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Portal 2: Cyan Industries Co-op Part 4 - Spinning Room of Death

by CaptainSparklez • 286,831 views

Mark - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ● Twitter: ●...

If yall want to see funny watch laddergoat.
i thaught it was his whole stomach area and by crows
Wait, YOU would be testing? Then i wanna be rattmann. He's the real hero.
play the song secrets by one republic with this vid
I already commented this,but ALL floor buttons have a cube icon on them. No matter what they do. It indicates that the button is pushable with a cube.
and there is always the rumor that it was inspired in Jim Carrey ^^
wait so if i just comment of this "train" people will thumbs it up?
today is thursday! wheres my update!!!!????
Please join my epic minecraft server *We Got the strippers
Wow Longest Level ever. Takes up a whole Video! They must be Hardcore Face-palming while re-watching these.
S3cr3tsnip3r you just blew my mind apart
Anybody look at the tags for this video?
I had no idea that so many people were comment hogs on YouTube you guys know why ur here begging people for attention? It's cuz ur videos probably suck and aren't funny at all so shut up and get on with life
Portal. The game of ultimate MINDFUCK!!!
That's creepy the video crashed when captiansparklez said GLADOS
@ryan ault Its just understanding the laws of physics. But I never thought about that until now.
"GLaDOS" is an acronym (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) Since the A stands for the word "and", it is not capitalized.
i don't understand why people get top comments just from quoting things in the video...
when you got crushed by the door it startled me 0.0
Attention all gullible people with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches: "app trailers" doesn't work like they say and they don't have iTunes cards or Steam credit or anything and it takes about 4 months to get enough for a $10 card DON'T GET APPTRAILERS
Because GLaDOS means Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System Genetic = G Lifeform = L and = a Disk = D Operating=O System = S
Thay say: "The smartest one quits first" (In my language it sounds better)...It sounds like you want the top comment...I haven't had a good discustion for months, so I'll add you to my contacts,
First of all, did you go through all the comments looking for one on religion. Second of all, no it's not. Your a troll, and you deserve to die and be trapped in eternal nothingness. Which, is probably going to happen to you...eventually.
*android im pretty sure a cyborg is part human, david isn't
Go to this guys yeah ->'t-Real
hmmm I pretty sure about the liver part, but it might have been crows. I typed that off the top of my head.
My youtube seems fucked up, all my subcription are gone but i still get their feed :S
Extersion frunnel? That's what he said?
@TexRanger2015 interesting !!! No
sorry i'm new to youtube, so how has the video gotten over 10mins?
My Iphone told me that it was 21st january in 1981 a week ago /:
"I wonder what it does... JESUS CHRIST" *Gets crushed by a wall*
shit don't work like that, it has to be a decent comment
So this whole video was one puzzle?
I would answer something rude but I feel like this conversation is not going anywhere :P...
portal is the most disorienting game ever
In Finland we got Jordan named toothbrush..
Click (Show Comment) to start the Youtube Games: Comment Train Adventure!
I don't think they ever really used the ping tool for its intended purpose.
With.... a team (seananners and allshamnowow) or nick) (team of 3)
Don't you mean David from Prometheus? He's a cyborg
this is so much harder than the original puzzles
I think you were supposed to use the tunnel to hit the butto
Flauw da ge in u eige taalke begint te praten omda ge't ni meer aan kunt. :P
is this the new map thier is coming in the the next portal or what?
Derp. I mean that he must be in that year, 2069, if it was posted 43 years ago. By the way, nice reply time.
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