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The Gentlemen's Response #9

by JLE • 319,457 views

the gentlemen respond to the fans, again... for the 9th damn time. subscribe: merchandise: twitter:

"Ginger, gay, black and Jew show me how dirty my monitor is" Genius.
Gentleman's rant: 1080p
Gentlemen's Rant: When you pee and you pee a bit on your belt or the tip of your pants.
whoever the fuck pointed out the ringing noise i fucking hate them cause now thats all i hear! FUCK!
Gentleman's Rant: my ass cheeks have ass burgers
Hey just found this channel....yep that's about it.
watched all the rants, responses & skits in one sitting...thrice.
hahaha, this is my favourite Gentlemen's Response
John, you can't cleanse your soul if you don't have one. I'm very sorry I had to be the one to tell you...
Dear will: please blow a kiss!
NRBs? I call it RBS Random Boner Syndrome
Fuck Ohio!!! The worst place on the fucking planet!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!
Travon actually pointed out some dirt on my monitor... I hope to god its not semen.
That f***ing burger looked so good... 8
"i think you missed a spot.." *he touches my mous pointer by the ass* O_O
This is their best video by far, and when i say far i cant stress that enough,
Was it just me, or was John exceedingly sexy in this video?
3:16-3:23....John. damn. Will totally wear lingerie for you.
I'm with John...I'm not a ginger -_-
Damn John! That was sexy as hell!
At first I thought Will was just an asshole but the more I watch, the more I realize he's just fabulous.
i can make Will straight again ;)
I hate these advertisements...
If no one hated them, they'd only be half as funny.
he got the exact spot where one of my dirt marks are! go trayvon. that was fucking hilarious.
Fuck, these haters are just getting irritating. I know it's their opinion but they really need to go fuck themselves. All 4 of these guys are great, nobody is dragging it down.
Favorite sex positions? Crying in the bathroom alone... it's the only one I get
will makes me laugh so hard..i fart..then get hard.. also gay.
''any i can get'' that was great :D
WHY does Will got to be gay how come not John ?
this is better than before.....they are getting funnier!
I laugh want to on video you're.. I like fat man who burgerf eating..
Gentleman's Rant: Fucking Rubik's cubes...
I thought everyone forgot about him a while ago. I know I did.
Goddamn Kansas State beating OU last week: you should do a rant about that.
Du habit keine Freud und Freudian.
I like the inglorious Bastards reference. good work.
trayvon totally pointed to a mark on my screen.
I'm constantly amazed of how much Roger can fit in his mouth...
K-state sucks more dick than the gay guy
sense when are this guys funny and sense when I don't have since of humor?
i want the black guy say"MIKE HUNT IS BALD "
trayvon actually scratched a spot on my screen :D
What the fuck is up with the damn ringing!! your just doing it on purpose...if anything..that will be the end of you...why don't u just make a show with just the fucking ringing and get it over with...geez...............fuck
Johns not ginger. Have any of you accusers even SEEN a ginger? John, Im just like you, hair wise. Its not orange, its dirty blond!
I've been waiting on this one... thank you! :)
How do people get to the point where all they do in life is play video games?
Favourite sex positions? "...any I can get..." died right there.
BLAST IT! I was cleaning my screen and he said "you missed a spot... is that semen?" o.o
John is ginger? His hair looks rather brown.
this is my favorite response vid i love john... why do i wish i knew you guys? lol
doing a responce about a single person is not that good, like the kassem G one sucks pretty bad
These videos are still hilarious
Damnit John, your voice in the mic is rather sexy. Now I wanna hear the rest of the guys' voices like that too. Do it. I demand it.
Gentlemen's rent: wondering if news anchors are even wearing pants.
John is really attractive. Possibly the most attractive redhead short of Christina Hendricks. (Call me)
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