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Surface vs. iPad: Microsoft's Getting Rusty Stealing from Apple

by Say Media • 1,226,795 views

On Monday, Microsoft held a secret press event in Los Angeles where it announced a new family of tablets under the Surface moniker. Along with Surface, the event revealed a branding shift for...

Lol fucking retard, microsoft had a tablet all the way back in 2002, if anything apple copied microsoft. Dumb stupid mactard.
And yet nobody used it
and in the 60 did resurch on it
Microsoft showed the tablet WAY BEFRE Apple with Ipad. Oh, BTW, Windows tablets can run Steam and Office, and includes USB ports, Sd storage and microSD options. Oh, and it's a full desktop Os, so I can install real programs instead of shitty apps. Full Pro Tools 11 installed on mine. Ipad has just a complement. Windows tablets are useful tablets, while iPads are just for games like Angry Birds. Try to play Bioshock on iPad. Yes, there is a port, but with Windows tablets I can run it with Pc graphics on maximum settings. Windows has come to stay.
+niklas981000 that's an argument "clap clap clap" SARCASM
They just got inspiration from Steve Jobs. how the fuck you title the video "Stealing" ?
Microsoft is nothing compared to apple
What the heck iPad has TONS of games
+YouMadBro An example of productivity is picking up a book and reading it. Something you obviously don't do often if you actually think spending anytime on a computer is considered "Productive." Also, Gaming takes up much more processor and video memory then something like video editing and Windows has proven to completely stomp any Mac computer at gaming... therefor, Windows > Mac... plus, Mac's are insanely overpriced. Buying parts and self-assembling a fantastic gaming PC would usually cost me around $1,000-$2,000 yet for the same exact specs you have to pay $6,000+ for a Mac which i find absurd.
The tablets were invented around the late 1980's, and the Microsoft came out with the first user-friendly tablet in 2000 lol.
+Nicholas Loperena Jobs has never claimed to have invented it, and no one ever will. Apple never said that they invented the tablet, because they knew that they didn't. They only claimed to have "reinvented" and "revolutionised" the tablet market, and that's exactly what they did. There's nothing to be arguing about. The term "invented" is always misused.
+Nicholas Loperena If you know for sure can you show me an example(quote/video etc)? 
Now, that was funny! Click... Click.
Do you remember Pocket PC ? NO? Then use google and you'll get that Microsoft had the first tablet... in 2000! (1996)
Microsoft is not stealing form apple because apple did not create the idea of the ipad
IPad=toy store Surface=multimillidollar company
Thats why i would like to be peter pan.... To be a kid forever!
Microsoft copies Apple alot.
i agree ALL tech titans steal from each other.. its life for them and by now nobody cares.
And now apple is copying android fucking features apple had a good run with steve jobs but now they're a fucking imitation
as someone who works for Microsoft I find your comment extremely funny, you prolly cant afford apple products so you bash them, I know because we count on people like you
Right, because apple doesn't steal ideas too? HAHA
This is just basic shit you do when you release a tablet you idiot.
The Surface is the middle finger to all tablets.l0l
People don't understand that the iPad needs multiple adapters, cases, and other tools to be able to do half the stuff they show off here. The Surface has a built in kickstand, a detachable keyboard, a pen, and a USB port. The iPad has none of these without spending hundreds of extra dollars.
Your comment is probably the only one I agree with in this video lol
I have and iPad mini and don't likewise of windows programs. Have a hp laptop and hate windows now after using it since the 90's.
Watch bill gates introduced the very first tablet in 2002 . Pc tablet
Microsoft was the first to introduce tablets back in 2002... who's stealing who?
ONLY WINDOWS ONLY faster, beter looks etc. great machine. ipad for kids 
+BART84  "ONLY WINDOWS ONLY FASTER" Me and my friend decided to compare my 2013 Macbook Air to his probably 2014 Dell Laptop. One of them won, and it isn't the Dell. Every time we clicked on something on the PC, a pop up came and it took minutes to load the page. From my experiences, Windows is slow and sluggish. (P.S, I have had about 3 PC'S, so don't go bashing me about my experiences)
Dude thats the ipad1 vs the newest microsoft.... Now do the ipad air and lets see who wins then...
ya..lets do ipad air vs surface pro 2
yeah, because Microsoft sooo didn't release a tablet PC in 2002...
LoL, Microsoft Surface Pro = Fails
Rumour is that Apple are going to copy Microsoft and (finally) give the iPad the ability to multitask, run two apps side by side, which the Surface RT could do from day one. Maybe they catch up with having separate user accounts as well? And copy the Touch Cover? And expandable memory. And USB....
I love how back in 2000-2002 Microsoft released a TABLET pc and then years later apple shows up like look what we invented, when apple has really never invented anything, if anything they have taken a ton of ideas and slaped them into one lame ass product then over-charge people for it, then Microsoft releases the Surface/Surface pro then all the Apple fags cry saying Microsoft stole apples idea when actually Apple kind of stole Microsoft's.
