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Hangin' Out With the YouTube Art News Crew

by Sycra • 8,134 views

A hangout with: Merrill Kazanjian - Thad Taylor - Tyler's Art Shack - Josh Waddey -...

Sorry if you guys already answered this but besides sycra's book resources what books do you guys find useful for drawing anatomy and movement? Specifically for beginners. Thank you!
Tyler should make an eharmony video.
Sycra should do a podcast- thumbs up if you agree. Btw you are not obligated to sycra, it is a random thought :) I love to hear your personal thoughts and stories about how you got into art and such
You wish you were crazy, who heard voices and cut off his ear?
Yes, they definitely do. In the proper context, nudity is allowed.
This is the third google handout can we start getting idk notifications when these are going to happen I'm still kicking myself from missing the one with Evan
Yes they do have a mixer brush its right-click/hold on the brush icon then select mixer brush. Its best for blending/soothing smooth or watercolor with watercolor swatches. Regular brush is good with opacity for creating far-near illusions and straight-forward reflection approaches. The other two I never actually used them but they're probably useful for the people that actually do us them. uh the mixer brush best smoothing/blending combination is 10's 75-100's 80-90s 100-or your choice(flow ).
This video is so funny viewing all the surrounding parts to my entry and abrupt disconnection from the internet. I love it!
Hope to join you another day guys!
I have been to Holland, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala and France
Hey RebPierre! Superheroes from Queens I have to put at the front of my list. I am looking forward to seeing it. Was a big fan of the latest version of Batman, so I think that Spidey might do ok!
hey sycra just subscribed to your channel you got some great stuff
Only 3 hours? Wimps. A REAL Hangout lasts at-least 5...... JK of course. So far the longest I have gone is 11 with straight painting.
that chatacter is comung along merill
ho long is this stream going for, I've been here for hours?
I am struggling with it too! It makes a great paper weight!!!!!
I enjoyed the live stream, thanks for answering my questions. :D
saw it! :) Could you post it to our FB page so that the entire group can see it?
Supporting artists. I liked fav and shared
thanks guys so much this is the first hangout iv got to join all of my questions were answerd and very helpful
Haha I remember this, damn i was asleep at the time
i came here for the art but stayed for the banter...
So what about the still lifes, what's your thoughts? :)
any comments for Leonardo da Vinci's work?
Sycra I think this is awesome! I really would like to join one of these!
Have you had anyone tell you, you weren't good enough in your art?
yes kazanjianm......(I havent uploaded in a LONG time)
Sorry I missed this one as I was in the land of nod fast asleep....watching the replay now!
Wow, this is live youtube? AWESOME!
The republicans will call me out on the Bieber scandal! I actually did a step by step on him. Ill never get elected!
Scroll up the hangout chat it tells you everyone who joined.
Great to finally catch a hangout, has been great. Thank you for answering so many of my questions.
Probably 8ish (NY Time) I always post on my FB and twitter.
No, this one I didnt use a reference image. I prefer to draw this way, rather than the step by step style drawings.
I jsut searched for Tyler on Google and this was the response "Google won't search for Tyler Norris because it knows you don't find Tyler Norris, he finds you.
Yes 11 hours back in November. It was my second Cliffathon in order to raise funds for the Kickstarter I was holding back then. I did 22 Speedpaintings of fellow plussers. that was before Hangouts On Air.
I use bleedproof marker paper for illustrations like the one I was working on.
thanks and i was cracking up about the trader joes on your live chat...but sorry i got it in it towards the tail end of it..but im glad i asked about what your lowest point in your life was entertaining for when i showed up..
Cool I am actually a YouTube Live Streaming Partner Also.
Tyler doesn't find bigfoot bigfoot finds tyler
i want to hang with the art buddies
Ice Man or Medusa's stare would have no effect on Tyler
Right on! SBARTSTV was one of the pioneers of YT arts! Please check out YT Art News, we cover visual arts on YT every month. New episodes out on the 15th of every month!
do Tyler's portrait next time
Yes! I have seen incredibly talented artists get ignored.....Teaching still gets views.....Hangouts are the best way!
i love sycra. youve made me laugh so much tonight.
I am going to quote Merril when I want to sound intelligent.
how long is this stream going for, I've been here for hours
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