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Halo: Reach - Toby Sucks at Gaming - Part 3 (Let's Play with Tobuscus)

by TobyTurner • 254,310 views

Shirts! Fans! Twitter! Let's play Halo: Reach with Tobuscus! Distributed by Tubemogul. tags: let play halo reach with...

Just your average new Halo player... IMMA BRIGADIER GRADE 2 yee... Anyway I don't see why so many people are hating on "Emily".. He's learning the game retards sheesh. And this is called COMEDIC COMMENTARY. This means he is frigging funny while playing a game. And yes this is a Halo fan talking for all you wise asses saying "UGH UR JUS SAYIN CUZ UR NOT HAYHLO FAYUN" yeah no I am.
I want to watch his videos, but he just fools around and dies too much...
take there other wepons du but you boss
I don't know about you but the emile thing was annoying
The bird thing is a needeler
Emile is pronounced e-meal
elites are easier to kill with grenades (plasma are the best grenades) 
Im unsubscribing. :(
It's a dream of mine to have a good channel like toby one day day, i definitely try my hardest:)
Its nit Emily its emile
I liked this old Toby. Before he made all those stupid noises and accents. R.I.P
Emile is not Emily
Emile is not Emily
Toby: "I'm a gooood driver." Watch some of his LA Noire videos and then tell me if that's true.
shouldve used pistol more cus it is one of the most op weapons against all but big guys in armour or u could use sniper rifle
It's Emile ( em-YI-l)
his voice is different in later episodes, but his WOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! doesn't change
I gotta admit in his Halo videos his commentary is a bit bland, but like leoashblade said he's funny and charasmatic most of the time.
toby thinks emile is emily its a boy stupid
4:13-4:22 Toby being a badass!? Whaaaaaaaat!?
I'm pretty sure the green effect is night vision
He's Toby. Just two years earlier and he's not using his usual really weird voice.
the way he changes his voice you forget hes the one talking lol
why has my ad block stop blocking ads???
u were watching this in 3022 and u came back to 2012 to comment?
u r the werst at playing games mother f*****
u cant run people over with that car.
Is he EVER gonna get any better?
And my gamer tag is halo killer1029
I think the Emile in the game is a girl, but some Emile's are boys (ex. Chuggaaconroy).
His name is pronounced a-meal in simple and its a guy kat is the only chick and she ain't that hot soooo... yeah see ya
yes and toby becomes a successful man with his own tv shows but goes to jail for being to awsome
noooo, its emile not emily. Emile is like: Emile Heskey (KSI ARMY)
Vote this however you damn well want to if you think the people in the chain before me are thumb whores.
I already miss Halo Reach because I was so good at it. I had a k/d of 1.88. I may have a k/d of 3.01 in Halo 4, but I don't enjoy it close t as much as Reach. JUST MY OPINION AS A LONG TIME HALO PLAYER.
few years too late there bud, (if you're just letting other people watching know, then, good on ya :) (not sarcasm))
every time he screwed something up, like calling Emile Emily, or thinking night vision was invulnerability, I wanted to scream, but I was probably like that when I first played Halo, so I'll try not to critizie
he thinks emile is a girl... awesome. haha
When you turn on the green thing its Night Vision lol you need that later in the campaign.
no the best way to kill an elite is to back stab the elite melee at the back
just shut the fuck up nobody gives a fuck about your life and how many times you completed the game you just did easy mode and your to shit to do any modes above that
Toby the first thing u try to mele is a freaking high rank eliet xD
is this your first time playing halo?
You are a noob at halo I played it for a week so far and I beet it 5 times
...... LOL ok, I guess I'm not as bad as Toby after all. XD
Why are u talking like that Toby. :P
And you know what else, imma HIT YOU IN the back of the head and you i'm just gunna unload on you and you oh.. grenade on your face. thats like the best part
Was anyone else yelling a Toby to turn off his night-vision?
TOBY IS AWESOME! haha Favorite you-tuber of all time. =D
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