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Katy Perry: Part of Me (Movie Review)

by What The Flick?! • 217,319 views

Katy Perry: Part of Me is reviewed by Christy Lemire (AP critic), Matt Atchity (editor-in-chief of, Alonso Duralde ( and Linoleum Knife podcast), and Ben Mankiewicz...

Overseen no positive comments yet and YET, all these people are watching a review of her movie. Lol you guys are sooo cool 😂😂😂
Katy is a terrible singer! Wtf are yall smoking? !
At a very basic level, quick change acts all work the same. The person doing the quick change, usually the female half of a pair, wears several layers of costumes one over the other, all of which have some sort of tearaway fastener (magnets, velcro, a special type of zipper stitching, other specially designed fasteners that hold fast when stressed normally, but release when pulled just right) that allows an outfit to be removed just by grabbing the right spot and pulling.  Outfits that appear to be multiple layers or garments are a single integrated garment designed to look like layers Provide a few seconds, or if you're really skillful, less than a second, and a head to toe change can be made. It's more complex than that in action, and it takes a lot of practice to get the timing and distraction (so the removed garment can be concealed or carried away) just right. Think of those tearaway sweats basketball players wear, and apply the concept to a dress or a single piece garment disguised as an outfit.
Christy Lemire is 10 times hotter then katy perry and  Christys giant boobs would crush katys tiny flat boy chest
gross she is just gross
Nobody's being real if they know the cameras are rolling. Period.
matt stone trey parker
Guess what mate... I was born in Australia and you were probably born in America. I come from a Croatian back ground, you probably descend from somewhere else. We went do different school and have different levels of education. We have developed different hobbies and passions throughout our lives. I like Katy Perry and think she sings beautifully and performs well. You obviously don't. We are all different. If you cant accept that people like different music, you are unbelievably ignorant.
Every Mainstream media artist is an attention whore. That drives me crazy!!
whats with the captions...? lolwut
Sometimes, fast costume changes are possible because outfits that look like they're composed of separate pieces are actually one contiguous outfit. They simply 'zip' themselves out of it and put on another. Another technique is hard to explain, it involves wearing the next outfit underneath the current one. Though it's not exactly wearing it underneath . . .Do you remember 'Popples' by any chance? Because it's a similar principle. Then it's just conventional stuff like moving fast.
that one guy that wears the glasses the whole time lol good on ya
oh wow a bunch of shinny shit and colorful lights wow! what a musician she must be!
I love Kate Perry, totally in love with that woman. I would go and see this movie even if it sucked balls. I love her, she's amazing.
Your taste in music is shallow and your attempts at defending this soft core diva pop princess stripper bullshit is pathetic. Look you just need to own up and admit that she is not a musician, she is a pop star, nothing more and nothing less. She would open up a coke bottle with her asshole if the price was right. She has absolutely no artistic merit and lacks in every way.
I was expecting the movie to be just like the bieber one, you know, world tour, they go through hardships, everything is set to make Katy look like the best human being on the planet. But it was honest and not a single bit of it seemed staged. There were moments where it dragged on but I have to say, I didn't want to like it, but I really did. I think the 3D of it was over the top and unnecessary, but overall the movie was really good, it had substance and it just worked. Two thumbs up.
katy perry's opening night was only 3.1 million! Fail!!!!!!!!!!!
She is even selling the history of her divorce for that fking movie? is there anything left to sell Katy Perry? What a sad woman....
Honestly, I liked Katy Perry but I wouldn't go looking up her songs and stuff. If just be like meh, whatever... But now, I've gained so much more respect for her. There's going to be a ton more songs on my iPod for her.
that girl isnt a true critic.... she allows her biase to blatantly get in the way if her reviews.... very... very bad
Are you a professional clown or do you just do it in your spare time?
crying over 14 months of marriage is bullshit anyways
The only way could get me to sit threw this piece of crap movie is if there was a POV sex scene smack dab in the middle of the movie with a great big money shot all over her pretty little plastic face. Which is I'm sure how she got ahead hahaha in the music industry to begin with. Seriously does anyone think that this fake bitch would be popular at all if she was three hundred pounds? She is not playing music, she is playing with the minds of preteens everywhere. Her music Sucks! She Sucks!
@southparkXd1 STFU okay, your so disgusting and rude .
Maybe for slow, power ballad-esque songs, but I mean consistently as part of your act, not a novelty.
Why are people sad that they broke up, you can't realize that they were not made for each other at all, not to mention I doubt it was a real relationship anyways.
I work with people I don't like and hide my hatred of them does that make me a better person or is it just my fucking job
katy perry can really sing-not!! LMAO
So according to Christy Lemire don't watch the Dark Knight Rises, but the Katy Perry movie is great. Okay, I've seen enough. Unsubscribe.
I'm not sure why I watched this entire review when I will never actually watch this movie. I have to say though that I agree with Alonso about entire songs. Especially when you're actually a fan of a band or artist you often want entire songs. I've watch docs about bands I like and it would drive me crazy when they would interrupt a great song.
