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Memorable Moment: Robin Williams' First Appearance, Pt. 1

by TheEllenShow • 454,660 views

For his very first appearance, the comedian hit the ground running and didn't stop until he got past back hair and on to Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction.

Rofl! But I really wanna cry!!😢
Yeah I wsh R.I.P meant Return If Possible
Ellen didn't even get the chance to ask him anything lol
+Pareidolic SO TRUE..HE was so awesome*
+Pareidolic Not true for Craig Ferguson. Craig is quick enough to respond. Great interview he had with Craig.
Rest in peace to this gifted man who never failed to make a person laugh.
He stole the whole interview...I still can't believe he died.
God has truly gained another angel... such an amazing, sweet, crazy talented man. R.I.P Robin 
It's just eerie to think that he's left us. You will be severely missed, Robin. Keep making people laugh, wherever you may be, good man. :)
+Josh Andallo I'm not God, but I can read what He said about people who reject His free offer of salvation.  ALL indications point to Williams rejecting that offer.  I hope somehow he didn't. "Whether Robin Williams is worthy enough to receive what the Judeo-Christian belief calls "eternal life" is between him and his Maker"--This proves you know nothing about Christianity.  NONE of us are worthy to attain eternal life. 
Such a sad loss & I just wish that those that have decided where he is would concentrate as much on their lives as they do the lives of other people.  In due time GOD and those he selects to judge will do the judging not some silly goofballs on YouTube. RIP Mr Williams-you gave so much to us-I wish we could have been there for you when you needed it most. And may GOD send his best blessings to his family -they surely need all the blessings they can get now. If it was such a tragic loss for me and ppl like me that never even met him-think about how ripped open his poor family must feel like.  
i feel like robin williams was the only one who made ellen laugh sooo hard RIP
Sometimes The Person Who Tries To Keep Everyone Happy Is The Most Lonely Person
Dont You Get Tired Of Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word Because As I'm Doing This, It Really Sucks. 
I love you for posting this. (': Rest in Peace Robin Williams. ~
I was laughing and crying at the same time, Its like I lost someone I REALLY knew, every time I read anything about him or even see his photo I start to cry, he seemed like such a sweet person! I think of all the celebrities who have died, this is the one I will always have the most trouble getting over, every time I watch one of his films I will have to fight to keep from crying, while laughing, he was the best, he never needed a writer to be funny, he didn't get real nasty like others did/do to get a laugh, he was true class, RIP Robin Williams, I hope you are happy now!  
"O Captain, My Captain" RIP my Captain. Thank you for bringing joy to my childhood. You will forever be missed.
I never seen Ellen laugh so hard. RIP warm soul, RIP.
A legend gone way too soon! I will always love him! <3
Rest in peace Robin. :(
Awww he was really something no more interviews like this :(
He was so funny R.I.P to a legend in comedy
I couldn't stop laughing and then I couldn't stop crying. God, we lost an amazing person. I will always miss this genuinely talented man :(
this is kinda cool because he is making fun of gay people (well not making fun but like using it as a joke) and ellen is laughing...this is how society should be we should all be able to joke about everything. Rip Robin
Robin Williams was so unique.  His untimely, unnatural death has left a void in our lives.  His humor was so quick and awesome, . He accomplished a lot, reached the heights of his profession. Sadly he could not be satisfied in his life.  He fought battles only he would know, and in the end he succumbed.   We miss him very much..  
It's a very strange feeling as I am looking at this laughing to realize that he was so sad and no longer making us laugh...its very strange...RIP Robin . make the angels laugh...Bless you.
It's just so sad.. I mean, Ellen is an Incredibly funny person, but any time he was on, she could hardly talk, she always laughed so hard.. It's so sad that someone who literally spent the majority of his life bringing happiness and laughter to other people was silently suffering in so much pain. My brother took his own life almost 13 years ago and it is one of the most difficult things (as his loved ones) to get through. I'm still not okay. I was just crying yesterday talking about him & his birthday is next week, so that makes it even harder. It just breaks my heart. This guy was a joy & what happened is awful.. And I'm still dealing with what happened to Paul. This is just terrible.
