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The Many Voices of Sonic the Hedgehog

by Mega Man & Friends • 396,004 views

Here's some short clips of the actors who voiced Sonic in the past years.

My favourite voices are Jaleel White and Ryan Drummond. Jason griffth started off bad in Sonic X but had really improved by the time of Sonic Unleashed. Not keen on Rogers portrayal and iv never really watched the Sonic OVA
I totally agree with you.
Ryan Drummond.. Ma childhood voice hahaha :')
you forgot Sonic the Hedgehog SatAm
Jaleel White was my most favorite for the Sonic voices.
Jaleel - I liked his Sonic voice, it was really fitting for the character back then. Martin - Although the light Texan accent makes me LOL, I always liked it. Ryan - I can totally see why people miss him so much. ^^ Jason - He'll be my fave voice for EVAR ever since Unleashed. Roger - He's really good, I'll admit.
I totally agree. I like Roger and all, but I really miss Jaosn.
Jaleel white : When Sonic was a Fat Ass nerd Martin Burke: Less of a nerd but Slimer Ryan Drummound: Perfect Jason Griffith: A fucking derpy sonic Rodger craig Smith : You Suck
1:24 - wow, how exciting: a static shot in a children's film.
Jaleel White sounds stupid, but it was the 90's. I'll let it slide. Samuel Vincent was a good voice actor, but no one should ever sing as Sonic. Martin Burke was probably the best Classic Sonic voice actor, in my opinion. Ryan Drummond in SA was awful, but he improved greatly in SA2. Jason Griffith was pretty bad in Sonic X. He only got worse.
Even by the fact Samuel Vincent voices Double D, when he sings for Sonic, he sounds like his nose is plugged. -_-
Classic Era Sonic- All the Old Sonic voices Attitude Era Sonic- Ryan Drummond New Age Era Sonic- Jason Griffith Modern Era Sonic- Roger Craig Smith The way I see it
Roger Craig Smith is my favorite
ryan sounds best but Jason is the best shadow voice
I like ryans sonic voice
Who else thought Martin Burke should've done Classic Sonic in Generations?
Sonic SUCKS at singing.
Yeah, his nose sound like it's plugged!
Ryan and Roger all the way ._. My opinion...
People make jokes about the fact that his Sonic voice sounds like a Pizza Hut commercial voiceover person, most notably, BalenaProductions. It's just a joke though, not really being serious or anything. lol
jason: sonic in  sonic x and shadow the hedgehog booo after that yay
Martin because I freaking love his accent, and Roger because his voice matches Sonic's modern look and classic attitude perfectly.
Jaleel White was pretty loud frankly if I hadn't heard him doing Sonic's voice I wouldn't have thought he could do it. He is awesome in Satam and Sonic Underground. Martin Burke was just painful in my opinion because I never thought he suited the role. Ryan Drummond actually made him sound grown up especially when you compare him to Martin and Jeleel in this video. Jason was probably my fave Sonic though because he was so damn awesome.
Ryan Drummond is the real Sonic the Hedgehog (in my opinion)
Well, to both of you: Meow
That's an opinion. My Top 3 Sonic Voice Actors: 1. Roger Craig Smith 2. Martin Burke (for Classic Sonic) 3. Jason Griffith
Sonic Adventure looks so awful!
Ryan Drummond is my favorite although I like Martin Burke's voice for Sonic as well.
Wait! What did sonic say at 0:28?
Martin Burke was prolly the best IMO 
Jaleel White was a Awesome Sonic for the 90's! I didn't know that was his voice i was listening to back then! That's Nostalgia for you ^_^
Why not the woman who did his voice in Sonic's Schoolhouse?
Martin Burke or Ryan Drummond...  I don't know who is better.  I think Martin's voice fits better with cartoons and Ryan's fits better for video games.  Jason's alright with his acting; he seems more cheesy and as if he's not really "into" his character.
*Sees Sonic just about to sing a song* No, no! Nonononononono!
Jaleel and Ryan are the best IMO 
5:07 A POLICE OFFICER! YUP "Sonic Says" teaching kids about rape since... 1993
Ryan has my vote. Though Sonic adventure 2 gives me sad thoughts, due to i spent ALOT of hours on that game. I 100% it ( all "A" ranks) just to by mistake delete it when i was trying to load it.  :(
Ryan Drummond had the best voice.
Jason Griffin forever...
