have a problem, i can't see the veo i just hear the sound
you really got a voice over voice man haha
pls were can i download the setup
youre TOO kind.. tqvm.. from MALAYSIA..
@CrazyBich800 This is not exactly what you asked for, but this method can be used. When editing your clip in the editing space top middle, then select the spot from where you want to start the seperate clip and press "i" and select where you want the end of the clip, press "o". You should now be able to cut that piece of video inbetween the two points to your video track by draging the clip down. I hope it helped! MKencounters
thanks this helped for starters :D
H264 codec needs to be installed. i had that problem before with my Jazz camera.
I have imovie on my Mac, do i still need Photoshop to perform this task??
Thanks! I've never used Premiere, so this helped a lot!
and it is on fit mode so that's not it..
As far as I know, you can just drag the borders of the editing workspace for a larger preview.
i'm new in Adobe Premier ... why i can't import a video (MPG) to adobe this Premier ? it said that there was an error decompressing audio and video ?
Why shortcut ? Tool menu on the right side.
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