Hah, he was funny as fuck... dude just never stopped! Thanks for Will Hunting, Dead Poetz, Flubber and Peter Pan! RIP
God Bless Robin Williams!
My cheeks hurt when I watch Robin Williams. Rip funny man !
Robin Williams was a very disturbing individual he scare the shit out me sometimes.
That's the reason a lot of people didn't like him when he first came out in the late 70's early 80's. They actually, seriously thought he was crazy. And they were scared, not knowing what he would do next. They had to learn to relax and realize it was all done for comedy sake and laughter. 
+Jonathan Blaze I sure as hell don't remember people not liking him in the late 70's, he had a hit t.v. show. All the young guys in my office in the 80's would do imitations from "Reality, What a Concept". I worked in an insurance company. No one thought Robin was crazy. They loved him...especially his stand up comedy.
While Robin Williams was busy making us laugh, he Forgot to take care of himself. May he R I P. He was so Awesome.
I'm probably the only one on here who never found his interviews funny, but he was such an AMAZING and talented person who will deeply be missed by millions!!!!! ~R.I.H. Mr. Robin Williams~
I think there's a little of Robin Williams in all of us but for him he never lost it. My favorite movie by him was hook. He was the pan so to everyone out there that loved his work Be the Pan!!! RIP...The Real Peter Pan
RIP WE LOVE YOU! ROBIN WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless you Robin. .Keep the Angels Laughing
R.I.P Robin you made me laugh so hard when I was a kid now im sad that your gone thanks for all the laughs.
RIP Big Man. Thanks for the many years of laughter you shared with millions.
I will always miss him R.I.P. Robin <3
Why Robin... I hope wherever you are now are resting in peace without any worries. Gorgeous man!
Awe. Rest In Peace ♡
Rest In Peace ):
Love the way he says "Yhoji Yamamoto"
he is very very cute...
I miss him 😥❤️
Robin, I wish that you knew how much we love you and how much we needed you to be who you were ( I started to say "are " )  I hope that you have found the peace that you were searching for !   <3
Best man who ever lived r.i.p robin we all love u and ur comedy
DAMN... We will miss those eyes. Robin W, amazing! talented! So sad.
I'm laughing so hard
RIP robin williams, you will be forever missed <3
can't believe he 's left us, the world is a sad place today
He's so incredibly talented:(
rest in peace, Robin. we're going to miss you. 
Such a great improviser! R.I.P Robin Williams.
:( he will be missed so much
We will miss him a lot...R.I.P...Robin...
R.I.P Robin williams
2nd RIP childhood feels gone :( rip
I think this is one of the rare occasions on the show where Ellen loses all control. And I love it! :D
i love him i miss him
Don't watch this video with cookies in your mouth, you'll spit all over your screen.. Nasty!!! xD
That flower slo-mo BAHAHAHA!
amazing man. made my childhood unforgettable. rip
dh track Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Was he making fun of Janet Jackson's book flash during her performance?
+kikomeqaf HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! You know what I mean!
+kikomeqaf Yes.  It was a book she flashed.  It was part of the President's Reading Initiative for grade school students.
RIP Robin. You will definitely be missed.
RIP Mr Robin Willams. Thank you for the laughs.
I like his accent at the beginning! What year was this interview? It's so retro!!! XD
i want to laugh but i feel more misery and i wanna cry..
mehfoos Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
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It makes me feel super old when I'm reading all the comments about how people don't understand him... and then I compare their ages with the people that do. Cause I get him. And he's hilarious.
No other person talks as much as Robin on Ellen:P Not even Ellen!
i love how she's laughing so hard she can't interview him c': ahaaaa
Such a good actor. Quite annoying though.
he can stop making jokes...he can't help it !
omg robin and ellen both are funny i love them both
Wow kinda reminds me of jim carrey^^
XD Im sorry i was laughing this hole 3mins i was just laughing
I came here to correct Ellen ... was going to say it's Robbie Williams... then when i saw that it was actually Robin Williams, i felt so ashamed.
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