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Flagging on YouTube: The Basics

by YouTube Help • 2,021,184 views

Got questions about how to flag a video on YouTube? Check out this video.

Hey assholes! My video was taken down, and it was just suggestive. Fuck you.
+Olivia Hancock Youtube is run by robots now m8,we took your jerbs.
+CelsiusPro Celsius I think what nobody actually likes is the really annoying ones that spam it constantly and have high levels of unmanaged autism (I have it but in small doses.) It's unfortunate that's a LOT of us though so the ones who aren't get lumped in with the others and get our videos flagged for no reason.
You know what I especially love about this system? Falsely flagged videos, channels and comments usually get deleted, while videos, channels and comments flagged for actually violating the guidelines are left untouched. The system works so well /sarcasm
Sexual content IMO is SOOOOOOO overrated... A video of a woman showing her boobs IMO is nothing to Happy Tree Friends. -_-
+Variety channel A video showing that is actually NOT ALLOWED on YouTube.
I flagged this video as spam. URG THEY DELETED MY VIDEO FOR NO REASON!!!
i got flagged for no reason
2 of my videos were taken down for no reason and now i cant even open youtube channels without it just opening a page of my strikes. now my channel is bad standing for no reason
Youtube System Really S*CKS
Why I get two strikes, because I upload some PES boots to show peoples how they look TWO YEARS AGO!!! I don't know what to do now just because someone don't like my videos doesn't mean that he can report them !! Does anyone know how to delete this guidelines ??
Flag this video for a spam
I cant do anything with my channel for the next 6 months because some people flaged my videos. I was just making NBA highlights videos! CMON!!!!! The system is abused by trolls.
There needs to be an option when flagging comments to cover the Fundies who keep posting 'Jesus loves you' on every video they can find, regardless of whether it is on topic or not.
This video is from fucking 2008. Youtube why is this still your main video on flagging. Why hasn't it been fucking updated? 6 years is a HELL of a lot of time, especially on the internet. 
Fucking add working a block button because I'm sick and tired of seeing PewDiePie on my god damn 'to watch' page.
This is a challenge to flag for Community guidline
Why can't I report a user that trying to give people virus? Their's one guy that post links and then turn off replies, and have multiply account say "thanks it saved me a lot of money", with a lot of likes. Why isn't there a option for reporting that.
1: Youtube's flagging system is absolutely donkey shit, just read some of the comments 2: Flagging is for videos, not comments
i guess your robots don't like me
Yea its all fun and games until over a 1000 people flag a video and it automatically gets removed
youtube used to be awesome but now its shit its changed soo much
fuck you youtube mother fuckers i got flagged for NO REASON FUCK YOU  violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content............ AND MY VIDEO NOT SPAM OR SCAMS FUCK YOU YOUTUBE
Don't like YouTube? Just shut up and remove your account
Just got strike. I feel like I am in North Korea.
The problem with this system is it's abused by trolls. People will flag videos from youtubers they don't like just to get their videos and channel taken down. The system is broke. I'd rather have no system  at all than this broken one. It's bullshit.
Yeah. I never abuse flagging.
"YouTube is not a shock site"  Why are you showing a graphic image, then? :P
Ikr? When I first watched this, I was quite young, and I was watching this video to make sure I understood the guidelines before I made an account... and then I got to that part. O_O Scarred for life. I almost threw up. XD
A random vid flag a day keeps the customers away...
So can people flag mlp cupcakes?? because its violent
cant we flag this video since it showed half the stuff that should be flagged
Flagging sucks! How about we should flag this freaking video! 😂 #flaggingonyoutubesucks
you guys terminated my screwyouchannel for people flagging it even though i was in violation of none of these things. you didnt even have one person review it. Your system is easily abused and harmful to creators.
yputube o xforcemortalx usa bot
I understand the rule, but why flag videos and strike channels that do not violate any guideline just because people flag them? How bout some support to say why videos get banned instead of saying they arbitrarily violate one of your numerous rules.
I agree some people get flag because a video is too short
fasted way to make your video viral *PIMPMYVIEWS. COM
Fuck youtube seriously
In a free society people should be allowed to watch what ever they feel they want to watch. Weather it be Nudity, something I like to watch ^_^  or even wack off to 2 girls and one cup, someting I dont understand but As long as you still control what you want to and dont want to watch everybody gets what they want. Basically what im saying is HOW DARE YOU DEMONETIZE ONE OF MY VIDEOS YOU FLAGLOTS!!!!!!
To be fair, you are uploading video to THEIR servers, therefore, they kind of get whatever power you may have over the content.
De McClung Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Somehow we have gotten in our mindset that we have "Freedom from being offended". This is not what the First Amendment is about.
