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Korean Phrases #25 When they call out your name

by BusyAtomdotcom • 35,355 views

When somebody calls out your name in Korean Free Studying material can be found at

oppa how can i write park in korean words?
Different contexts (f.ex. levels of familiarity) influence how you address others. I found this to be a good intro and a fun pronunciation exercise at the same time... ... and learned my first Korean proverb.
I was slowly dropping romanization but maybe should I put it again? you think?. Thank you. 감사합니다.
@Chrisytinaa it's a late relpy, but neun/eun is a particle for the verb "is/am" it reflects a state of things so goyang-ee-neun would mean "the cat is ____"
@indira8792 it's Jeongmal by the way, not chongmal.... and it's not necessary. how you speak Korean is your style. A lot of the times you're overexaggerating by saying it like that... or you're trying to be cute.
Actually I am putting Romanization back slowly ^__^.
I agree with your point. My mom and all of my friends (at the same age) call me with "ah". According to my Korean book "ah" or "ya" is a suffix used for children or between very close friends of similar age or younger. 감사합니다.
aaaaah! thank you so much! love when you emphasize in the expresion of the example! ...... May I ask if is it really necesary to extent the word in a /chooooooooongmal/ ???
종길아 준호야 아 or 야 depends on the presence of 밪짐 (is that right) on the previous syllable
@lovelypink0 you would call them just that. if they're younger or you think you know them well you can call them by their first name, but if they're married or a lot older than you, you should just call them by their full Last and First name.
it isnt that good to say 개세키 (spelling) right? cuz that word i s frequented in dramas and movies so its easy to pick up... from my understadning it is VERY taboo to say it, atleast my 싱그 (신그?) says so...
thank you for your video nuce lesson
@BusyAtomdotcom if it's double consonant. the pronunciation will be strong. ss/dd/jj/ will stay S/D/J/. single consonants will be softer. s/d/j/ Sh/Dh/Jh.
Hi, I've been watching all your videos. They're really helpful.^_^
this is cool. =] i like it. hehe. trying to learn a bit of korean. i wanna understand the songs in my phone. lol. it's so useless to listen to songs you don't even understand. haha.
hahhaha i like the scenarios he makes up ,its funny
..really cool...makes it more interesting with those expressions..=) i love that yaong yaong..=)
Hey this is pretty cool! Keep teaching Korean!!!
ok, made me laugh again...thanks...
i really love your vidio .. it really help me a lot .. i really want to come to korean and leave their .
@MartinGugino "응" is a word that you can find in a dictionary and it has a transferred meaning of "Yes" or "OK" . It should sound like "응" not "엉".
heehee yaong yaong sounds cute~ ^^
This video is very entertaining! Great idea adding the onomatopoeia & proverbs portions. Thank you once again.
hahahahah! thanks for another great video
You have the most creative, but the most useful lessons ever~!! So genius
i really enjoy watching your videos.. and also, listening to your voice. haha.. it's very fun and interesting. anyway, thanks for posting these videos! they're a big help. :)
"mmmm mm?? yeah yeah" LOL , just kidding thank you ^__^
I LOVE your lessons. You get straight to the point and you are hilarious!
노무 귀업다 --> 너무 귀엽다. About the tense... I will definitely try to blend different tenses into future Korean Phrases episodes. 감사합니다. (Please remind me again in the future if I seem to forget about the tenses)
your videos are very helpful. i have learned so much in these few days, but i have a question, when you add nun to the end of a word what does it do? like when you said goyangi-nun
It's 'ssi' but strong 'shi' will do it too. 감사합니다.
wonderful video as always!! i wish there was romanization like the other ones. but regardless, great job!! thank you!
야옹 야옹!!! 아, 노무 귀업다! Busy Atom, would u mind to create a video talking about comparison of tenses in Korean? I found that ur videos are really helpful. Simple but straighforward. Thank u.
this is very helpful. ur fictional situations are creative and funny, but please pick a name that does not sound like the dictator of north korea...
you say that you dont know why they put 'ah" in the name..for me..i guess its how elders call to the young in my name they call me in my name and they put "ah" when my korean friends call me since im the youngest among just 23 and they're all older than me...just my opinion....thanks for the video...
hahaha this video made me laugh so much "yaaaa!! XD" these videos are so good~ thanks :)
is there a difference between 'ssi' and 'shi'? i thought they pronounced the same!
Thank you for your comments. I did not realize the similarity and possible confusion until you mentioned about the Korean name. Actually it is one of my friend's name but I guess it can create some unnecessary problem. I will not use this name anymore in the future. 감사합니다.
Love your videos. Very usefully. I'm learning a lot.
This helped a bunch but I don't know what to call people like for example the name Park EunJi what would they be called?
and also, you say -ah when the last syllable ends with a consonant (ex. Jong gil-Ah) and say -yah when the last syllable ends with a vowel (ex. Jong gi -Yah)
The *name*-ah thing is only used when you speak to that person/call their name and is not used when you write the name. (I've seen it to much and is very irritating
Yes!!! Ye!!! LOL You should put it back in! Gomapsimnida!!
you should put back romanization it's much better to have it on.
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