Microsoft created tablet in 2002 .... apple created ipad in 2010 .... think about it ....
tablets where invented by microsoft hahaahaha
+listenwhywouldyouletme choosethisnamegoogle "point mac for ppl bad at tech pc ppl who can figure things out" I'm just gonna go to Best Buy with my broken Pc and say "Is there a genius here that can help me with my broken PC, no? ok." If you go to the genius bar with your problem they will fix it in minutes! Windows people are just dumb pussies so they don't show up anywhere to fix your 1286 viruses, and will they ever fix them? No. I guess that means macs are dumb people. (sarcasm)
no thanks i will stay with ipad lte
All of you guys say that apple never innovates, and your right. But what apple does do is find a good idea and make it work. For example the ipad, they took the tablet and turned it into something more. You might say oh oh the ipad sucks i like my surface or my galaxy note, but apple started the trend that made those tablets. The finger print scanner is another example. The phone that had the scanner before the 5s had a lousy sensor that barely worked. Apple makes everything it does work. You buy an iphone or ipad because it works every time or doesn't work every time . Android devises dont have that repeatability. Somthing might work then when you try again it does work or vice versa. But the point is that apple does it right.
indeed; it is undeniable
This is factual information.
Microsoft windows is the king. 
Mihaita Bamburic Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Lol, does it still hold true today?
They both describe the device. Someone copied someone else because they used the same language!!! Tablets were around a long time before the iPad.
Too late !!! Bye bye ballmer
Moses was the first to use the tablet !!!!! 10 commandments anyone???
So what if Microsoft did the same thing their just showing the surface claim down
Yeah, and you can also go one step back.. Microsoft actually invented the tablet to begin with, and so on.
+Sune Roberto Borgen They didn't invent it, they just made the first user friendly one.
There was no stealing of ideas. Every computer company had a dream of making a touch screen computer. That's all a tablet really is. Its just more portable and has more games for kids
Hahaha he said hold on a sec
wow what a fail ahhah 0.52 ahahhahahha
If any body believes this poop the are stupid. apple is an EVIL company the act like they invented the universe when they ALWAYS steal other company's ideas Sony had the SAME iPhone look for YEARS. and the all Apple's parts are made from other company's like Samsung. apple is JUST a brand. Plus apple LIES, CHEATS, MISLEADS, STEALS, . The first mac JUNK was priced $666.66 why not $665 or $667? And the apple bite stand for when Eve ate the Apple. Why not a full Apple? Steve Jobs NEVER believed in GOD he backstabed his partner and Steve Jobs purposely did the price and Apple bite thing. Apple is an EVIL company run by Satan.
First of all, Microsoft had many of the visions Apple made mainstream years before Apple starting developing them. The difference is, Apple caters to sheeple, Microsoft caters to real professionals and business people, so yeah, Microsoft doesn't have the sheeple-tickling charm Apple does. No one denies that.  When Apple steals from Microsoft or introduces features like resizing windows on all four corners that have been in Windows for over 20 fucking years, no one utters a peep. When Microsoft got to be too big and a "monopoly", the government broke them up, Apple is far bigger than Microsoft ever was, and where exactly is Sherman Anti-Trust? Just like with government-cock-sucking Verizon, bigger than ever and not a dent in their monopoly.  It seems Apple can do whatever and fanboys defend them, but no matter what Microsoft does, everyone has something to say. I was an Apple fan during the Vista-era, but you know what, I don't regret coming back to Windows and I never had a problem with Vista after SP1 anyways. Windows 8.1 was practically bug-free from release, and Windows 7 and 8 were equally as flawless a few months after their releases; get start8 or classic shell and shut the fuck up, all companies do something to impede someone's workflow at some point and it usually is a 5 minute fix. Complain and let them know and move on. Welcome to the real world; the only FULL satisfaction takes drugs, sex and fantasy.  Apple is like the titanic and by utterly fucking their pro market with this new subwoofer of a Mac Pro and continually fucking their OS by turning it into an iOS hybrid and breaking the hearts and souls of real Macheads, they are going to CRASH.  Keep talking, because Apple's pro market is ending and the Mac market is going to die, and Linux is never going anywhere outside of the server room. Sure the iMarket is strong, but iToys will also take a hit when Android and Windows RT/Phone further evolve and make iOS look like the toy it is. Android already dominates the world outside of America. And me and many others said Ballmer and Sinofsky needed to go, and guess what, Microsoft made it happen, and if they do what we want and make another XP or 7 out of Windows 9, Windows will be here a LONG, LONG, LONG ass time. Office will forever remain the standard because the only SOMEWHAT CLOSE competition WAS iWork, which is dying off, and ask any Hollywood-level professional, they are all longing for their old FCS, in fact they are still using the old version on SNOW LEOPARD, because Apple did a good job ruining that good thing too. AMD is also a big loss in terms of GFX on the Mac Pro, Intel Iris is a joke on a pro laptop. Why Apple abandoned NVIDIA as their GFX standard is yet another mystery.  Apple died with Jobs, and anyone who can't see that is pretty lame. Cook is going to bake Apple into hell. 
Microsoft, oohh little Microsoft you sucks!
