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My Life in Color: METRO STATION

by bradyszuhaj • 38,438 views

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@bradyszuhaj i'm callen the cops you killed someone and a cat....
oh how i love your impressions... :') especially of the fans... xD
I must admit, I laughed for like an hour after seeing this.
Hey, Brady, are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, as what? :)
one year later and your schedule is still whacked out. FIX THINGS BRADY
i cant believe no one commented on your laugh. iwovedit:)
What is the genre of your band?
all the links are down in the dis--rape dungeon :3
The way i was listening to this full blast,,,then my mum walks in. GROUNDED. Thanks brady. i appreciate it :|
Do you know what they will never make fun of us for, havinn a band called "Late Nite Reading" ;)
Look at Brady's thumb on his right hand!? 0:48-0:51 o-o
"Were in the ooolld studiooooo" Me and my friends do that all the time now xD Even during class.. but the teacher is a dick and gets mad xD
How do you even come up with this omg.
He disliked them so much that he left them to make even shittier music and got random swirly tattoos on the side of his face.
I really like Metro Station, and this was really mean, and yet I still laughed (:
Brady. I hate you. Not only did I just choke because of you, but now my schoolwork margins are filled with quotes from you. <3
First: Whats up on the squirt bottle? haha Second: Your such a dork, just like me! (: haha, I loved Metro Station, I was 17when I loved them but they ghardly made any new songs /: <3
Ok I have a question!!!! Why are you so awesome Brady? :D
Am I the only person who noticed who many times he said "like"? Could you go a whole episode without saying like? Love you!:)
You got a haircut? When did this happen?
It's very fun to watch this with no sound on.... haha
Lmfaoo you're really strange xD
@hannahmary1225 Dude! Don't get me wrong, I Still Love Szuhaj ( Look at me being all... Guyish.. :L) I was just stating a fact! ... And being morbid at the same time.. umm.. yeah. I totally get he's busy. I was just saying.... I just like voicing my thoughts.. At that what i was thinking at the time so. Yeah. Ok..Thanks Bye ^^
hey brady heres my question wat do u consider rape ;)
@toriangel24 hilarious ur abotu as violent as me when my friend friendly hits me XD
.....What's wrong with Asking Alexandria? :(
The awkward moment when you are wearing an Asking Alexandria shirt while watching this xD
" He like, brings in this spawn of Satan, horse baby thing. "
i've actually seen metro station live.. ermm :/
@allisonallison44 Brady was making fun of the guys wearing Asking Alexandria shirt. -_______-
@bradyszuhaj Of course we can forgive you <3333333
i love that you're making fun of tennessee. i hate it here. it's terrible. xD
metro station broke up on mrch 26, 2010 just saying
oh my gosh, laughing my ass off. video stopped for some reason at 2:56 and just um wow, weird facial expression. o.o
..... I was just gonna say you reminded me of Mason Musso... nvm xD the hair.... I had my fangirl moments of Mason... Now I am having my fangirl moments of Brady or Whateverthefuqyournameis.... xD<3 No, I loved Mason until he cut his hair.... and started wearing eye makeup....
@peaceandlove541 It's just a joke. He's just playing around. Do you honestly think Metro Station cares? Me personally, I love Metro Station. I was wearing their Disco Balls and Blow Up Dolls t-shirt when I watched this and I still thought it was funny because it was a JOKE.
lmfao. that was so fucking funny... x]
@bradyszuhaj i find this one hilarious brady but everyone has their own opinion i make all my friends laugh telling the horse joke
trace cyrus is hot.... but his band sucks.
HEY! What's so bad about Asking Alexandria? :(
You're fucking sick! :3 I love it! X3
..... Siblings, huh? .... Like Ethan and Lilly?
I love u but y would u make fun of there bands name when your bands name it late night reading no one likes to read that I know so plz don't make fun of them Srry just telling the truth
Hahahahaha I giggle!! He says "like" ALOT!! He makes me laugh!!
Being turned on while you were making horse sex noises ... I think so. Love you Brady;) -3
k two questions the less offensive one comes first; How old are you? 2 slightly more offensive; are you gay or just scene?
As much as you make funn of us Canadain's you make it up by making me Laugh it least for me
my rape dungeon doesnt show anything. like, its juts an empty space. and it makes me sad
This was posted on my birthday.. You're so fucking attractive.
Remember that gay fanfiction about you and Dalton? Did you like it? I wrote it.
dude i am not even kidding you, me and my friend made up something about miley cyrus doing a horse. THIS IS GREAT!!
count how many times he says "Like"
Fuck you brady I loved metro station. :c jk I love you more
Trace was adopted by Billy Ray, but his mom is still Tish which is Miley's mom. (just clarifying, not trying to be one of those douches who picks fights in the comments)
At 3:30 I Literally Spit Out my Kool Aid Cause I Was Laughing So Hard.
I have talked to Brady many many times he's sooo cool
get a haircut, you look like a girl
How I found you. I was on facebook and liked this thing called being hyper. NOT knowing it was your blog I liked it and blahhh. Then I saw a link to this video and IM like I have to watch this!!! Then three days after watching ever single video I realized Being Hyper was your blog and how every single of my friends like that and dont know how FUCKIN AWESOME YOU ARE!!!! Story of my life.
annyone elsse thhink Brady kinda looks like Drake Bell heree?
Lol he almost said description instead of rape dungeonXD lololol
I laughed so hard that my rib ligitly popped XD <3 You Brady
Ah i still love you brady. Yourr my long-lost bro.
I have that shirt... From like 4 Years ago... Fuck yeah! xD
I GOTZ A QUESIONZZZ! do you gotz a Avril Lavigne bracelet?!?! xD
3:46-3:50 my favorite part of this video.
This made me laugh so hard. Thank you for making my day <3
Metro Station isn't all that bad...and Trace is semi attractive *hides face for ever*
The gestation period for horses is 11 months...just in case you wanted to know. Yup....
Horse gestation is 11 months, but he was probably premature as well as the spawn of saran
Didnt trace cyrus get brenda song pregnant? Thats the last i heard about trace.
I love Metro Station, but I can't say I didn't laught
I'm that emo kid listening to Asking Alexandria ._.
0:28 i guess i really do sound like that o.o
I almost choked laughing at this.......
"I don't know why god gave me a horse for a son" i love you.
Okay, I love metro station, but this was hilarious. "Neigh neigh and stuff." XDD
I effin love Metro Station. I Lmao at this video though XD
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