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Minecraft: Survival Let's Play Ep. 24 - Movie Trailers

by CaptainSparklez • 1,272,087 views

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Someone should make a complete movie based on minecraft that uses a lot of the minecraft music parodies, who's with me?
He should have killed all the animals and just got a heap of Xp, cause screw morality.
Da villagers shoulda been scared of dat creepus explodus!
I LOVE U CAPTAIN SPARKLEZ !!!! Do u play Clash Of Clans ?
In this series: OH GOD CREEPERS!!!!!!!!! In UMS: let's have the king and mobzilla fight and see what happens
scroll down if you wanna be frustrated with comments from noobs and people who don't realize this video was uploaded 2 years ago.
Best inpreshin ever i didnt spell it right sorry!!!
6,700th comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was a perfect movie trailor voice😂👍
Remember the cows Hweat
the house in the village with lava and furnaces has a chest with goods
Re watching .. How did this become the jerry tree..
PimpMyMinecraft came in and well...pimped it up
i think he does a good impresion
You get XP when you smelt ores like iron and gold. Iron golems aren't actually that usefull. 1 emerald for 5 arrows is actually pretty good. But the best trade is to give them wool and get emeralds, because you hve lots of sheep, but you are not using them. 10/10_ for video.
My favorite video of yours by far!!! :)
If you enchant a sword and you get fire it will make any animal drops be cooked. Great for your farm
Lol Your Movie Trailer voice is awesome!
Your voice was bootyful (it is what me and my friends use instead)
At the 15:00 point, what was that sound, it was really creepy.
It's the sound meaning there's a cave/dark place/etc nearby
Wow how about you stop being a noob tell him that when you have 6 mill
What the fuck were you doing running away from a spider and a creeper with your DIAMOND SWORD out. Dont be a bitch.
Thumbs up if you think the new comments update on Youtube sucks
Awsome movie action voice
yall stop this shit okay hsi dimons sword mite break so shut up!
King areodox you are so rude. He's captainsparklez!!!!!!! And btw you would do the same thing
You went to the village to trade so freaking trade
Just kill the mobs they arent even scary
Wow I never actually realized that tripwire and exp mining were in 2012. It seems like those features just came out! Oh, memories.
He should have built a nether wart farm o3o 
there was a chest in the black smith shop
Great job with the movie trailer!👍
I wish I could do that movie impression!
Ya know that there is a narrow on the side of all the trading villagers. There are more choices.
that was the best impresion ever!!!!
----- () ()  \_/ \___/
He can't do anything about that now
You got a diamond sword asshole
Did you now that the thingy that you call bone meal is the bone and backwards
That was a terrible enpression
like if ur watching this in 2013
his laugh is retarted shshsh
bitch his laugh is perfection
Actually it goes: wood, stone, gold, iron, diamond And: Leather, gold, chain, iron, diamond.
u should plant the wheat back in the village that way u still have some when you go back. same with nether wart
This is the channel of Captain Sparkelz!!! Not SkyDoesMinecraft!!!
captainsparklez you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i watch all of your videos!!!!!!!!!!
"Follow Usher, when he fights to the death" XD
Ethonrtic that's actually pretty good for two weeks. I'll check u out
Did anybody here that creepy sound around 14:30
hey does he know thatthe trade will change if he clicks the arrow
It was like a narrator his voice
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CAPTAINSPARKLEZ IS FUCKING AWSOME if u say some else i will FUCK YO *** jokes but he is awsome
how bout u are both idiots for fighting over video game MA GOD!!!!
Whow wut uh grahmer natsee. Shote op stupeed natsee. Eye theenk u jus haz noo budder swoard n iz jellyus. Pore natsee. :(
if u press the arrow u might a weet trade u maniak
which state does captainsparklez live?
I thoroughly enjoyed that impression.
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