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How-To Skateboarding: Manual with Shuriken Shannon

by RIDE Channel • 40,419 views

Learn a new trick each and every day from top pros. You'll get step-by-step instructions on how to master every trick in skateboarding! Tune in seven days a week to learn something new. Today...

Most of the video is just him doing manuals...this didn't help at all :(
so you want him to do the trick for you?
hahaha he doesnt explain anything at all
this did not tell me anything i did not already know
That trick tip was basically "ollie up, do a manual, ride away"
in every one of these trick-a-day videos, the last step is always ride away clean haha
I want a trick tip by spencer nuzzi
my friend and i were out skating and i did it first try its really easy just manual with a kickflip stance maintain ur balance and pop and flip it
search: how to nose manual with marshall heath
im more interested in learning how to kickflip out can you make a trick tip about it
how is it that every trick tip is filmed in san diego........ yessssssssssssss
does anybody know where you could get that colorway on those janoskis?
I swear step 1 is always getting good speed
lol he gots a bob marley shirt when his talking but when his skating he has a "thug life" shirt with a uzi on the back...
@TheTwinkeeBoi they have one up already in the ride channel
These comment are all stupid,its a fucking manual its not super specific because its hella easy.
amazing shirts bro thug life n Bob Marley!!
You forgot one simple thing that makes this way easier: After you ollie, look at your back bolts.. I don't know why, this works.. But it does! Try it out.
I seriously love watching pros do tricks that are super easy for them!
these videos need to be a bit more specific.. its easiest if you land light on your back trucks and have your front foot in the manual positon in the air then keep it stiff for the landing so your tail doesnt touch
These trick tips, sometimes, suck. The don't explain special tricks that help them, or what to do. They just say what happens...
Thank you, I am now on my way to becoming a professional.
at 0:35 did you see the pentagram on the right
how to manual: step a manual. is what i got from this
ollie up and land on your back two wheels? You dont say!
I just feel like thats the only trick he can do
must be old because he didnt mention santa cruz!
1:25 ollie up and land on your back
how do you Ollie off a manual? that's what i wanted to learn.
...that was the most intense manuel music
correction: the master would be ridney mullen.
It's not, but RIDEChannel wanted to make some money.
and it also says at the start he rides for black label..
2:58 you can also solve a Rubik's cube while doing manual: watch?v=OxaYKDFSGuI
Nuh Uh you ride for Santa Cruz!
I don't think anybody is looking up videos on the most basic trick possible
Do a nose manual one. I suck at those :/
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