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Angry Birds Space | Ep. 1 | Gravity Sucks! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 592,549 views

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he even don't pass the released episode called brass hogs even through is not released yet
do angry birds epic
You and ssundee are my favrot
he doesn't even test red planet pig dipper cosmic crystal and even beak impact episode.
+Aiden Rodden i did test them to my game. cuz there was some new update coming. and of course he completely forgot to continue utopia cuz some of the Ep. are missing out, and utopia planet is still not complete.
Oh my gosh .it was out ages ago
Look out for golden eggs
+bitsathedog He already is ;p
Their eggs belongs to the birds
You mean birds eggs derp
I ♥ your videos! :D =) ;) :) lol
The stars are the same thing as the pc version on the iOS
Ur song should be minecraft style
the tenth one has a secret level in the bush.
pigs eggs? you mean birds eggs
Has anyone noticed that the sound that the blue bird makes has never changed over the course of the three Angry Birds Games
The ice in 9:30 looks like a heart.
that game doesn't do shit on ios, it crashed my ipad and when I uninstalled and I couldn't reinstall it cause it was 't there
the pigs eggs?? thought it was the birds eggs that got stolen :P
"The pigs eggs have been stolen." Huh... seems legit.
im watching 1-53 i think in the 50s
im sad cause no one plays and likes this anymore cause its now old :(
isn't this the same thing as the star wars one, and vice versa?
chim realease red bird and click it again he be much faster
The PIGS eggs got stolen again? Lolwut?
4:43 something about this is a little the good way
i remember when i used to play the blues as like meteorites....this helped bring it to a new lvl
I was playing it on iPad and then got bored, so for my gaming channel (KhaKhaTvGaming) I downloaded it for Macintosh and they said iOS is good but they said you have to purchase it for Mac OS X
I saw this video at space center Houston once when I visited
pigs eggs ewwww u have a dirty mind >:}
You said the pig's eggs were stolen. :3
I got all the levels in this game
Um.. from the one I played, it is. He may be confused. It is the bird eggs. That's the whole point of it.
the angry birds help you make bacon by killing the pigs
it was released on my birthday ! wohoo! ANGRY BIRDS FTW MOFOS!
you are the best at angry birds space and in life and in every other game ChimneySwift11!
wait if it's in space why are their clouds????
One level looks like a sideways Venn Diagram
yes tell gravity how you feel!!!!!!!!!!! 7:13
There the puffy bird real now available to iPod
splitty guys looks like the flash
2:53 there's a red glowing on the right of the planet.
and you call your subs swifters heres pawdiepie he calls hes subs bros also slyfoxhound calls hes subs homies.
the birds eggs not the pigs.pigs are mamles
the creator of this video is a toilet
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