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Fun Is 4 Everyone Volume 1: The Tour Begins

by TreeJTV • 815,328 views

welcome to Fun is 4 everyone. This is the new video series that will show all the cool behind the scenes footage of everyday life. This is the first of many, so u can watch as they all get crazier...

i really hope he releases the song at 1:45 at some point because it sounds so badass
Does any one know what happened to his show, I LOVED SEASON ONE WISH THEY WERE MORE SEASONS
has anyone ever read the bio to this video lol
yo dj clockwork looks so much like pimp c
song at 7:20? Sounds too familiar 0_0
why was wiz holdin the camera!?
lmao at the info under the video
I can't find that song at 1:42-2:15 someone PLEEAASEE send me the link !!!!
Give that beat to earl sweatshirt @  3:25
Name of producer for the song there working on on 3:25 ? Name of song? Anything.
1:49 : Mac Miller - Shine on. 
fuck u no its not 
This bitch is in a room full of sexy ass women and hes not talking to ONE of em...
SONG AT 1:49??????????????????????
fuck mac miller for not releasing it fuck boy faggot jewbagel
+Charlie Trono He's so fucking DOPE to talk to the ladies HAH!!
its 2014 and i wanna konw the song at 1:54!!!! cmon wtf u bitch ass mac faggot
at 1:50, what's the name of the song :D?
well go on wit ya bad self then..its pritty funny i dnt laugh much. sp u succeded at something !
1:49 sounds like 'Green Sapphire [Prod. By Chrome]'
The song at 1:49 might come out in his sophmore album that is going to be dropping on 2013 i think because this is a pretty old song
Juicy always knew Wiz. They just started touring and doing more tracks together recently. Pittsburgh mayn, they all came outta there.
duh thats what he just sed... it was supposed to goon that mixtape but unfortunately it didnt because wiz got the beat and released it before mac
i need that song at 1:50!! or my life is literally not complete .. TreeJ tell your fans !
i love his face expression at 0:47
weve been begging for the song at 1:50 for years. when will you guys give up lol
if i could meet anyone in the world it would be mac! for sure!
What program were they using it looks like an older version of logic or something
what's the song at 1:50 during his bday
Listen people. Mac cant release or give the song @ 1:50 because it was Jerms beat and mac used it but didnt do anything wit it cuz he cant. Copy right laws state that you cant use another (beat or song) and release it. He was jus simply playin wit it thats all.
If the beat was given to Wiz, whats the name of the song?
finnaly we see the master mind behind all of mac sick ass beats big jerm
4:30 R.I.P. anyone with headphones on
is this mac own studio or what ?
Loving the description "but im drunk so i wanted to lol" Fuck yes.
6:46 no smoking sign on the door of Mac Miller's hotel room....
my dumbass just skipped to it to see and u were right
your crib always had the snacks yo..for everybody! lol everybody had a homie who's crib had the latest doritos and lemonade ..real shit
Does anyone know what shirt he's wearing? that green T-shirt with a black logo on the chest? plz help
The song at 1:49 sounds like Iman Omari
what microphone does mac use to record with?
I read to description inn my head with mac millers voice hahaaa
dope shit checkout my channel for new dailys
this nigga nees to com to florida so he can top wiz kalifia at the sun dome wen we smoked it out
This never gets old. Most Dope, Thumps UP!
and the beats are different, i guess we're never getting the song
alright what the fuck is the song at 1:43
whaaaats the song, release it!!
how did I only just notice the description?? it's class
You mean at 3:28 right? Cause at 1:49 sounds nothing like Flowers feat. Curren$y & Big Sean
9:00 Left side the girls from SENIOR SKIP DAY OMG OMG OMG
Dear TreeJTV, can you please tell us what's the song at 1:49? Sincerely, everyone who's watching this.
"And it's the best day everrrr."
start asking for that song on twitter he might release it
1:50, come on Mac, give it to us.
8:49 is that Juicy from B.I.G.? My fucking god, this is like, the best song from BIG
does anybody know the song that plays on 8:01
Why mac have his tatoo and around 5:00 no more..
sorry bro he mustve thought u were talking about the song at 3:40 cause that song is completely different. WHAT SONG IS AT 1:49 DAMNIT
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