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how to make a minecraft elevator

by warlord7677 • 405,768 views

how to make a working elevator in minecraft

@TheNeedbackup i used to make arrow to the knee jokes, then i took an arrow to the knee! lol
I think there is a thing called ladder which does the same thing.
i made like 5 of them in my world nice and its better than using pistons and it dosent take long
you are such a dumbass, if you have cheats on, press space twice, if it doesnt work the first time keep trying... btw after you get it you hold down spacebar and you can go higher then the iron giant! to get down press spacebar twice again, & again if it doesnt work, try again.
@zombiemam97 yes it stops the water from falling
it won't work 4 me the water just keeps on running
0:48 lucky he has a human slave lol
maybe your not trying your best work hard to work your build
wow dude, whats with the heavy panting and breathing?!? liking how the dislikes are double the likes, FAIL
does hit have to be sticky piston
Upload video,name it ,,how to make a minecraft elevator,, instantly gets over 150 000 views. And the fact that this video doesnt worth sack of shit is completly diff story... *Dislike* leaves ps : no sound is completly diff chapter.
Hey people keep in mind that this was for minecraft beta and things have changed since then, especially with redstone. From someone who played back then I will say nice idea. And also speak up a bit :)
thnx ill use it on my xbox server :)
Im 10 and in luv with all British people but this kid just sounds NASTY lmfao
@CPizasome nope or 1.2 or any other mine craft ive tried it in
I tried it on the 360 too. Maybe it just doesn't work on that version.
Are you guys retarded? He obviously said hakablugut rygusphhhe alputur *raspy breathing* glikuqyr
Yeahhh, just now noticed the whole "YouTube Inbox" thing, going back and looking at all my old comments.. How has the last year been for you?
I tested this elevator out on minecraft and it worked like a pro.
Are you ill. It sounds like your having trouble breathing?
you suck it not work you use hacks
Before you start a video, you should clean your nose! *Sniff* *Sniff*
do you have some kind of shit that is stuck in your throut that make u talk soft
I CANT HEAR U!!!!!!!!!!!! WAT R U SAYING?!?!?!
i just know he is allergic to minecraft
Too scared o put my voluium to full dont wanna wake my mom and dad from a louad noise
first you wasted your time,materials,water are you to stupid to make a LADDER
I can hear him breathing.....
Goddammit I hate it when I do that shit. Ladder is the only fucking word I ever mess up.
you could do that water flowing down itself!!!
I think you should have creative mode if you are going to jump from the top of an elevator..
I could just use a ladder! It would be even easier
ok im making sure the kid is ok and it doesn't hurt him or whatever to make this video so think twice when you read people's comments.
Stfu people "*sniff* *sniff*" isn't funny. Don't act like you've never had a cold before.
0:48 lucky he has a human slave XD
Change your Biome ... It seems that you already have a bad cold.
@Thawktwo Well what's your comment doing up there then?
i watched this video a while ago and i thought this was really stupid. then i tried making my own and now i realize that its pretty good
im doing 20 min of making a big 1 and it did not work
MinecraftHound. Yes, it does work. It works pretty well at sucking. Most people did not come here to see a stupid water elevator.
haha thumbs up if u got here from you're gunna go far kid by the off spring
So he built an elavator but he still just jumped off the top?!
Thumbs up if you thought it was more advanced
@cabbergutHK Because some people are just lazy BRO
Cool Light Saber!! Oh No Wait, Thats Just The Dislike Bar!
you can do that or...use a ladder
It does not work, it hasnt worked since release, since they fixed it, and so many dislikes because its slower than ladders, elevators are supposed to be faster! Thats why we want them
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