Watched on my iPad 4 :)
che figura di merda che ha fatto la microsoft
this made me laugh so hard I was watching this on my ipad 3
Steve Jobs is in Hell right NOW 90% chance burning.
It's so fucking great that it even freezed during the demo...
The tablet was invented in 1880. I take tablets every morning for headaches.
I went on wikipedia, cuz I'm a fucktard or dumbass, whatever you can call me, and found this: "Apple is often credited for defining a new class of consumer device. It shaped the commercial market for tablets in the following years. iPads and competing devices have been tested by the US military. The most successful tablet is the Apple iPad, using the iOS operating system. Its debut in 2010 pushed tablets into the mainstream. Samsung's Galaxy Tab and others followed, continuing the trends towards the features listed above."  So THANKS TO APPLE, everybody else is selling products...
Lol, you are talking about apple's contribution to the world, and its all debunked by +TheWeirdOrange, then you quickly change your topic to crApples contribution to your personal life, Lol.
+agil gila Yes I am, it's a free world, ain't it? Apple is better than Microsoft & Co.
Edward Fan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ok I will give it to apple the i pad definitely wins here?
Microsoft created tablet computing long before Apple.
+agil gila Find a phone that has had one before, then we'll talk.
I think a company with the potential and capability of Microsoft should get a new CEO. Microsoft is really falling behind.
Search up articles about him and how he failed. Let's just say he wasn't the best CEO for a major company.
Just look at the picture of the video. Steve jobs looks very enthusiastic with pride about his new product.... And then u turn left to Microsoft... Derp. He looks like a retard
Damagebot Is right Microsoft made the surface long before apple is for little kids Microsoft is so faster apple rainbow spinning thing up screen froze sorry sincerely apple  sucks
iPad is awesome. Apple is awesome. Microsoft sucks ass.
Smh so ppl saying that Apple stole from Microsoft lol smh so you guys forgot when Bill gates Took All Of Apple ideas In The Past To Make Microsoft The Way it is Now ? so Shut the Fuck up !!!!
andreas vichr Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Lust auf Microsoft bashing zum Latte? Surface vs. iPad introduction. Nicht neu aber immer noch hilariös.
Geoff Corey Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Reinfluence Marketing Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
An impressive comparison of #Apple and #Microsoft marketing efforts for the release of Surface and iPad. Maybe "impressive" isn't the right word. Thanks +ReadWriteWeb for doing this.
Gregg Morton Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
C Ganta Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Matthew Barry Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Happy Birthday iPad!  0:55 made me laugh...
Johan Bové Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The key frame says a lot, but the whole thing is funny in a macabre sort of way.
Shelmi Setiawan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I think is fair. Microsoft announced tablet first (Bill gates), but no one remember that
Falgun Patel Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Nobody can match Steve Jobs.
They couldn't even demo their "reimagined" new tablet without it shitting on them. 0:48
Apple has very small share of the PC market. Still dominated by Windows based Computers. There is a website called Eatsumshit .check it out
fuck you bill gates but thank you for xbox
0:48 FAIL FOR MICROSOFT. Now thats brings a BAD Reputation for the Surface tablet dont you think? Oh and BTW look at the crowd when the surface tablet failed, everyone had Mac's, a computer from APPLE. To conlude this matter, APPLE IS BETTER.
well, surface has a PC OS, so your argument is invalid too...
I can give you links attesting to them insulting Microsoft, even after Microsoft gave to apple $150 million when apple was facing bankruptcy.
pioneer? sure... because the iphone is not a copy of samsung, nokia, android, etc... because ipad is not a copy of tablet pc (2003) NCR gridpad (1991) nor the samsung tablet. because they invented the graphic os and the mouse (Xerox and Douglas Engelbart respectively) because they don't sell overpriced pieces of crap (4 gb ram, corei5, shitty graphics=900$, when i can buy a real computer way better for $500), because they support flash and don't transform the connectors in each generation......
If Apple didn't create Mac OS ... Windows wouldn't exist as it is today. and it's a very bad copy of Mac OS
I'm pretty sure tablet existed a very long time ago before iphone came out my mom was using one back when she was an office worker. Now she's an RN because her job cut. Anyway tablet in any form existed long before
not in term of tablets, phones, tablets and build quality, and allot of people will say Mac OS is better than windows, but i still prefer windows OS
ofc they did,I heard they invented time machine.....Hint: sarcasam
Than is right, there were tablet computers long before the ipad, Apple just made a lot of improvements. Apple does not make a lot of new things, but they make and present things like they are brand new tech. 1onder has spoken. Apple Cultures has spoken.
I didn't know you weren't allowed to explain specs in a keynote. iSheeps ugh.
What does microsoft suck? No, seriously, you need to learn using commas a lot more often.
laughed my ass of when the crowd with the macbook's were like taking pictures of the windows 8 tablet freeze. lol
bullshit window 8 suck. window 8 and window 7 are the same but the only different about them are the start program. really Microsoft, I wait couple of years for that, a new start program bullshit. I prefer window 7 start program then 8 start program. Microsoft scam people every single day. people buy their products because it's CHEAP.Microsoft cant make home computer, tablet, and a smart phone. Microsoft copy Apple.
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