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FIFA 12 BLUE TOTS TOTY AKINFENWA Player Review & In Game Stats Ultimate Team

by ITANI • 234,247 views

TOTY TOTS AKINFENWA in game stats and player review for FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. Be sure to also follow me on twitter and facebook.!/LiquidSn4ke

99 strength? I got 1000.
Arm wrestle him see if u can win mr.Strong
It sounds like you were drunk in this compared to now. Much slower and you seem confused.
How did akinfenwa get toty
Sounds like you're on pot
u was so boring in fut 12 bro now u r so much better congrats
You talked sooooo slow hahah. Great progress
Itani why do you sound pissed? Hahaha ;)
itani gave blue akinfenwa 0.5 more rating than blue 99 messi
Wait what akinfenwa toty?
Sounds like you were reading this off a piece of paper, it's better than your new reviews though where it sounds like you're on cocaine.
What about reviewing david de gea
stupid ps3 update, fricking wanted to play FUT but i guess this is fine...
heskey could take him off the ball...
85 k :00 in fifa 13/14 he would be 1500000
the bull couldnt take akinfenwa off the bull
3:26 who the fuck is akinfiva? xD kkkk
Probably played good because...if heskey didnt get TOTs(obviously lol) then he wouldnt just get that
Read my comment dude. I meant the game. Not Akinfenwa.
Good Thing About Him He is BEAST. 99 STRENGTH Baby...
How did he get a team of the year?!?!?!?!?!?!
I've scored with him from 40 yards man his long-shots are beast
Liked just because elephant puyol <3
He got 8/10, so did 88 Aguero, LOL
the team of the season/year is 85k, the blue card...
Not every defender, IF Chris Samba 6 ft5 99 strength
fergie sign him up fergie fergie sign him up fergie sign him up fergie fergie sign him up
hes a bronze what did u expect with the longshots :/
That's not a long shot lol that 20 yards. Long shots are atleast 30 yards
Pepe couldn't take him of the bowl.
you're a retard, the in game stat doesnt change hahah
Your reviews are muchmuchmuch better now...
How is it possible that he got number 16? All Tots, If's, Up's are getting a number closest to 1, right?
lol ive seen him in personal he HUGE
i fucking laughed my fuckin ass off when u said he can hold the elephant puyol lmfao !!
Haha, ''If your defender is slow, and you're behind the Akinfenwa...YOU ARE FUCKED.''
I've met akinfenwa, he was a nice guy, got a photo aswell. :) thats the only good thing about living in northampton :P
pokemonitani you have the weirdest voice ver
stamina 99 are u kidding me:DDD
DAMN I just sold my akinfenwa on xbox for 200 coins because I didnt know he was good...
I fucking know its fifa 12 I just asked if they had tots akinfenwa in fifa fucking 12
for what I've seen his long shots are not that terrible...
This video May 7th 2012...Ksi's video November 17th. Comment denied.
puyol is a short old slow guy, not very good in fifa...
Aha getting a message saying who the f*ck is akinfiva
TOTY Vidic could beat Akinfenwaaa
Why would you get matched up against TOTY Kompany if you are using Akinfenwa?
KSIolajidebt - How to stop a black man KICK HIM IN THE FACE
delap can throw a ball 30 yard akinfenwa can throw delap 30 yards
85k on ps3 i got him on ps3 for 750 coins
hahahaha very strong(can hold off the elephent puyol
Well Ferdinand couldn't get the ball of a pigeon.
he isn't just very strong his the strongest in the game
Elokobi can get the ball off him
akifenwa is so stronfg he can squeze oranges out of bananas
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