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M. Ward - Chinese Translation (Live in the Bing Lounge)

by KINK Radio • 84,704 views

May 3, 2011 - M. Ward performs "Chinese Translation" in the Bing Lounge at 101.9 KINK.FM. Portland, OR FB: Twitter: Tumblr:...

This is so freaking awesome
Cool song. Nice one. 
This is the song I will have playing when I put my kids to sleep. I would love it if he made a lesson on how to play this on guitar.. 
It's in open D tuning, which makes it a lot easier to play. The finger picking style he has is hard as hell, but if you want to just learn the chords, you can just strum them and play it that way. This is the only song I've learned to play AND sing at the same time. You should totally do it!
This guy is similar his name is toh kay M. Ward - Chinese Translation (Live in the Bing Lounge) I like toh kays style better than m wards
M. Ward is so comfortable with his instrument it's insane. It's hard to find a man that can play with this kind of fluid-ness.
Anyone knows what tuning he's playing in? I know he's famous with his D6 tuning but this sounds to me like the standard...
Somebody was talking to me, so I hit pause on my laptop. Then I realized this was playing live from Youtube. This live set had me fooled that it was playing through iTunes. M. Ward is that good.
he is a phenomenal guitar player...this video should have 15 times more views.
you are a beautiful human being!
Does anyone know a tab for the finger picking part at the end? I would love to learn it
@Adirtybum I think you are correct. Either that or some variation of an open D.
What on earth is he doing on 2:02??? Da fuq???
No contemporary artist more thoroughly understands the guitar than him. Not just able to play or able to write, but able to understand. So amazing.
press 2: and if life is really press 4: doll mountain
interesting how he uses that slap-pluck John Mayer-esque fingerpicking style. always liked that sound.
It is called being in the moment, and not caring that there is an audience. People, that will, pick apart every little detail. Does that answer the question? Maybe you have been there yourself, I have.
he reminds me of louis armstrong with his mouth!
Love his expressions as he sings. And his voice is just so on point. Passionate performance. Chills!
Hey! He's playing an Alvarez! M. Ward's so cool.
This kind of makes me want to use Bing. Kind of...
Can anybody tell me what kind of guitar is that? p.s. great song
there are so many small subtleties in the guitar playing. love this man.
Watching M.Wards fingers is like a gift !
i love finding good live videos like this. m ward rocks my socks off.
Revolver' s cover brought me here. Thank you man.
@crimnoxthesorcerer mad geniuses always have an unusual air about them, but it doesn't make them creepy, necessarily.,.
I don't know who this guy is, but he is very smooth and a good guitar player. Sounds like 2 people playing.
@crimnoxthesorcerer substantiate your creepy man claim, please
Starting at 2:40 his right hand looks like an octopus/squid swimming.
This is totally totally brilliant, this is M Ward's best song in my opinion
Increible, demasiado hermso para ser real!!!!!
I know this might be a weird thing to say but I wish M. Ward would make an all-instrumental album. His voice is amazing but that guitar, man.. it's amazing!
Oh goodness. He's as handsome as his voice? Look at that, I've gone all wobbly. :/
agree that hes an incredible guitarist, but a lot of his sound comes from playing in d6 or open d. try it, anything you play will sound like an m ward song
2:02 prooves that M. Ward can have a stroke (or even multiples) while still performing Chinese Translation. FACT-ED.
Hahahahaha!!!!!!! No chinese was translated in this video. Bu hao... lol kidding
I love how this has Zero dislikes. It's just not possible
but its at another level. he's doing it and targeting specific strings.
beautiful! i wish i can see him perform live someday
@crimnoxthesorcerer Hahaha, that's funny.. I don't think so, but still :)
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