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Angry Birds Rio: 3 Star Walkthrough Levels 1-1 to 1-8

by Rooster Teeth • 1,111,275 views

Geoff and Griffon show you how to three star the first eight levels of Angry Birds Rio (levels 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-8).

I got 3 stars for all 8 stages
i was acting like u and got arrested jk
Is it me or the cursor at 0:05 scratching that birds ass?
My best results: 1-1: 63.200 1-2: 48.120 1-3: 60.120 1-4: 65.980 1-5: 64.380 1-6: 77.250 1-7: 58.550 1-8: 120.410
how do u play on computer? sorry im a noob
Griffon sounds like a sexy bitch
@spartan117vid Remember when there were no 'remember when' comments?
i f*cking hate 1-7..........
@RadioguyJ XD stevethemasterbater lol
this is differnt from mine. maybe cuz i got it on the android
I guess angry birds is being handled by top men. I hope somebody gets the reference.
You can't get all? and you want to know how to get all (3-Stars, Pineapple and Bananas) just to show (: SAVEGAME HERE: /watch?v=lBjfOj20Bhg
Why is this rated for strong language.I've not seen any swear!
Tickle the red bird's butt for good luck and major damage! Thats what he did!
i want to be like geoff lazy and drunk all the time
Why Was he Starching The Red Birds Butt In The Beginning? Lol 0:03
lol thanks guys i know it's on a computer... at least some people get the comment
time to ask the question is an app a game
I got 3 stars for all 8 stages
Anyone else like how Geoff's mac can't even handle Angry Birds?
what does Geoff have to do right the game or Griffon.
Thnx you saved my ipod for round five
yes haha funny best comeback ever you should get an award for that comback its also funny how you went on a mini rant about keeping it clean when reviewing games and then call me stevethemasterbater you are the smartest person to exsist ever
Act fast:\8ONjl and win iPad 2 now.
Newly opened lets play channel, check me out xD
1:05 "just watch the thing, and then do the thing, and then you get the thing". HAHAHAHA
Aren't Geoff and Griffion Related?
thumbs up if you see in the last one a box on the right
0:02 - 0:06 , Watch the red bird's ass get tickled >XP
@JayWalkaGMF i think he scratchy the bumbum of the red bird :P
@FilmingM Remember when there was no 'Remember when there was no 'Remember when videos''
is there a psp version of this????
does anyone know what button you hit to make the birds do something on a mac?
the brink symbol looks like a bellend
so u need to complete a level with one bird to get 3 stars?
,are geoff and griffon related??
You know what would make this video much better, if the woman simply stopped talking. Bitch keeps interrupting.
Geoff...Do you like scratching birds?
More like "hear" the swear. LOL. And honestly it's stupid that this douche needs to swear on a video that might attract kids to watch it. Hey Geoff let's try keeping it clean when reviewing video games, eh?
@DylanBragdon they are making separate videos for that
@SOUNDWAVE643 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Jailbreak ????
the best game in android :) thumb up if you agree :)
I dint have the ball to drop?? What's going on there??
@hunterkiller009 actualy Geoff said he was using a mac. (for those mac users who want to get it update your computer and look for application store)
why can't my dad be nice to my mom like that or why can't be that nice to my dad like that ??
I'll be like Geoff and do Griffon just right!
can you guys make some new angry birds walkthroughs?
Guy's, Any idea why Geoff was clicking on the birds ass? 0:03 (Red Bird)
Thumbs up if you think that if the top comment is a reply then it should show them both.
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