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Skyrim Battles - Samurai vs Daedric Samurai, Cyclops, Bullvore and more

by Machinima • 492,454 views Click here to watch Skyrim Battles: Link from Zelda vs Sheogorath, Krosis, Giant Skyrim Battles: Samurai vs Daedric Samurai, Cyclops, Bullvore and more...

lol Samurai fighting in Ysmir's name
I want giant vs frost giant vs cyclops vs balrog
"FEAR THE WRATH OF SHAOK..." Get's stabbed.
Samurai didn't use shields.
In the Elder Scrolls they do. The Blades for example.
frost giant vs master lord vampire
Those Daedric Samurai reminded me a bit of the Undead Army from Inuyasha
i did not know of these mobs -__-
Those mobs are from mods, don't worry
feel the wrath of shao kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafffffffghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one escapes
Except for Daedric, no one fucks with them
No one escapes the DREMORA!!!!
gloom wraith:ooweeeee
Just gonna say, the Samurai didn't use shields, and at least one should've used a bow.
where can we get those mods?
lmao I love how awesome the dremora are
Pain voice from naruto
But dat backflip tho.
the Daedric Samurai were badass
Samurai didn't use shields.
They did use shields, but only against arrows and shot. if you google it, you may find some photos of re-enactors with small wooden shields. they were not used in melee after the chinese brought over their influences, and the Japanese started making their own culture. 
+SlayerofBeasts14 Small wooden shields against arrows or used by peasents, but that was the extent of it. To use it in battle or especially a duel was both foolish and considered weak warfare(makes sense since a shield blocks part of your vision and tires one side of your body a great deal.) They did fight against shields during their invasions of Korea in the late 1500s, and possible during the Mongolian invasions a bit or against peasent uprisings. 
what mod did u use for the samurai?
10 alduins vs 50 dragon priests
you should put the immortals from 300
werwolves vs mermaids 
00:58 right on the asscheeks xDD
spiderman vs giant skeltons
Omfg redoran no one is going to watch your shit.
why is this age restricted?? ffs
Ps do an avengers one.
The fellowship of the ring ( legolas aragorn and gimli ) vs 1 giant, dragon priest and alduin!
pretty sure samurai never used shields
Those ''Samurai'' guys are really Tsaesci, Serpent-folk from Akavir.
fallout vs skyrim!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're called blades... I hope you know that
Gloom wraiths would have been a badass enemy in the original Skyrim.
Yeah they were awesome in Oblivion.
Where do I download the mods for the gloom wraiths/cyclopes?
I think its Skyrim Monster Mod ... you can download on steam workshop
Are all these other guys from dawnguard dlc
Awesome vid, but samurai didn't use shields, anyway that's a cool video keep up the good work!
lol "vs Daedric Samurai" *pulls out big ass axe* lol
next time you should be more accurate and portray the real japanese historical weapons used by the samurai
how is this made ? which mods are used for recording ?
dwarven centurian masters vs forge master, frost giants, giants, ogres, and alduin
"Let's get to bashing buttz as well as DEEEZ nutz" >:3
Is the Cyclops and Bullvore a mod
Dremora Samurai vs 50 imperials
No, he used mods and console commands to put them there. Most aren't Skyrim creature.
greybeards and an elder dragon fight to the death
what mod adds the cyclops and gloom wraths and stuff?
ghost blade vs bullvore vs wraith vs throthgurd
Ebony Warrior vs. Miraak plus every Dragon Priest from Dragonborn.
I used to be a stud like you. Then I took an arrow in the PAENUS!
These videos are limited by what mods are available. So don't ask for things that are not available in mods. Bullvore and Gloom Wraiths are from the Monster Mod, which is now back up on the nexus.
As soon as a saw that Bullvore I was just like " kill that damn thing with fire"
<< ACTUAL Skyrim Battles in my channel! All requests created daily!
anyone notice that the guy with the cool helmet and thunder sword has cool shoulder pads at 0:17 on the left, but when its done showing the cyclops he has the normal ones?
Khajit vs Bosmer? Please!! They can have an epic final rematch for their war!!!! :3
The bullvore is one of the enemies in the witcher 2 right?
try a army from my people in elsweyr vs dragon priest
I want those gloom wraiths, daedric samurai and bullvores... where do I get them? What mods?
what a fail when he tried to kill the daedric samarai
now I really want to play japanese-dubbed Skyrim, omg.
sub zero vs blades, emperor titus mede II, all jarls, top 10 enemies free for all
0:52 did anyone else notice that?
0:59 ... gave that big goy a spanking xD
that's not a samurai? Samurai doesn't bring shield into battle
wait, how he get those mods? with the new mobs and samurais.. and the finish moves?
The Akaviri are like Nirn's version of the Japanese, a little taller, and much more badass.
no but you fight for samurai like people called the blades
the giant cyclops is just like the giant they just replaced the body
Samurais using shield and batlleaxes. Logic is for pussies
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