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Video Response to Cubehamster's 'Diaboxical Challenge'

by Ripper Plays • 7,427 views

Cubehamster's Diaboxical Challenge: My attempt at Cubehamster's 'Diaboxical Challenge'; where you must attempt defuse an 'undefusable' bomb within a time...

The most valuable block in the game is the dragon egg!
Yeah, but it's not the coolest =P
fakkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee timer still at 5 minutes
An easier way to defuse it is to just knock out all the tnt -__-
Haha probably, better to be safe than sorry haha ;)
dam i thout it was un crackable
Maybe second best. Not quite the best m'afraid ;)
Yep lol, not like the first couple of times ><
Nice but lapiz block the best?! For placing on redstone or what? I dont get it XD
Yeah I know =S No, I wasn't cheating, after a few times of reloading this map, the timer inexplicably just stopped working. It would only count down the single seconds, not the minutes or tens of seconds. Not really sure what happened, but I'm pretty confident I defused it well within the 5 minutes anyway ;) Good pickup ;)
wheres the budder you said the best block in the game unless your a FUCKING SQUIDY BITCH
lol, the video time at the bottom can be the clock.
By the way, for some reason your timer stopped working after reloading this map a couple of times...not quite sure of the reason, but I assume something to do with the entities for the wireless redstone...maybe? Not sure =S
Yes, but it's easier to go straight to the source amd knock out the trigger mechanism, thus defusing the whole thing ;) You're not wrong, but that's the slow way =P
Look at the timer after he defuses the bomb...
Oh it's just the best block in the game, can't really help that =P But nah, it's just my favourite block; I was having a little joke =P
so you think lapis lazul is the best block in the game? /watch?v=55tHWL-CHKA&feature=share
Nice going. Many internets to you sir. Glowstone is the best block in the game tho. =p
I've been through this, the timer bugged out and wouldn't count properly. The video time should still give you a good estimation of the time I completed this in ;)
glowstone is the best block in the game!!!
Haha yeah I've seen this video. But......lapis still just edges it out I reckon.....;P
Are you suggesting someone to make a disarming video with glowstone?
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