Every video with Ana in the background shows her obsessing over her makeup. how ugly is that girl in real life??
Good idea. I guess the RealD glasses will make it harder for people to notice you. You sir, are a clever man.
Yeah real music, I'm sure it's all written by Katy Perry, I'm sure Katy Perry does her own autotuning, I'm sure she never lip-syncs. Gotta love that real music sound!
You have been in a rock band? Nice try tool now crawl away, where are your number one billboard hits?
shut the fuck up about MJ u cunts
I hate it when a band doc has full songs. We have the songs. We paid for the concert tickets... what I want in a band doc is the band whoring out intimate moments.
Did I say that it was the swear words that indicated his butthurtedness?
well she wouldn't when she had been secluded from a lot during her childhood years
"Not a great formula"???? This movie is a steaming pile of dog shit that could smell coming out of the theater doors when I went to go see the dark knight rises.
I never heard of Katy Perry until she was featured in the Sims 3.
So you admit it with an incredibly lame and tired joke to match.
She kissed a girl and I liked it.
Wow you must like movies! You've watched like all the movies I know of
I love how Matt was able to give an entire review with those glasses on. :) He's becoming my favorite of the four.
It was great now my mom is attached to Katy perry
Now people are defending Katy Perry from some of the opinions their own taste might support just because they’ve been seduced by a feel good movie with politically correct messages.
This makes me want to vomit.
cries and wines over stupid fucking bullshit - a divorce is bullshit?
and sing at the same time, not that its impressive to do that but your point is void
Believe it or not, this was a lot of fun. Katy Perry has a great presence and the 3D was actually great. It drags for a little bit in the middle but overall keeps a nice pace and nothing about this seemed the smallest bit fake or staged. My one gripe is that I would have liked for more discussion or in-depth interviews about her divorce with Russell Brand. 8.1/10, B-, one thumb up, above average, etc.
what i meant by saying she is nothing special is that anybody is as great as her. i'm not trying to put her down so much as i am trying to lift everybody else up. at the very least i'm trying to say that all people are as great as her, so the fact that she is so famous is arbitrary. i'm really not trying to be critical of her. all i'm saying is that she's no more special than anybody else.
thats married to perry the platypus. together they are spy platyipie
TDKR-6.6 Katy Perry-7.2 Its not even what the flick its WHAT THE FUCK
The only thing i liked about this review was Ana's ass. 8:10
I'll be the guy jacking off in the back of the theater..... Katy Perry is hot
OK the fat man in the glasses is starting to give me some faith that not all of these people are complete idiots.
And if you want to respond try to do so by addressing my actual arguments about how her marriage was nothing more than a fling that she used to sucker all her sheep like you into thinking she is sooooo deep and real hahahaha The only deep she knows is how far down she could fit that first producer's cock in her throat at her first audition. If KP was 300 ponds with the same voice she you would not be defending her cause she would not have made it on the billboard dummy.
you will cry too if you're on the receiving end of a divorce that expensive
This movie sounds like a testament of what kind of a fake clown she really is.
Why pay 10 bucks to go see a movie about someone u can already find in a magazine or media in general.
ok why does this get higher then dark knight rises? Da Fuq
All of you people who are negative and mean, just plain mean, should back off. When you call her stuck up, to me, that makes you stuck up. If you say mean things about her, you are the one in the wrong, not her. Would you say all these things to her face? I am like Dokix. I gained so much respect for Katy Perry after watching the movie. You people who have to put people down, point of flaws over positives, and barely ever look at the bright side, this is your wake up call. Be positive.
Katy Perry is a respectable and genuine person who is admired by many. I personally loved the movie and it inspired me, as well as others, to follow your dreams because they CAN come true!
St of the people who watch the movie have already heard her son
vorrei essere come lei ha un look favoloso
its like comparing 2 pieces of crap to me. Hopefully it will inspire some people though
Probably due to low amount of reviews and you have to remember the percentages are based of critics like or dislike of a movie. It doesn't average in how much they did or didn't like it.
I see it a bit differently; I just think this is how music has to be for our culture. This generation is so much bigger than the previous, and easy to listen to songs that control the masses like this one can be quite appealing. Genres of songs shift with new generations, and I think we are at a unique place in history. Bringing back rock and soul music will not do anything because todays music is inspired by completely different things. At the end of the day; its you tube, listen to whatever
These guys gave it a 7.2 and it's 76% on the tomatometer. This is why this is the best review show--they almost always nail the tomatometer, which I've always found to be a relatively accurate measure. I also agree with Alonso on the criticism that they didn't show a full song. The performances was what made the Michael Jackson documentary so grea. it sounds like the formula for these movies is more pop-culture and not so much music-centric. I may go see this so I can see Katy's boobs in 3D
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