Wait a cotton-pickin' minute... Sonic was Urkel??? Ryan Drummond is my Sonic!
Fun Fact-Samuel Vincent, Sonic's singing voice in Sonic Underground, also voices Double D from Ed Edd n Eddy!
Jason griffith For the win
Adventures-Blue arms + buzzsaw Underground-RACKSTARRRRR Movie-SHUT UP TAILS!!! SA-Eyes go up and down X-What happened to that sonic voice?
Drummond of course is the best one. We need him back
Jaleel sounds the youngest. Martin sounds weird, just not right. Ryan sounds off, too mature and too human for sonic :/ Jason is good, & was the best imo till Roger took over Roger also sounds good for sonic
Jason Griffith (of course not from sonic 06) then Ryan Drummond
jaleel is sonic, hands down
jaleel white is real sonic ryan drumand is ok but jaleel white should be clammed best voice of year in sonic and class as the sonic king
well at least nu roger craig smith <3
Jason Griffin indeed!
The voice actor in the first 3 Sonic games is by far the most amazing voice actor I have ever heard.
Jaleel will always be Sonic
Ryan Drummond is my favorite Sonic.
Jason Griffith is the best voice actor for Sonic!
jaleel's voice got a lot better over time, specifically on satAM and sonic underground. but my favorite is probably ryan drummond.
1:10 * brain explodes from how annoying this song is *
Lmao 1:28 peter griffin neh hehe heh xD
They need to bring either droummond or grifftith back
dig dig dig Angelique laroche is rite Ryan drummond is the best
Craig Smith is best not on list but still best
i like jason griffith out of all of them.
Sonic underground voice is the best (for TV)
jareel white is hi name
Jaleel White: He was good for classic Sonic, and it would have been awesome if Jaleel White voiced Classic Sonic in Sonic Generations! Martin Burke: It was only good for the movie Ryan Drummond: THE BEST SONIC VOICE EVER! Jason Griffith: He was also good as well, but I still prefer Ryan over Jason Roger Craig Smith: He was good in Colours and Generations, but now hes becoming worser and worser when voicing Sonic
I think they all did a great job. Everyone did the best they could. My fav is White, but who am I to shit on anyone about how they do their job? I don't think I could voice Sonic better. It really sucks how 90% of the (outspoken) fans like to shit on Jason. How about the fact (widely agreed opinion = fact) that Sonic X was all around fucking stupid? People weren't going to give Jason a chance with that being his debut (that I know of) as Sonic. He wasn't that bad to start with and he did better in the games.  I find it odd that no one has anything to say about Jason's work as Shadow, or that Sonic's last 3 VAs also shared Shadow's role. I honestly feel like he and the others sound better as Shadow than Sonic, but they all did a great job in their own respect.
Ryan Drummond sonic adventures 2
Drummond nuff said!
Ryan Drummond in Sonic Adventure 2 is best sonic voice!
I like jason griffth
Ryan Drummond~ That voice is burned into my head as sonic.
Jaleel White : Funny, a bit annoying at times, but he was OK Ryan Drummond : Fans choice. Nuff said. :) Jason Griffith : My personal favorite. Roger Craig Smith : I can't see what people see in him. He sounds NOTHING like Ryan nor Jason, his Sonic is a major PRICK and an unfunny dumbass.And he needs to get his fucking nose unstucked. I hope he gets sacked after Sonic Boom.
I like Jason Griffin but I got to say Ryan Drummond wins this.
Well, since I'm not from a english speaking country, I was never familiar with Jaleel White until much later, so I'm not really used to his voice at all, and I find it super weird for Sonic. To me, the best is Griffith, then Drummond.
Ryan Dummond and roger craig smith sucks
Ryan in SA2 (he was a lot better here then in sonic adventure) and Martian from sonic ova(I like the voice for some reason)
Stop pressing X. (Get it???)
I think one of them also voices Cillian (don't know spelling) off Pokemon B/W...
I believe Jaleel is the best Sonic by virtue of the fact that every actor after him is just doing a cheap imitation of his original style. But I also have a soft spot for Ryan's Sonic.
I like jason griffin
Jaleel white is the best one
Jaleel is best for classic, and Ryan is best for modern (In my opinion)
Jason motherf|_|¢|<!& Griffth
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