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Aston Martin V12 Zagato HUGE REVS!!

by NM2255 Car HD Videos • 87,519 views

Full HD 1080p Video By NM2255: In 50th anniversary year of the iconic DB4GT Zagato, Aston Martin introduces a modern interpretation of the famous Aston Martin and Zagato collaboration. The new V12...

mix of mustang and ferrari wow
Aston martin really? It sound like unfinished project as if the engine will seize
The mufflers don't look too flash, but Damn, it sounds good.
most amazing modern Aston Martin ever? i think so.
What it sounds like is a race car. I dont think that thing will be streetlegal sounding like that. You can get any V12 engine sounding like that if you take the mufflers off basicly
Yeowch! That baby sounds ANGRY!!
This car is alive, definitely!
Getting a boner from the sound of a car... And I don't even feel weird because of it.
Me recuerda al viejo chevrolet de mi tio con el motor ahogandose, en cuanto a sonidos nada le gana a un Corvette
Fuck I came in my pants @ 0:40 now I have to go wash myself
front and back don't fit together
wow, great vid. imagine this zagato racing along with the one-77.
thats what a car is supposed to sound like!
Sound like American muscle car in low revs!
nie mam słów dźwięk silnika jak w starych wozach wyścigowych
I would have lold so hard if he tried to pull away and stalled!
OMG that car sound absolutely nasty , but i like it , it;s my type of car
@hendrixexperiencedig archaeology is the most pointless thing in the world
the fucking best sound jizzzzd in my pants
@juanlucasrolon how is a 2 door car very much like a 4 door wagon?
in front aston martin,but from the back is like ferrari
wow, spectacular sound :O :) +1
LOVE the look of the big grille on the front, not a huge fan on the back, but the sound makes up for it ;)
I love this car But it has a V12 and Only 520hp? Come on Aston surely you could have squeezed 650hp. Great sound though
1:14 haha, check the reflex in the numberplate! his head looks funny, cause the plate is a bit curved!
the side and back of this car is just so.......ahhh
Thumbs up if you seen this on worldstar!
This car has poison inside! Amazing. I didn´t expect that sound from an Aston Martin.(i mean that loud). Pour V12.
ok .. so americans have blown engines and we have this ..
sounds like a drag engine :P not really something you want to hear from an aston martin
the back looks like a 458 italia a bit
You hear nice, sensible jazz playing in the background, the ROOAAAR!! The beast is awakened.
YYYYYUP just blew my speakers :)
It LITERALLY sounds like a monster growling and roaring at something.
cant wait for Jezza and the Stig to thrash this
i reckon they should cut the front of the am310 stick it together with the back of the zagato with that crazy v12 that would be a fackin sick ride
Great sound! Looks absolute fantastic. Would be a good production car ;-)
Too bad they are only making 2 of these...
and nutted again @ 0:57 .... running outta clean underwear
@NYCaddicted thanks again for all your great comments on my videos ;)
Something wicked this way comes... :D
questa Aston è stupenda, e ha un sound assurdo!! fenomenale +1
i liked this video 2 years ago
My laptop almost flew off my lap once the video started. At first I didn't know why, then I looked down to see I had a raging hard on
i bet that smelled rich of fuel lol
Wow, what a beast...absolute amazing sound!
Great it has exhaust pipes. Now how about showing the rest of the car some more. K thanx.
@NOXXism No I totally get it. Wonderful exhaust note, and a fabulous engine. But theres so much more to this car than the backside... Guess I should find other vids that look at the rest of the car. :)
That car is so ridiculous. Can I have it? <3
that carbon fibre is too close to that exhaust... it won't be long until you see these burning like ferrari italia.
Damn you Aston Martin. You owe me new pants.
@NM2255 i think i would prefer the v12 vantage over this imo
wow, I was so angry with aston martin V12 Zagato was very much like the Ferrari FF
idles like a muscle car, revs like a beast.
@Bret3030 In racing there's certain RESTRICTIONS in order to make the racing fair and competitive. This way cars having different displacement and being either naturally aspirated or having turbos, can compete with each other in endurance racing. Those 520hp is with the mandatory air-restriction plates. Also, you need to learn that the number of cylinders don't mean anything compared to the displacement. Ferrari's first V12 was only 1,5 litre and it produced 118hp.
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