+WiIl iAm hEffer +Oshi Shikigami  I have gotten away from referring to the 1st Amendment, or the Constitution in general, when eXpressing about natural inalienable human "rights".  The Reason being I understand that the Constitution is FOR the government and has little to nothing to do with my human rights, or Freedoms granted to me by virtue of me being born a human being.  The "protections" allegedly afforded me by that document [law governing the government] do not seem to be working out as originally intended by the creators of that corporate charter.   There is little doubt that the current mindset of most Americans is the result of several generations being subjected to the Socialist Collective Agenda and the Mindbenders that perpetuate that particular delusion.    This foolish notion that we are all "equal" has created a false paradigm in American society.  It has led to the equally absurd notion that we all have the power of the mob to dictate to the minority or that fraction of the population that offends us.  A very dangerous delusion [insanity] that threatens the very foundations of Freedom.  
Abul Khair Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Flagging on YouTube: The Basics:
will my account get another bad standing community strike if I downvote this video? What about this very comment?
I came here just to dislike this video.
اتمني الجديد دائما
Youtube flags my video thinking it is a scam. I blame the viewers for such bullshit -.-
Abul Khair Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Flagging on YouTube: The Basics:
I flagged this video for  censorship !
Fagging on YouTube: the basics
Youtube This is Chris Stephanski From Versailles, Ky You Deleted Big Jim Video Productions Channel I'm a Train Expert You Bring The Channel Back Now! And I Watch Alot Of Trains So Bring Back The Big Jim Video Channel And Videos Now!
What if you... just flag this video...?
I GOT FLAGGED for no fricking reason and now one watched my video
GO FUCK YOURSELF MOTHERFUCKER .   I CLEARLY HAVE A FULL DISCLAIMER IN BIG RED LETTERS ON SCREEN this video is for  educational and documentary purposes only and shouldn’t be designed to help or encourage others to imitate what you see.   fuck you and stop deleting my videos
I understand. That's why some of the erotic stuff is censored. Things that involed real-life gore, rape, or censored ochinchins (Japanese for... You know what) is illigal.
Flag what is needed to flag but flag not what you would not want others to flag you.
Thx a lot! One of my nerf wars got flagged. Like wth! Everything was fine and I read the guidelines. Fix this SHIT!
lol yet a serbian film is up on youtube for anyone to see. 
If YouTube actually fully implemented all these guidelines against videos out there... this website wouldn't be half as entertaining as it is... There's seriously so many videos of violence on YouTube... and they're so popular... so many hits.
The guidelines should have been enforced for EVERYONE, not just in favor of popular people.  YouTube must have taken bribes from celebrities just so they can post inappropriate content on the site.
thumbs up if you flaged this video
I just flag this video for sexual contents 0:51  lml
Videos that should be flagged: Screamers Creepypastas YTPs In fact YouTube should crack down on Screamers because they are not funny and they can cause a heart attack 
That's your opinion. Screamers are so 2007, you don't see them anymore, and if you do then you must be pretty gullible. (Also I disagree about YTPs, that's a dick move and people enjoy them. If you cut to say they're sexually explicit or whatever, you cannot take a joke and not all of them are like that..)
lets flag this video guys
if this is working , why is there so much porn on you tube ?
cause there are 1000 boys filming your boobies
Its not porn, its attention whores showing some cleavage in order to get fifteen year old boys to click on it for views
This video shows all the stuff your not supposed to do.... just flagged it.
what nudity is allowed?
De McClung Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Damn that screen of "good" youtube brings back memories. Before fucking google tube
Great. Flag pretty much everythang.
Like rape videos and real-life gore.
MAH Rival khan
The dislikes for this video make it clear that the flagging system became corrupted due to trolls flagging videos they simply do not like.  Those trolls really need to know what "inappropriate" means in reference to the Community Guidelines.  Also, the flagging system must be cleaned because there are viruses.
You suck. People should be able to watch whatever (besides child porn, etc., I mean.) I'd flag this if I didn't want my account to be "penalized."
Good job YouTube, you just started an army of flaggots.
Fuck you youtube for deleting my video.
fuck these people because they had goldgloves channels terminated for NO reason
Does anyone here know if a video can be removed based on the comments people are saying in the video page?  I think that's why one of my videos was removed; there was some RP'ing going on, and I did catch one that included derogatory words....but if I have to be responsible for what people say in my videos, that'd feel like such BS.  I don't delete comments because I don't want to come off being a dick.  I post videos, and the comments section allows people to say whatever they want. I seriously hope this isn't the case.  My video was removed on grounds of violation of guidelines towards nudity & sexual content, but concerning the latter, all that was shown was buttocks.  The video was meant to be comedic in general. My two-week suspension ends next week, but I'm on strike for probably 9 months, so when I return, I'll have to tread lightly.  Say what you want, but I have every right to be paranoid because of these unexpected circumstances.
+2minutesHD Thank you for the response.  Though still, in my opinion, the video's removal was kind of lame on YouTube's part, because the video wasn't sexual or sensual at all, regardless of how anyone might have interpreted it. :/
Unlisted because it's that bad?
this video is important dont flag this video
they flaged my fight -_- wow.
So Youtube, what is a "Protected" group?  How can you take down a video for "hate" speech if you don't say which groups are protected and which are not.
Fuck you and you shitty flagging system and for censoring people.
you should Really ADD the Option to Flag Down Bullying & PORN Websites on Peoples YouTube Channels.
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