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Pioneer CDJ 800 MK1 Repair

by Chitown DJramon • 20,362 views

How to change out laser Assembly. When your CD's want play.

Thanks for the video, I had the problem with my 800 mk1 where it just wouldnt read(put in and eject) I changed just the laser $12.00, back in business. no calibrating or anything. Anybody fixing there's DONT forget the solder bridge it has to be remove. 
It is very simple to do.. I own a pair of Stanton C.324 cdjs and I had to order a pair of new lasers (just the unit without the metal frame...) they cost me like 12dllrs each!! I just got a Pioneer cdj800 and seems like its going to be the same procedure... (check the "fix stanton c.324 video" to get an idea of how to replace just the laser) great video brother!!
hey chris, great video man. do you think it's going to be much different replacing the cd laser assembly on a 800MK2? i can't find too much data on the web, for example the replacement i found is the "Complete Transport CD w/ Laser Assembly" is it the equivalent to the one your show in your video? thanx a lot for your help.
you saved me alot of money,your a legend!!!!!
no was not hard to put back together repair should not take no more than 30 to 45 mins
four thing is when you want to replace compleet mechanism of cd-payer then you must first CONNECT SCART CABLE FROM LASER HEAD and then remove anti-static short cut with GROUNDED solder iron..lucky jou didnt damadge the laser 70dollar worth..and then you must play cd and check the PARAMETERS!!! tracking "gain+strength" and focus"gain+sharpness" you are lucky your cdj doesnt read many faults from just changing it...test must be done with dubbel nedle multimeter+oscilloscope.!!
hey man great video, i was wondering if u cud possible put one up showing how to get to and clean the laser? thanks
thanks! got the part but couldn't find where the bridge was till i found your vid... thanks again!
cheers matey exellent video... still a little scared of doing it my self would have been sweet if youd proper shown the soldering. great anyway! peace
how did it work? did you have to calibrate the pitch after
try to go to a radio shack as for a laser cleaner set. it will come with a lent free swab. and a cleaning solution.
no every thing work like it did before. it stop working. have been doing gigs since then had no problems.
hey chris mine is takin in the cd but makes a skretching noise then spits out da cd .... is that wat yours was doing ... contact me by email man may have more questions...
Hi Chris, thanks for this video. Was it hard to take it apart and get it back together? How long did the whole thing take?
great advice to do stuff yourself thanks Chris !! shops are just rip off's
EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!! my cdj has fucked up like that 4 times in the past 5 yrs costin me 190 euro for repair each time... it happened me last week AGAIN so i looked up the net and seen ur vid.. bought the part on e-bay by typing in PIONEER CDJ800 MK1 LASER MECHANISM REPAIR kit.. got the part within 2 days costin 40 euro and fitted myself in less than half an hour.... cdj workin perfect ever since no waitin 2 weeks for the shop repair 2 come back and saved 150 quid RESULT!!!!!!
do you know how to put a whole new laswer in it?
Legend!! I thought it was a faulty replacement laser at first, thanks for the vid :)
on oscilloscope you must read minimum 1,2volt signal strength on copy cds and 1,5volt on originals, signal wave "sinusoide of data stream must be paralel and clean"without any disturbance..i bett your cdj will read many errors and in short time make problems...DONT TRY TO BE SMARTER THAN PEOPLE WHO WENT TO UNIVERSITY TO LEARN TO REPAIR THIS COMPLICATED THINGS..buddy there is no free air in life..sorry..dont get me wrong..if you want i make movie how to do this and joy..
hallo,interesting movie. look first thing you must do is connect the scope on "rf" connection and look at scope for signal strength,as this will tell you if your laser is weak..the signal strength must be 1volt minimum at copy'd cd,s ......if not then this is bad laser..second look at tracking of laser..if you see thet motor is making "gaps" then only servo motor is bad and cost 2e only..third SPINDLE MOTOR..must not have free play on axle,as this will result in reading errors...cost 2e only...
could u go look in my video and tell me if that my problem please
Anyone knows where you could buy the repair and service manuals for yhe pioneer cdj?
for anyone worrying about soldering ...the part comes with step by step instructions all there is to it is... 3 screws till take the back off the cdj... then disconnect 3 wires 2 of wich are connectors.... the other a wee green wire with a spade connection connected with a tiny screw!!! THATS UR OLD MECHANISM READY 2 COME OUT IN LESS THAT 10 MINUTES!!! then all u do is follow the instructions on the new part for the soldering and drop the new part back in ur cdj and ur back in business
Great video buddy! Good job! Thanks for sharing!
great video .. the only one on YouTube! excellent!! i have the same problem
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