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Mac Miller - Got a Clue

by TreeJTV • 3,115,096 views Rex Arrow Films & TREEJTV Present... Mac Miller Got a Clue Featured on "The Jukebox" Mixtape: Rex Arrow Films 2009 Contact:...

This is crazy. He even got his myspace on the description. Throwback type shit. 
mac used Warner Music Logo? LOL
Lol I forgot alll about this song.. old.
I feel like his head just has this magnetic field that hates hats. lol
that's crazy he and nomi are still together
No their not they broke up when bsp came out
+jack ryn they are back together
This guy is a genius I wish I could rap and write like this
he is the new old school? ;)
even his new songs :p this one is pretty sick tho 
this was the first song I ever heard from mac back in sophomore year hs. damn this makes me feel old
Mac couldn't have worn his hats any gayer
Hold up he was 16 in this vid!!
That early Mac hat swag...
She looks super hot in this video. 
Like t shit... saludos de PERU
Exactly 5 years since this lol
this song is the shit.
there must be 2 mac millers
I see a lot of hate comments but this is one of my favorite songs he ever made. Because it's real af and brings love to my heart when I think about a certain girl I have my hearts on. Keep it real mac
me and my boyfriends song pretty great song tho
Wow this really takes me back.
easy mac with the cheesy raps mac miller has come so far as an artists he inspired me too make music if your reading this Mac Thank you for being such an insiration you are my Idol I am your biggest fan ever and I am not lying got all your mixtapes and know all songs thanx for making me follow my dreams Malcom
This songs brings me back to my eighth grad year
I'm so happy knowing him and Nomi are still together
she is pretty damn gorgeous
love the common sample 
his hat is ridiculous 
the cheesy shot of the Cathedral is classic. love it.
'09 he was rockin' them horses. 
Mac Miller used to be shit back in the day. Now he is like whatever.
His new stuff is a lot deeper. He decided to be an artist instead of just being a rapper who hit it big on YouTube.
he really has evolved as an artist. really shows what dedication can do im a an artist as well not a rapper and not even a musician im a painter, but i can recognize the drive in mac its about not doing anything else than follow your heart truly and u will go far mac is living proof, thank u for all the good music malcolm and i hope to be able to keep following your progress, peace and best of luck / Oskar 
from where do I know the beat of this song???
it's the song, They Say - common
Mac's whole style has changed alot since then. But he got more lyrical and stopped dressing like a white kid trying to be a thug so its better than before
Hate the videoclip but the song is cool.
this is so wack how did he blow up wtf
Hahaa snap back miller! XD who is she? Shes beautiful!
The version of Common is better. Sorry Mac Miller, you didn't do it on this one.
It was a pretty long relationship. It ended early this year. 2013.
His myspace is in the description damn this is old.
he kinda was, he was only 17/18-ish, not he's a grown ass man lol
I could imagine "missed calls" being about this girl. Hmmm.
Damn, wear that cap like a man do, Son!
i recognize the sample but its an unfamiliar version
Once you go Mac, you never go bac.
Yeah it is, her name is nomi lee, was mac's girlfriend for ages
I typed innovative music and youtube led me to this crap. Looooser!!!
No pretty sure they broke up in early April
Honestly in my opinion he is still great. but he sure has changed a bit. :/
You guys are dick your all mad cause he can get it and you cant
You have your own tastes, others have their own tastes. You don't like it, then don't come here.
That's because you're a flaming faggot Victor Torres
ray ban is a brand, wayfare is a model you idiot, hes glasses is not fake..
Rotten? no, she's natural. Sorry she's not like the butter faced girls you're into.
I like how he puts his glasses off to see better somewhere at the beginning
lol mac was scrawny as fck compared to now. all dat paper must be good
Just wait till you're 40. You're going to be missing the fuck out of it. My suggestion? Kill yourself before you get that old.
this is a remake of a remake (common- they say)
i wonder if theyre still together...
mac looks like 16 in this video lol crazy
To think this was Macs first music video...
she looks healthy, love this song so much
You know this song is old when theres a myspace link in the description.
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