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Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011: Christian's Road to Wrestlemania - Episode 1 (Gameplay/Commentary)

by TeemingTubbyEmu • 55,240 views

What's up guys along with the RTWM series of chris jericho on machinima i'm gonna do the Christian RTWM on my channel, this part. My Links: My Facebook: My Twitter:...

i am thinking about getting this game should i??
i like randy orton road to wrestlemania rko make one
i heard hes going 2 b back in a couple of months cause he had arm surgery
sig move in svr 11 for christian is that reverse kick thing in the corner
that was a frash match just frashter then jbl vs rey marieserious
his signature is in the corner
@212killah yes,but be advised: the RTWM campaigns are not that good,but there " ok ",other than that,youll have a good time in universe mode,and story designer.i hope this helped. :)
@MBKtubes ask Cena, and he says to check out the talent in order to prep for the Royal Rumble.
when you talk to som1 back stage or anywhere do they actually talk or just type?? plz reply ty
The ecw title looked like a kids size
if u havn't figured it out........i actually havn't played smackdown 11 but i've seen christian go to the top rope in real life so try that
when i did this one i went to ttalk to cena he said something about just to see what is happen or royal rummble cant rememmber
You will make it to 1 millon keep on doing what you're doing
why did he rename it the kill switch? De-Prettier was a much better name :(
throw him in the ropes for his signatuture
@residentevil4legend u have to unlock all the achievements to unlock stold cold? i didnt know that
this is cool can u do more road to wrestlemania
@xXxWWExTNAxXx agreed but both r funny/hippies eat dog butt
wild turkey cows! christian is boss in svr2011 aka two- tousand- tweleve like sheamus says ! give me a hell yeah fella! hell yeah! thats right fellas
i just wanted you too do all the achevments for i can now how to unlock austin
is this game control like wwe svr 2010 or 2012
your voice is so ahead of the screen
My first video is gonna be of this game it will be up in about a week please like it when it is upload it might have bad quality cause it is gonna be from my phone
are you going to upload one every day?
i miss Christian....why did he leave Impact
weres that link to watch the royal rumble?
more rtwm plzz im a big fan :D
I know this is so old but I for one actually did like the roaming around in rtwm it gave me a sense of freedom and interactiveness in the game
@TeemingTubbyEmu no i mean you say wats gonna happen before we actually see it on the screen...
@gsiokas Are you sure check the volume I asked a couple people and it's working for them, that's odd?
@RivaLSniping360 No.. I think he was a pre order exclusive.. i had to buy him with msp.
How do you get your cam like that e.e I'm so effin' dumb. Sorry.
his signature is putting tyson kid on the turnbuckle, then it will show up.
@MBKtubes He was checking out talent, that's what he said when you talk to him there...
@residentevil4legend I don't think so, I just bought the unlocks lol
are you gonna try to unlock every achevment in the walkthrough to get stone cold steve austin?
Why the hell is John Cena back stage at ECW?!?!
did you take the tags form Nova aka james aka UberHaxorNova
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