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Minecraft | Minecraft Marriage Ep.1 | Its a 2v2 Situation

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 1,346,631 views

Make Sure Show some love for this First Episode Homies! Seed:d74g0n Immortal- Rachel- Cynthia-...

Anyone else going on a minecraft marriage marathon. no? Ok
I cannot believe this was back in 2011
ive watched this series atleast 50 times. i havent watched it in about a year and i it still doesnt seize to make me laugh ;)
Well, I guess the Pikachu is very "well" now :3
I stumbled across minecraft marriage by accident and it has changed my life. For the better
I remember loving this series when it first came out. Now I am going to rewatch it!
Sure miss this series ;(
no one expects the spanish inquisition
im gonan try to watch em all again...
Terra should be Starfire...........just saying
gonna re-watch , anyone else with me :D
+Shadow Gamer XD it gave me a translate button to translate wat you said LMFAO You made my day YT
Oml this was on my birthday O-O
The intro <3 I miss it
Can you go back to mine craft marriage its funny
Dood first video I EVER watched off you FUCKING HISTERICAL
I love the starting animation
Lol, minecraft 1.8.1 in 2011, even so 1.8.1 was released on 2014
the 1.8.1 in 2011 was the beta :D
If you add minecraft comes alive you could actually be marred and have kids
this is really funny b/c MissRachel is Terra and my name is Tara prounounced the same way.
I love the reference to Monty Python   
<ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ ᴅᴏɴɢᴇʀᴇᴅ>
This is my 3rd time watching this series, Still love it <3
Omg the perfect wife animation wow
Looking back at this for ep.100 of Minecraft Marriage
D: She shouldn't have been Terra! Rachel should have been Starfire or Raven! D: (I'm a Teen Titans geek.. :3 As you can tell by my name...) Luv it though!
+Dark Angel Raven Lol, I knew about the voicing too, but even though Starfire has Robin, there's always Speddy XD I love Speddy mostly because, he's taller than Robin. I mean come on Robin is pretty short. Starfire has to bend down to kiss him lol.
When new minecraft married out
I miss PuppyCop ;3;
I guess you can say he's in the r.i.p.d now (rest in peace department)
god i love this sieries, even 3 years and i still can't stop laughing
wakes up,gets on laptop,types slyfoxhound,clicks channel,and see's "its back",screams like a girl
Three years tomorrow <3 Love this series!
Shouldn't sly be beast boy since his wife is terra
Cynthia really livens up the party.
<3 Back to watch this epic series again!  #HomiesUnite 
So many female steriotypes
Bro when are you going to make ep.100!!!!!!
man these were the good days.. =c bring them back sly
Omg this is the first video ive watched of u it is awesome #subscribed
killing everyone's dogs was terrible but hilarious. i laughed so hard i cried and had to pause the video so i could breath again
Your wife .... she's in a well Best joke ever.
1:19 lol immortal shaking his head
I still remember watching this video the day it came out :'''')
These are the most beautiful relationships! Don't even get me started on how great neighbors they are! lol XD
i got told i copied off you with my channel name i didnt but you are pretty funny so continue the good work
Rachel: You started it. Sly: How did i-WHO SAID THAT?! Oooomg I'm dead
Love dis series watching it for the 5th time lol... By the way your mc skins r awesome
Lol i have a feeling that Cynthia doesnt want to be there with immortal.
Where I first found out about sly good times good times
I'm rewatching the series in 2014 because it's so goood
robin and star fire are better
I am so mad of you because you killed a dog.
Sly was 23 and Rachel was 17 here, woah
Oh I remember this intro good times good times
No one expected the Spanish inquisition!
god i miss the old intro
"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition"XD  My friend Sam said that and I was like wtf.. So he said to watch your Minecraft Marriage Videos... I FOUND IT
Cool video I think I am really going to enjoy this series.
omg its 2014 jesus, we have gone a long way, i love watching your old videos again!
wish he had kept this intro
Its Kevin and ashleymariee and sly and racial now
Racial? As in racial equality?
Lol no mispelled xD rachal i mean... idk if i spelt that right xD
8:50 is the best part of that video. XD
The first time I played Minecraft I thought the seed was something like animal Crossing dream address
cynthia leaves, mitty comes, there is a wife swap, rachel and sly cheat on the other two, immortal and mitty leave, kevin and ashley come. here i just spoiled all of the series:)
Awe the old intro brings back so many memories
If you put 1buket of lava in the bottom whole you can cook 100 things.
Why did I see a McDonald's commercial that said "let me take a selfie" and put a Big Mac in different places and took pictures. ON A FRICKEN VIDEO GAME VIDEO
His intro... Badass bro.... Badass
The memories are real <3
Is immortalhd a mudkip at the beginning < 。、。>
BTW @ 10:13 is when the animation starts
dafuq is minecraft marriage?  looks awesome
Wow I already like this searis :)
"Have a brick with a note with it" very funny but he should have said block instead of brick CUZ he used sand block
Cynthia sounds like Jim Gaffigan the comedian
mods you need mods or else it is boring  
Go further in the series
I am stoping watching this series beacause you are a killer😡😡😡😡🐕🐕🐕🐫🐫😠😠😠😠😿🙀il make sure no one subscribes to you
 hey calm down, I love sly but you don't see me goin' on other channels I HATE rude things, and I don't judge the ppl who don't like dat channel
Oh u can't make people not sucribe to sly he's amazing
"Have a brick with a note with it" very funny but he should have said block instead of brick CUZ he used sand block
anyone notice that this was made in 2011 and its 2014
Where is the village on the seed?
Not until REALLY late in the series. Like episode 60 or 70 something.
If you put 1buket of lava in the bottom whole you can cook 100 things.
old intro with puppy cop eeeee
This video made me a nob.
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